12 Jul 2011

My Passport to Styles Happiness Clinic | Lost And Found

Hi gals,  I  recently discovered something new that was a revelation and makes me feel really happy and is completely free, the title of today's post just about sums it up, I lost my favourite Sanctuary lipstick in naturally nude about a week ago. I love that it is non tacky and natural looking and contains some great botanicals and also is the only lip gloss I know containing an SPF, you may know of other lip glosses that contain a good spf, if so do leave me a comment to let me know! So ok, the lip-gloss was not free I bought mine from Boots in the UK, but what gave me that warm glowy happy feeling was  having lost my favourite lipgloss for about a week I found it again this morning! The embarrassing part was after turning my house upside down and looking everywhere from under my mattress to inside my fridge it was actually just snuggled up in the bottom of one of my handbags, there is a downside to having more than one bag.
 But it got me to thinking that I could have just given up on the hunt and run out and picked up a new one costing myself money, but then I might have missed the thrill of finding something that I delight in using on a regular basis to give me a lift and pout. The moral of the tale- go forth and loose some stuff, better still, hide a beloved  favourite cheap procession of your friends, she will thank you for it when she finds it again and is ecstatic with happiness, I promise, ok that's taking it a little bit too far. The morale is, yes its nice having the big things, but if small pleasures can make us happy, we never have to run out of happy juice well not often anyway.

What the last thing you delighted in losing and finding??


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