11 Sep 2012

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 Great Style Is In The Details


I love that the creative process that is fashion can take a functional detail that is pretty bog standard and elevates it to a new dimension that captures our imagination and reminds us that when it was first invented it was a pretty incredible thing to start with, one such detail is the zip, it was invented by Swedish scientist Sundback in1913 and patented as the hookless fastener. For many years in fashion the zip remained hidden from view a thing of modesty and practically, then punk rock arrived and with it what was then seen as extreme diy fashion emerged as clothes were shredded, deconstructed and rearranged to shock.

Renegade Fashionistas 

 Once Vivienne Westwood took hold of this trend and launched her first label Seditionaries the zipper was no longer insignificant but edgy. Since then we have seen many interpretations of the humble zipper as it has been used by fashion and accessory designers in new ways to add edge, sensuality and creativity to their labels, most prominently was the addition of a visible zipper to body con dresses such as Victoria Beckhams successful line, however the zipper was actually first used this way by Italian fashion visionary Elsa Schiaparelli (1890–1973). The London 2012 Olympics provided the perfect hothouse for growing fashions which incorporated the zippers functional attributes with designer fusion lines popping up everywhere and the predictable but welcome return of the classic biker jacket, whilst on the horizon of this A/W 2012 season we have come full circle as punk rock fashions make a strong return, hooray!

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