6 Sept 2012

#Diy #Peplum Top With A Detachable Belt


Peplum seems to be everywhere right now, so while I'm saving for a designer leather peplum belt, I thought I would have a little fun with this style diy - turning my old much loved TopShop tea dress into a swish peplum top with detachable peplum belt, two for the price of one so to speak! Florals with a dark background are a huge trend this A/W 2012 so thanks TopShop! I think the finished result looks pretty sweet with my trusty denim pencil skirt and when I want to mash up my patterns a bit more I can wear the belt with a fitted printed T-shirt. What do you think?

   Diy Peplum Top With A Detachable Belt

  You will need

 A belt with holes running almost end to end medium width
 Or a pair of punch pliers and a regular belt
 A floral dress or skirt (depending if you want to create a top with matching belt or just the peplum belt)    with a flounce hem/loose frill.
Sharp Scissors
Needle and thread
Sewing pins

What To Do

1. Taking your scissors cut the skirt off the dress about mid way down or if you are using just a skirt the same applies, I found this easiest to do by hanging my dress on a hanger on the back of my door first.

2. You should end up with two sections like these.

3. Hem the edge of the dress top, then turn the skirt inside out, you should find a double seam that will allow you to cut through the frill, if you cut carefully in between the two seams the fabric won't fray.

4. Now if you don't have a belt with end to end holes you will need a pair of punch pliers to punch some more holes that reach almost to the end of your belt, I bought mine from Amazon, alternatively  use a small screw driver.

5. Now open out the skirt hem right out, so it runs straight across, double fold the fabric, then place your belt so it is lying just above the seam of the flounce. Next fold the fabric again so the folded edge just meets the edge of the flounce seam. The seam should stand proud of the flounce not flat, pin the fabric in position if it helps, then anchor the folded fabric in place with a stitch along the length of the deep frill, sewing into the raised seam. This reduces the stitches visible on the outside of the finished belt.

6.You may find that the belt is a little short for your frill, rather like opening a pair of pleated curtains play around with the fabric till your happy with how your frill hangs from the belt, then pop on your top, tuck the hem into a fitted something of your choice, a pencil skirt works well and fasten up your peplum belt over the top so it flares just over your hip. Then swivel the belt around so the belt is fastened at the back of you and make sure you tuck in the end of the belt to the fabric sleeve. Voila! Mission complete, you can feel rather proud and reward yourself with a cup of tea and a slice of cake if there is any left in your cake tin!


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