12 Jan 2012

Pasty Winter White? Work It To Your Advantage!

Hi Gals, I was inspired to write this post on this seasons colour trends after seeing Torie Jaynes striking Christmas confectionary - bird cage and houses all pretty in aqua and rose pastels. If your a sucker for romance like me, you have to canoodle with pastels this S/S season! Plus they really work for pasty winter faces so that's obviously a big bonus, that being said they look great against black skin tones too.

 Marc Jacobs managed to make his show for Louis Vuitton look pretty without looking sickly sweet, largely due to his famed use of modern fabrics, mainly plastics, ouch! As in Torie Jaynes Christmas display here, the trick is, if you do decide to mix pastels pieces together, is to be super stingy with using pinks and focus more on yellow, blues and fresh aqua tones, for baby soft pefection use soft greys along side your pastels, for freshness lots of textured whites and for edge shards of black to add a pretty punk feel.I had to share this photo with you from the Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 show, of Marc passionately kissing what looks like a very bored looking Kate Moss!!  

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