27 Jul 2011

Archer Adams Launch Mens A/W 2011 Weekend Bag The Hampstead | Inspiration For Those That Like To Set Trends Not Follow Them!


We have all toyed with men's fashion and know that the right shoulder line on a well chosen blazer or angle on a hat can bring a certain edge, adding weight and individuality to an otherwise pretty look, we only have to look at Alexa Chung or Agnes's Dean Style to see this style formulae works. The 6o's shift dress is huge this season and lady like style is the buzz word for this season, but pinching a little style from luxe menswear labels such as Archer and Adams of London, where the quality of fabric and craftsmanship are as vital to the success of the label as the style, is a Savvy move as bespoke and handcrafted are predicted to become the new style statements of the future! I'm lusting after their pink velvet crombie coat and this dandy purple silk shirt with interesting button detailing . They use British fabric suppliers Holland and Sherry who are 170 years old and stock Harris tweed and other fabrics made from the finest natural fibres.

 The company have just launched their first men's weekend bag The Hampstead, made using the finest Harris tweed and English bridle leather and hardware and featuring the following rich colours, burnt orange, bitter cherry and purple storm, the bag has the added bonus of being light weight and is guaranteed for a whopping 10 years. I predict with tweed being the couture fabric of choice a rise in requests of women buying their husbands the Burnt Cherry or Orange Hampstead with a view to sharing it!


Shanequa said...

I love those weekend bags. I think I will look into purchasing one for myself.....not my guy, LOL. The colors and materials are so attractive together. Haute!


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