22 Jan 2012

Me And Gran Report On Spring 2012 Trends

Hi Gals, todays trend report is a joint effort between me and Granny who was keen to discuss her opinions on next springs latest trends from the sweltering heat of her polka dot sun lounger coated in olive oil, which she swears is the best way to tan! I tried to convince her that she needed to use sun block, but she just chuckled and said what's good enough for the Romans is good enough for me.

So here's our joint trend report courtesy of both Granny and myself featuring the best and worst of spring 2012 latest trends. 

Trend - Peplum skirt - designer Jason Wu
Granny says - She loves the shade of pink, but that when she was a young woman, curves were real not faked, perhaps if young woman today drank full fat milk instead of semi skimmed she mutters down the phone in between sips of her expresso. 

Me - I love this skirt by Jason Wu, that looks like a giant flower, kept imagining this peplum skirt in a bright yellow though with spring just around the corner.

Trend Orange-designer Jill Stewart
Granny Says - The girls hair is all wrong, it's overpowering the look what has happened to wearing a classic chignon. I like the rich colour combination though.

Me - I'm really excited by this dress, which to me is a modern take on the flapper dress, I love the simple t-line of the upper body, the flirty skirt and the split palm tree in orange that frames the neckline, the use of bright colour blocking is very flattering.

Granny Says- This girls make up is so blah her features look flat and lifeless and since when has wearing a sheet with sleeves flattered any woman?!

Me- I agree with Granny I hate this trend for an white oversized shroud, small breasted women beware!

In contrast we both fell in love with this combination of two classics trends brought together, the grecian dress and polka dots done in a fresh way, the fabric choice and painted irregular spots keep this look the right side of modern.  

Trend- Floral blocking on bodycon dresses -designer- Altuzarra

Granny Says- I know this is too short for me, but when can I get my hands on it! How clever is this designer (coos granny down the phone) to be able to combine cool sophistication with such a dazzling hot print!

Me- Loving the way the tropical centre panel creates a boarder cool ivory that emphasises the shoulder line and punctuates the waist and her hair is fierce!

Trend -Neon brights-designer Rag & Bone

Granny Says-  Advert your eyes from the screen, this is pretty vile, the shape should be about as flattering as it gets, but this poor girls looks bottom heavy and like she has been dip dyed in a vat of guacamole.

Me- The shiny green leather ruched top looks cheap, the right make up and hair could have rescued this, but this is a tough look for anyone to pull off.

Trend - Aztec -designer Lacoste

Granny Says-This tunic is so chic, I would wear with wide leg ivory trousers, that being said it could do with taking a little of the hardness out of the look, by introducing a petal pink lip.

Me- I like this look, but agree with granny it looks a little bit too pared back, even with the powerful print, the addition of a slimline back pack worn on her shoulder would relax the look a little and it is a cliche, but perhaps powder blue tennis shoes would appeal to the designs Mexican roots.


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