26 Sep 2012

The Trend For #Oversized

I was in the middle of super sizing my accessory wardrobe this weekend egged on after watching Kirsten Dunst in Marie Antoinette again and discovering Anna - Della - Russo's opulent collection for H&M. Accessories are always the easiest place to start, with souped up bows and scarves and I'm feeling rather frisky about big collars too.I stopped to ponder if this was really my way of side stepping the bigger issue of wearing a walloping big coat this A/W2012 with sloping shoulders in a nice shade of mohair.
 I have my own style that I'm happy not to compromise on but every now and again it's fun to to take a trend and make it your own. The fact is I love the cool of the oversized coat and its boyish slouch appeal, but I think working the full length coat requires a certain austere hair style and make up to make it work fully. I'm not sure my often unruly wavy hair will make the grade, of course I dutifully tried scraping it all back, whilst imaging I was wearing the oversized coat of my dreams and sucking in my rounded cheeks in to represent the angular feline look of Alexa but no dice. So for now I'm going to look out for an oversized biker jacket ( I love the idea of wearing a longer length) and stick with super sizing my accessories.What about you, do you like the grandeur of large accessory wearing or are you after an oversized coat for this A/W2012? 

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