26 Jan 2012

Karl Largefeld | Shares His Bleu Sky Thinking At Paris S/S 12

I have a confession to make, I have a bit of a split personality when it comes to colour, perhaps my image above will give you a clue to my type 1 colour personality, for as long as I can remember I have had a fetish for blues of all hues and its never really diminished. I have sadly noted that the colour blue has never really been taken seriously in high fashion circles and in main stream fashion in the UK, it's been type cast as a neutral for office wear in effect a uniform. Luckily for me, my type 2 colour personality demands I wear a clashing candy store of bright colours, whew, at least I won't be cast out completely by the fashionable set just yet! 

Is It A Plane? No It's a Runway!

So I don't mind telling you that Karl Largefeld recent triumph at Paris fashion week, left me feeling that my fondness of blue was quite correct and highly fashionable! Seriously though, this man is like the ring master in a big top, each show has to be bigger and better each time, lucky us! To hold a runway show in an aeroplane, was in my opinion the perfect setting to showcase his stunning blue and purple collection; against the backdrop of the silver of the plane, the purple strip of carpet that became the runway for his models and the uniform clean lines we have come to associate with Chanel.

 Karl Largefeld Shares His Bleu Bliss With His Passengers

 Heavy bead work and scuptural detailing on the sleeves, became seamles caplets and the rouleau necklines combined with his treatment of blue on pieces from his collection created a sense of functional feminine whimsy, hot summer days beckoned. In other words serious chic! What are your thoughts on the subject of blue and Karl Largerfelds latest collection for Chanel? I would love to know!

photo credits -Fashion Gone Rogue, Real Style Network and Harper's Bazaar

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