5 Sep 2012

Pants Of Power

Queen Of Spain high waisted pants by Lucile Lingerie
Queen Of Spain Gown by Lucile Lingerie

Pants Of Power 

I have been having difficulty writing this post today as it is slightly out of my comfort zone and not something I normally share on here, ok I'm waffling, its about my knicker drawer.I was talking to a friend the other day when I suddenly realised that their are three types of women, type a) Spend money on shoes and bags, type b) on clothes and types c)spend money on beautiful underwear. I'm somewhere between type a and b, so I got to analysing my knicker drawer, yes I KNOW!Looking at my limp bleached out faux satin knickers, frayed faux lace and bras that had lost their snap, I realised that my days of beautiful French knickers where long gone.

 So when and how did It happen that I traded beautiful underwear for a new dress? Well as much of a cliché as it sounds I guess its about the obvious things like being in a long term relationship where I feel comfortable, perhaps too comfortable if that's possible, but mainly its about being so busy and giving all day to everyone around me that only what is an immediate priority or need gets addressed,that includes this seasons pencil skirt and the instant gratification that comes from wearing it.

Which Type Are You?

Hearing my girl friend talk about how she feels about wearing beautiful underwear it stuck me that although she may have traded buying some killer heels for a new bra that few people will see lets face it (unless she decided to do a Madonna of course!) she was confident from the inside out, she felt good about going to the gym, because she had the right bra for the job, she felt confident at her last meeting not because she was wearing the most expensive shoes in the room, but because she had prioritised herself and here is the important part it was for nobody's benefit but herself, it was her way of purely indulging herself and as cheesy as it sounds cherishing her body.What was plain to see was this type C had a poise and inner confidence that I admired and whether she was going food shopping or cleaning her flat it was always done in scarlet silk or French lace.Each piece of her underwear was stored in it own special drawer and layered between pretty tissue paper, that she kept after it was wrapped in store for her.

Self Sabotage 

I have had opportunities to be bought pretty underwear which I nearly always sabotage as I become super fussy which is a turn off when your trying to be romantic and buy someone a gift, lets face it. So does this mean I'm going to ban slobbing out knickers from my knicker drawer? Your darn right it does!

A Sign From The Lingerie Fairy

 I think this must be a sign, the other day I discovered the most beautiful lingerie I think I have ever seen via a pr at Lucile it took my breath away, established in 1890 each piece is lovingly made to order here in the UK, can you imagine having lingerie made for you! When I saw these high waisted scarlet beauties, I thought with these pants on I could take on the world! At the moment I have been consumed with what dress to wear for the Cosmopolitan blog awards 2012, when I saw Luciles scarlet halter neck Queen of Spain gown, I thought why wear a dress this is perfect on its own! I could feel myself morphing into Dita Von Teese just thinking about wearing it.Which type are you? Do you think lingerie helps you to feel confident from the inside out? 


Virgo900 said...

Fab. Feel inspired to find some power pants of my own!

My Passport to Style said...

That's good to hear!

John Edword said...

really nice...
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