1 Jan 2012

Happy 2012 Fashionable Frolickers!

Happy New Year Fashionable Frolickers!  I love the start of each New Year a crisp fresh page waiting for new ideas to be scrawled across it. What excites me most about life, is all the infinite possibilities that exist. Meeting new people with their own ideas on fashion, style and the universe, growing something from what seems like nothing, turning an item I might have thrown away, into a piece to cherish forever, watching and predicting how each New Year of fashion, will see the films we watch, the politics we are part of, the culture we live in and even the food we put into our mouths expressed in a unique and original way by fashion designers. Some of it we may love some of it we might not, but we will have an opinion on it, because generally each new trend we see in the shops and online at is made up of tiny fragments of living history that have been  transported to us as if by magic and brought together to tell a new story; from ruffles and feathers borrowed from the roaring 20s to the leather and buckles from biker culture, each new season  gives us the buzz of the potential to express who we are through how we dress, which is why fashion is so important to us, but more than that we love to keep reinventing our image, why not it's so fun! What will you be wearing this 2012? I would love to know. xx

Sketch by the talented Sophie Griotto


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Could I have your permission to use this photo as a logo of a blog award I'm creating.


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