4 Sep 2012

Back To Front Style DIY

Today's fashion post is on Back To Front Style!

This must be the easiest diy fashion post I have ever shared with you, but sometimes the easy one are the best. I recently picked up this gorgeous silk blouse at my local charity shop, I loved the print and the bright mish mash of colours, the sleeves are pretty on trend too, but I just felt the neckline was'n't quite right for me.My fashion mantra is great style is in the details and the drape, so I figured a speedy fashion fix was in order.

 I turned my blouse round so the back became the front and cut out the label from the neck, (the zipper is fairly deep and perfect to convert this look to lady like sports chic) it was looking good with my favourite dark denim pencil skirt but being of Dita Von Teese proportions, cough, ok, basically short waisted, which can leave my hips looking a bit on the full side.

 I decided to extend my back to front styling to my pencil skirt as I thought the placement of the single pocket below my hips and to the side would help draw the eye away from my hips and help with balancing out my shape. I added in one of my other favourite style tricks I used a salmon pink strap from one of my patent handbags to cinch my blouse in and add a little edge. Here is the look minus shoes as modelled by my favourite mannequin! I love the juicy colours.  


Mat said...

that's wicked news, congrats

My Passport to Style said...

Thanks Matt :)

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