17 Sep 2012

Bronze Beauty #DiyFashion

Rain, rain and more rain left me with too much time on my hands and a box of dye which I decided to use to turn a plain vintage beige cardigan into this tie dye bronze beauty and in the words of Project Runways Tim Gun, make it work! Although its not quite sweater weather yet, it was fun to start planning out my A/W wardrobe. Excuse the shiny patches on my forehead, I'm still getting to grips with taking shots in an over lit room on a very overcast day.

I'm wearing - vintage tie dye cardigan, owl sweatshirt- Asda, button up long cotton shirt-vintage, Muji mushroom spot dress worn as a pencil skirt, taupe suede peep-toes from Clarks and a purple suede belt from Topshop.

Although it was'n't an intentional pairing, I like the fact that my cardigan buttons mirror the mushroom spots on my Muji skirt and the fact they look like posh smarties, call me mad, a little imagination is a dangerous thing!! The secret of this machine tie dye project is to use a cardigan that is a mix of synthetic and man made fibres and a dye which only works on synthetic fibres. My slightly baroque hair style was influenced by you guessed it Prince, must have been all that rain.      


fashionable frolickers

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