4 Jan 2012

How To Solve Sale Rage

Ok, so we have all been there, sale fever hits, the changing rooms are heaving, you fear being buried alive beneath a mound of writhing leopard and faux fur coats, so you hastily bag that half price skirt or jumper without a backward glance, scrabble out the revolving door and run for your life! Once home do you try the item on? No, you get a call from your mum, asking have you thanked some distant aunt for your Christmas gift and that coupled with the fact that you then sit on a mouldy tangerine on your sofa leaving you with a soggy bum, means your momentarily distracted!

 Three days later you finally go to try the item on, only to discover that the cute little lace skirt you bought is far too tight at the waistband, unfortunately you also discover that you tossed your receipt aside and it is now lost! This is where a little lateral fashion thinking goes along way. A short full skirt makes for a great short cape, if it has a deep waistband which stands up, so much the better, you now have a dramatic short cape, perfect for spring and very couture, wear with a crisp shirt collar poking out in a contrasting colour and pencil skirt or cropped slim fit jeans or flares. Or you could look to investing in a pair of leggings, using the lovely Jens guide from a little bird told me.

 If you have grabbed a sweater and the sleeves are just too long, do what I have done and give them the chop, just slightly lower than where they are stitched onto the body of the jumper then hem the arm holes in thread of the same colour to create a tank top. Or why not add drama by using a contrasting thread and running a binding stitch around the arm holes to stop them unravelling.

 One of my all time favourite sale saviours, was changing the look of a fitted v-neck cardi that was simply to deep a v, by reversing the way I wore it (no sewing required) so it looked like a fitted 50's sweater with a sexy button up back, again this works well with pencil skirts or cropped slim jeans that are heading our way this spring. Have you turned a sales disaster into something you love? For my ultimate guide to surviving sales shopping click here

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Josie said...

I LOVE that little lace skirt! So sweet.
xo Josie

Princess and the pea x said...

Great tips hun xx

Happy new year and thank you so much for your lovely comment xx

Have a great weekend xx

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