8 Jul 2011

The White Fairy Tale Love Ball 2011 Hosted By Natalia Vodianova

 I had to share these stunning images that were shot in the run up to the Love Ball of Natalia Vodianova by photographer Paulo Roversi they gave me goosebumps as I uploaded them, they are so magical dark and light at the same time. I love the way Natalia manages to capture the spirit of the Love Ball event in some of her poses, looking like a child lost in play, in these shots she looks tiny and then by the miracle of the supemodel and clever photography looks so lythe and long of limbs.The closed eyes shots are expectional, through her body language she evokes the spirit of a ballerina caught in the moment, about to dance her next step.For those of you that are not familar with the Love Ball held Wednesday the 6th of July, it was set up by the supermodel to raise funds for Russian charity the Naked Heart Foundation, which aims to create play areas and more recently family centres for Russian children and orphans, the charity recognises and celebrates the importance of play for healthy child development a subject that is close to my heart too.

 The event hosted in Paris at the Chateau de Wideville, by Natalia Vodianova wearing a stunning red Valentino gown, was a glittering spectacle of white and silver the theme for the evening and celebrity guest women  looking like every kind of variation on the snow queen imaginable, were invited to quench their thirst with piles of real snow balls stacked on solid golden platters, sorry I ran away with myself there!  When you enter the world of fairytale its very tempting to embellish a little! I think perhaps refreshments were more in the realms of champagne! The event helped raise a two million euros, bravo Natalia and her team! 

Natalia Vodianova / Giambattista Valli @Paolo Roversi for NHF

Natalia Vodianova / Worth @Paolo Roversi for NHF

The White Fairy Tale Fashion Show

Natalia Vodianova / Yves Saint Laurent @Paolo Roversi for Naked Heart Foundation

Natalia Vodianova / Oscar de la Renta @Paolo Roversi for NHF

Natalia Vodianova / Ulyana Sergeenko @Paolo Roversi for NHF

Natalia Vodianova / Stella McCartney @Paolo Roversi for NHF


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