7 Jul 2011

My Passport to Style| Goes Back Stage With Stephane Rolland At Paris Fashion Week!

Backstage at Paris fashion week A/W 2011-2012 with Stephane Rolland, his collection is impeccable, breath taking edgy designs, clothing and architecture were never so closely paired, I'm in heaven. Just looking at the strong clean lines from his collection, you  realise very quickly that your posture would stand corrected the moment you step into one of his dresses and have it magically deftly zipped up by the invisible hands of the Rolland team (they come as standard with any item from the his collection, did'n't you know?) the slouch in you would not stand a chance!!Makeup and hair styling on the models reflect the purity and grandeur of the collection, but have a slight eerie perfection reminiscent of shop manequins which adds that essential untouchable quality that is at the heart of the magic of Paris fashion week.



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