14 Jan 2012

The Power Of Print In The Right Hands!

If your not yet aquainted with Barbara Hulanicki she is a revolutionary designer from the 60s who believed in bringing high fashion and glamour to everyone from the  women in the typing pool to the socialites of the time, she drew inspiration from Hollywood and the sophisticated  art Deco period. Her style ethic was reflected  in her a communal changing rooms at Biba, which reflected her free approach to fashion and her bohemian attitude.
Ok so I admit women may no longer wish to share their wobbly post Christmas thighs with a stranger, but neither do we want to get changed in the equivalent of a rabbit hutch with harsh lights and only a solitary shower curtain for company! We all need a little luxury in our life. Re enter Barbara Hulanicki who not content with reinstating Biba after a long absence in her recent collaboration with House Of Fraser, (as modelled by Daisy Lowe) has also chosen to share her famous prints and flattering lines with supermarket giant Asda! I'm drawn to the colbalt blue, what about you?

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