13 Sep 2012

Inside #Harvey Nichols Secret Vault - Manchester

Last Wednesday I was invited to Harvey Nichols 2012 A/W press day in Manchester.Once inside their SECRET VAULT the number of which will have to remain anonymous (whether your chasing your next horcrux or not I'm afraid) I peered round the vault er room and was impressed by the quality of the products and fashions to be had within the walls of Harvey Nichols.The lovely very knowledgeable Rebecca (kindly holding up the white shirt for my shot) explained that often buyers may just select one or two items from what is essentially a much larger designer range, that they feel will be popular with shoppers and that these are then used to create intimate in store boutiques, I really like this idea, kind of like a room within a room and besides too much choice can sometimes be a little exhausting when your buying gifts or clothes even!

Looking round at some of the fashion labels and creatively packaged items I could'n't resist thinking of some of my favourite fashion bloggers who would love to receive some of these delights under their Christmas tree this year. Rather than keep my suggestions to myself I thought I might spill the beans and share my gift ideas for each fashion blogger with you! You can of course disagree strongly if you are familiar with the bloggers already and think I have got them all wrong!   

1. I caught a glimpse of the bird detail on this mens pale blue Alexander Mcqueen shirt and thought of Jen @ A Little Bird Told Me she loves unusual prints and knows how to rock a shirt!

2.The packaging that I got most excited about was the large square Penhaligon gift sets these beautiful vivid oriental boxes look almost antique and house bottles of scent that look like they come from Victorian chemists.This I thought was a gift that stately home loving Pink Bow would be prepared to trade her pink bow for this Christmas.

3.The pretty pink florentines and newly launched perfume Florabotanica would have to go to fun loving Diamond Canopy I felt sure her sweet tooth would appreciate this twist on the classic florentine and she would be as thrilled as I was with a perfume bottle that reminds me of a piece of Everton rock (with stripes running the wrong way of course!) running through it and is packaged in such pretty floral box, although youthful it also has an art deco feel which is very classy too.    
4.Overseas elegant and luxe blogger Savvy Mode would swoon over the feel good factor of the Jo Malone hamper complete with black tissue and sprinkled with green leaves and blackberries.

5.I spied a round boxed candle with an image of the achingly hip James Dean, deep in conversation and the Benefit beauty set cleverly disguised to look like a novel complete with witty title would have to wend its way overseas to the adorable Vixen Vintage   

6. Did I miss something out?Oh that old thing,the Alexander Mcqueen floral De manta satin clutch you mean? Yep that's got my name on it, signed sealed and delivered and as sure as eggs as eggs that would be any girls Passport To Style. 


Winnie said...

Oh my, that McQ bird print blouse is beyond beautiful. So many bird prints around this season but that is my favourite blosuse that I've seen so far!

MagicMagpie said...

What a lovely post, gorgeous clutch <3

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