9 Jan 2012

Nika Urbas | Hot New Designer On The Block!

If this label is not yet on your fashion radar sit up and take note because this designer label is one to watch! Maria Moderna is the perfect name for this very modern label. London based designer Nika Urbas who trained at St Martin's uses a special technique called flat quilting to create dynamic  shapes and blocks of colour on her garments. Her winter collection is the art deco of 2012, architecture for the body which uses strong geometric shapes, bold colours and contrasting textures combined with exquisite elegant cuts, she is a genius in my humble opinion. Her intuitive sense of colour and design is very sophisticated. I can't wait to see her spring collection, my favourite pieces featured here, are the four pocketed dress at the top and her white, silver and black fitted dress, I'm looking forward to sharing her spring collection here. You can find Nika at   http://www.mariamoderna.co.uk/ and at asos.



sisters in black frocks said...

love these dresses....so innovative and unique. love color blocking when it is done right, like this. wishing you a happy new year!

-sisters in black :)

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