19 Sep 2012

#Minnie Mouse Flys The Flag At #LFW12

Terry De Havilland

Hi there any Minnie Mouse fans in the house? Good well your in for some lovely Minnie Mouse overload, Britain's top designers were challenged to come up with some Minnie Mouse contributions for LFW 2012, with designs to be auctioned on Ebay, after LFW was over, so which Minnie pieces left me wanting to be part of the next big bidding war on ebay?

 Terry De Havilland beautiful designed Minnie Mouse inspired wedges, complete with huge red and white polka dot bows could turn any die-hards tom boys amongst us into coquettish bow wearing minxes. Giles Deacons black and red spikey bow juxtaposed against the sweet back drop of clashing Minnie Mouse print with a sliver of polka dots that just covered the bra strap area is suitably saucy and edgy to warrant a bid.

The next two dresses in vintage style prints by Richard Nicoll are also strong favourites and so wearable for statement clothing. The first dress features a pair of giant Minnie Mouse ears for sleeves and the second print in a washed out grey creates a faded newspaper effect.

 I'm a big fan of accessory designer Tatty Devine and was thrilled to discover she had been one of the designers contributing to this London Fashion Week project, I love her crazy toon time eyeball necklace complete with fluttering lashes synonymous with Minnie Mouses character, it drapes beautifully and it will add a sharp contrast to any colourful necklines this A/W 2012.Could I possibly squeeze one last bid out? I decided that yes I could, for this original and pretty stirling silver and rose gold polka dot bow headband by Husam El Odeh and Luke Hershesons, it scores big in my books for combing innocence and sophistication together. 

Final Word

I love much of Lulu Guinesss work and while handbags have all the lure of the theatrical, I was underwhelmed by her Minnie Mouse offering, the quality of the design was evident as always, but I expected a more exciting use of materials, to me the clutch reminds me of a plastic children's lunch box I might pick up from a Disney store, with the exception of her signature lipstick charm. I have to say my least favourite piece from project Minnie Mouse was the finale piece in this line up a grungy black headband by designer Piers Atkinson, that left me feeling wearing it would transform me into a drowned sewer rat rather than a perky spirited Minnie. Make fashion history and try your luck with a bid here!            

Richard Nicoll

Richard Nicoll
Tatty Devine

Husam El Odeh

Lulu Guiness

Piers Atkinson
 * images courtesy of fashion telegraph.co.uk 


Indy said...

Wow, I looove the ears as shoulders on the dresses...so awesome!

My Passport to Style said...

I know!Who would have thought retro could be such fun!

Winnie said...

I love the Lulu Guinness collab! But I think I love all the illustrations you've featured in this post more, love them!

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