27 Jan 2013

My Top 7 Beauty Products & Tools

I thought I would share the tools and beauty products I can't get by without using on a daily basis. First up I have a stubborn wrinkle under one eye, I have tried tons of eye creams and gels but nothing worked till I tried Elemis Pro Intense eye and lip cream, it works for me and moisturises and lifts the eye area, it's not super cheap but it seems to also help with darkness under my eyes which Asian skin tones like mine are prone to, which means I can do away with concealer and can be used to hydrate the surrounding lip area.

 On the subject of Asian skin, I recently finally figured out the secret to budge proof eye liner on oily eyelids, Nars eye primer, it's brilliant and a little covers the whole eye area giving a clean finish to eye shadow and helping keep it budge proof.
 Eye lash curlers are pretty standard in most of our daily beauty routine. I have short straight eye lashes so need all the help I can get but my eyes are also deep set and almond shaped so the only lash curler shape that works with my eye shape are the Shu uemura eyelash  curlers, I bought mine from eBay.
 I always thought that eye pencil sharpeners were all created equal but actually several expensive damaged eye pencils later I have discovered not so! I was pretty impressed that this quality Benefit sharpener was only four quid!
 Next up lips, I love Estee Lauder Double Wear lip pencil in tea rose as it really lasts, defines the mouth naturally and is really creamy. If I'm in a hurry I can fill in the outline like a lippy and then slick on my pomegranate Burts Bees lip balm, made from natural bees wax it gives a lovely natural sheen and the smell is addictive.
 Last of my top seven favourites is the Liz Earle super balm , we get a lot of rain up north so this little pot of natural oils is perfect for ironing out the frizz in my wavy hair and adding a little shine as well as sealing the ends to stop fly aways. I love the fact that there are no nasties in it and I can use it to hydrate both my cuticles and nails.Do you use any of these products or tools already? 


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