2 Sep 2012

XOX From Chloe Sevigny

I had to share this cover of the talented Chloe Sevigny with you, I love her daring attitude both on and off screen, she does'n't appear to be very trend lend choosing to allow her instinct to guide her when it comes to her own personal sense of style, which is refreshing and sometimes she gets it so right! I love her Twiggy- esque  hair, make-up and pose.The ox blood red pencil skirt and oversized boxy sweater with giant piping is a very strong sexy look that works well for Sevigny.I particularly like the amazing lacquer technique Peter Som used on the sweater to create a soft sheen that perfectly reflects the ox blood leather used in the pencil skirt she wears for the cover of xox magazine. Do you follow Chloe Sevignys style?

*image credit xox magazine 


sisters in black frocks said...

love that dress on chloe sevigny...love her attitude and approach to style as well. hope ur well! :)

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