5 Jul 2011

My Passport to Style | Does Diors Autumn/Winter 2011 Collection Have What It Takes?

What do you get when you lock Bill Gaytten, Diors new head designer together with a pyramid of pastel sprinkles, a flurry of candyfloss clouds, fairground wizardry and a gaggle of clowns in a cutting room at the house of Dior? Simple really the drama and fairytale of the big top, sensual, dramatic satin ruffles and the thrill and intensity of a laser light show spillling onto dresses, with back pannels that will billow out should a breeze catch them. Texture, slick use of colour, movement a plenty, drama, sweet but strong. Gayttens Autumn/Winter 2011 collection is diverse, fun in parts but ever so dramatic and the skill and daring he demonstrated darting from opposing moods/colour shifts which characterize his A/W collection is breathtaking! Hair is big, barbarella style or has high fluff factor, eyes are sweet with large pale giant sequins or sticky bright colours and brows.    

strobe light checks genius!

I desireth this, no not the pale and interesting doughnut's! The above!

 geometric candy cones, make sweetness, sharp!

                                                                               shiney gobstoppers      

loving the nude tiny tulle pompom detailing above

I love! But do you? Do tell! 



Josie said...

I love these gorgeous shapes!
xo Josie

fashionable frolickers

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