7 Jan 2012

The One Gift I Won't Be Returning!

Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast At Tiffanys

I admit I made a small Christmas list for my husband this year and did not leave things to chance, after all how many boyfriends/husbands would think, ah I know what she needs is a silk pillow case I must get her one! I have a fetish for lux fabrics, silk, cashmere fabrics that feel good when you wear them. All my friends who know me, know that my bathroom is full of the littered corpses of anti frizz products that have simply not made the mark in terms of taming my unruly thick black wavy hair, I have tried everything from washing my hair just twice a week, to only washing hair in conditioner as well as practically every serum on the market. Like the elusive perfect mascara, I'm constantly on the hunt for the perfect product that will help me combat the annoying combination of damp northern weather and unruly hair. So when I stumbled across Silk Perfect in November, the silk pillowcase company that sells 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcases and claims that their silk pillow slips reduce the friction to your hair that causes frizz/bed head, put a stop to growing your wrinkles, aka pillow creases and reduces allergens (I have asthma) I thought to achieve all three would be a miracle and that this had to be up there as the perfect gift to feature on my Christmas list. For just £22.00 the Christmas elf, read husband was able to pick up 2 of these miraculous pillow slips with cotton on one side so they don't slip on the sheets.


I don't think I have ever looked forward to testing out an eco friendly beauty product as much, I even went to bed at 9pm just to try my Christmas present out! The first thing I noticed when I put my head on the silk perfect pillow was how cool it was, add to that the glamour factor and I was sold. After an unusually sound night's sleep, I raced to my dressing room and smirked at the mirror, no mad professor stared back at me, my hair was frizz free and my face crease free. I'm so glad I can ditch my hair serums that irritated my scalp, sleep better and perhaps even reduce the amount of night cream I slather on my face to avoid pillow ceasing.

Prevention rather than cure, is always more cost effective. So apart from being the most glam eco friendly beauty gift I have ever received, it has to be the top of my gift giving list, friends will thank you for a) making them feel glamorous, not everything is about what we wear! b) Saving them money on hair and face products after their Christmas blow out. c) helping them keep their cool on warm nights. My Christmas elf missed out, but right now Silk Perfect is offering a buy one get one free offer on their pur silk pillow slips, check it out here.

Did You Know?
•SilkPerfect silk comes from the Bombyx mori moth, which produces the finest and purest silk, due to a diet that consists only of chopped mulberry leaves. The silkworms are fed every half hour 48 times a day.


Kitty M said...

Happy New Year Sharon - hope you had a great Christmas and wishing you a fabulous 2012!

A husband gift list is a good idea, although I must admit this year was more about baby presents -Luca was spoilt rotten.

That's so interesting about the silk worms lol - I never knew that! I don't have problems with my hair curling over night - mine just ends up sticking out all over the place like Edwards Scissor Hands, particularly at the moment doing about three blinking night feeds with the baby. Think I need a hair net :-) xxx

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