2 Jul 2011

Has Kate Moss Broken With Tradition On Her Big Day??

It's official Kate Moss is now marrried to Jamie Hince! As much as I recognise the talent of Galliano and the beauty of the vintage inspired bridal dress Kate Moss is wearing. I can't help but think that every article leading up to the wedding talked about Kate Moss breaking with convention on her wedding day! She chose to change 3 times durring her wedding day into dresses of varying shades of white. To me that lacks the certain rock n roll tone that fans may have be hoping for.

 Aside from this, from a purely stylistic perspective her blue pre wedding outfit would have been my choice for her actual wedding day. I admit I have a weakness for blue, but the blue dress aside from being breathtaking, is such a beautiful fit on Kate Mosses very slender frame and the colour is so pretty against her colouring, the suede boots are a dream.
 Judging from these two shots of Kate Moss in her bridal gown, the Galinanno dress does nothing for her waist and if you take a look at the back shot of her gown, although the yards of sheer fabric are a joy, the detailing of the lace dress minus underskirt showing beneath her long sheer veil creates the impression of a loose nappy, which is far from flattering! However that aside a happy bride always beautiful. Congratulation to them both! Happy 4th of July weekend to US followers!




koralee said...

Oh my I love her blue outfit...I want her blue outfit!!!

Off to vote for you my dear! Hugs and love to you.

sisters in black frocks said...

fantastic post....love kate in galliano..the dress reminds me of those great slip dresses he use to make in the 90s when galliano first started designing..and that blue dress is pretty chic, as well. btw, I just liked your FB link to get you to NY fashion week. good luck!

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