7 Sep 2012

My Passport To Style | Owly Times

Owl Ring Vivienne Westwood 
Owl print top -Lagom
owl brooch Avalaya

I have been musing lately on the trend for owls and our obsession with them, first it was cats, then pandas and now owls. I get that we are a nation of animal lovers, but I feel our love of woodland creatures like the fox, has for most of us urban dwellers anyway, been nurtured more by visiting previous beautiful glossy Mulberry campaigns rather than perhaps bumping into these creatures on woodland walks with a crisp bite to the air and a bright blue sky overhead. Can you tell, I'm longing to escape the clutches of our very British soggy summer and return to our crisp autumn days again?

 Seeing as I like most of us have been suffering from the rather embarrassing symptoms of Harry Potter withdrawal since the last film was shown and all things magical came to an abrupt end, could this be a clue to owl mania?The  images of Harry Potter and Hedwig and the owlery was enough to have me planning a trip to mystical Moncaster castle in the hopes that I might be able to befriend an owl that looked vaguely like Hedwig! 

Then there is also the fact that baby owls look well, pretty cute with there huge round eyes and fluffy heads, anything with big eyes pandas our own species even and we're sold. So we have the mystical, the cute but the third point has to be my favourite and really fits with this A/W 2012 leaning towards gothic and punk. Owls are actually pretty fierce looking birds an aspect that silk scarf extraordinaire and Grazia award winner Ali Mapletoft of Age Of Reason (whose signature is a punk edge to her work) has illustrated to perfection in my opinion, she has created a very real looking owl, not a smudge of cuteness in sight and applied of the moment detailing such as the studs on the owls shoulder to create a sense of regal military fierceness which I adore. In fact I'm jumping on the Owl bandwagon right now! I am off to create a diy owl head band! Have you fallen under the spell of Owls yet and are you in camp cute or camp fierce?    


Nic Nac Noo said...

Adore the Viv Westwood ring,just got an amazing owl belt in the ASOS sale.



My Passport to Style said...

Hi Nic Nac Noo,great blog name! Thanks for the tip, off to check it out.xx

Cari-Jane Hakes said...

Owls are always big on Etsy.com (along with foxes and birds)

fashionable frolickers

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