4 Jul 2011

My Passport To Style | Celebrates 4th of July 2011 With American Fashion Pioneer Elizabeth Hayes

Hi Gals, to celebrate the 4th of July 2011, I wanted to share the view point of an amazing American fashion pioneer Elizabeth Hawes who was deffinately ahead of her time and to me is the epitome of what American independence is all about, I hope you enjoy flicking through the pages of her book 'Fashion Spinache' that the talented designer and seamstress from the thirties compiled, happy reading!!! 

 Hawes felt that the body and its clothes must work together. She thought that American women should not accept French fashion as the standard. Her goal was to bring stylish clothing with an American sensibility to the masses and believed that all women deserved to have beautiful and functional clothes. (Colette patterns)


Look inside the pages of this amazing book she wrote, to find out more
about incredible US fashion pioneer Elizabeth Hawes. All the stunning dresses below designed by Hawes, circa 1930

photo credits - Never Enough Time and Cate Writes  



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A day late but happy 4th July!

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