11 Jan 2012

The Caviar Of Bags For Pro Fashion Bloggers?

This is fashion blogger Emily of Fashion Foie Gras holding a recent bag she collaborated on with Coach, it launched in November designed for buisy fashion bloggers. At £450.00 it is a considered purchase, but when a bag looks this stylish and houses everything from your laptop to your bulky camera and lense cap, secret compartment styley, well methinks it soon migrates from your wish list to your essentials list! For anybody with a love of documenting anything on the move in style, from fashion to photography never mind professional bloggers! So no more fumbling around in the equivalent of a dark giant cardboard box on your shoulder?!

Speaking of handbags, if this one is a little out of your reach, sign up to My Passport To Style by email top right of this blog and you could win this nifty red Gionni satchel below at the end of this month packed full of goodies from a vintage union jack cushion for your fave chair, to 3 pairs of folding leather Redfoot leather pumps, so maybe that bag will wait after all!


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