10 Jul 2011

Wardrobe Workout | Which Type Of Neckline Will Flatter You

Hi Gals,

it's been a while since I last held court at a Wardrobe Workout session and with the arrival of enough shirt collars and variations on necklines this A/W 2011 to sink the Titanic! I decided to dive right into helping you lovely ladies, navigate the choppy waters of which neckine is right for you. Most of us fall into two camps we either have a swan like neck or a neck which is shall we say less swan like (shorter), usually that means we are compensated by a curvy figure, so its not all bad news. Anyway the need to nail which neckline is right for you is paramount, get it wrong and your neck will look either scrawny or rugby player esque, get it right and you will look elegant and sophisticated, polished and well ladylike.

So if your swan like you can opt for the small high collars that are hot this A/W and follow Anne Hathaways lead above, here are some lovely examples below, peterpan, button up, high yoke -  

If your more like Kate and me, then you can wear a peter pan collar provided it is low set, you will need to try it on and you can also opt for any of the following styles, pussy bow, square and grandad - 

 All Topshop, any questions please email me. xxx


Martina said...

Hi Sharon, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog! I've registered on twitter but don't really tweet yet -so, great you still found me! I love your blog too - since fashopn is amongst my best loved hobbies. I'm one for small collars and V-necks and, you're right - the neckline is so important. Let's stay tuned - and have a lovely day :)

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