31 Jul 2009

Marie Claire Roadshow at The Malmaison Hotel in Manchester

Hi again,
I visited one of my favourite Manchester hotels yesterday evening the Malmaison above, I adore its opulent slightly masculine style,varying shades of bitter chocolate and cherry velvet and satin at every turn. I have decided if the Mal was a garment it would definitely be a sensual smoking jacket and I could certainly picture the dark, brooding, mysterious Sherlock Holmes there puffing on his pipe.

So why did I happen to be there? I decided to indulge my creative side and take part in a writers roadshow organised by Marie Claire magazine.The star of the event and on the panel, taking questions and answers from aspiring writers such as myself was Katie Regan featured in the final picture here in Morecambe, right next to my home town, Lancaster. She started a blog when she was living in Morecambe about the trials and tribulations of getting pregnant to her close friend, egg. She has since moved to London and gone onto publish her first book, One Thing Led To Another, it was really inspiring to hear her talk so passionately about the process of writing, I'm sure all you bloggers out there can relate to that!
See you again soon. Sharon x

29 Jul 2009

Hot 80's Ethical Fashion Picks For This Autumn

Hi there,

thought you might appreciate this breath of fresh air for this autumn, gorgeous 80s fashions with a conscience, blue mesh bag, silver prisim cuff, geometric ring, which I heart, body con black and ladybird red dress and finally cubic blue and grey small chain bag all from fashionconscience.com.

27 Jul 2009

Thunderbirds are go!!!

Hi again, looking for an enduring colour to invest in this winter? Whatever the occassion that will see you well into spring 2010 , then it has to be pink! Pink is the colour of preference on every Autumn/Winter catwalk right now for good reason it is the colour of optimisim, somthing we all crave right now. Want to feel happy? Wear pink! As a Style Consultant I help women, dress for work, play and special occassions, such as weddings. Part of that process is putting together a palette of colours that they can wear, durring our Colour Consultation together. This summer, dip your toe into a marshmallow wonderland of pinks and reap the benefits of owning a slice of this versatile colour now and durring the winter season. Indulge your Lady Penelope and introduce at least one pink item into your Wardrobe, whether it is a pink wool pencil skirt for work, a pink mac or some metalic pink shoes for that wedding you have been invited to. Want to rock the 80s vibe? Clash hot pink with bannana yellow or bright orange and don those black shades. Paler skin tones suit peony pinks and sugary neon tones, olive and bronze skin tones can wear hot fushia pinks. Style Tip- If you have a sallow skin tone, wear pink on your bottom half, rather than right next to your face, or break it up by wearing as a cardigan or jacket with some pattern or white. Don't over bronze the face it can make pink look cheap. Still feeling a little chicken? Add some shocking pink buttons to that black or grey coat for a edgy look. Or why not have fun wearing a pair of pink earrings like the hearts featured here from Rokit or a ring perhaps.
Sharon x

25 Jul 2009

Alternative Yummy Bridal Accessories to Satisfy The Duchess In You

Hi All, thought you brides to be striving for an alternative bridal look, might appreciate a little Style inspiration for your big day. Accessories can elevate a pretty Bridal look to one which is breathtaking and memorable, which lets be honest, we all want. So here is a round up of some of my current favourites, to drool over. These bespoke couture items don't come cheap, but you won't regret spending a penny of your money I promise! Who cares about whether or not you will ever wear that headdress or shoes again!!! In fact please don't approach buying your bridal accessories that way, it kills the magic of being brave enough to tune in to what, if you were your most beautiful and confident self (which you are on your wedding day) you would choose to wear. Headdresses from a range at Plumed Serpant, silk bags and boots from Rossetti Couture and the beautiful Snow Queen look at the top of the page, showcases accessories from a range at Sasso.
P.S still struggling? Enlist my help, I specialise in alternative bridal Styling and creating original mother of the bride looks, as well as helping you piece together the perfect honeymoon capsule wardrobe. email me at sharonstyle@fsmail.net Sharon x

21 Jul 2009

Style inspiration for Autumn/Winter dressing 2009

I have always loved the fairytale of the Eastern European look, so I could not pass up this opportunity to share what is set to be a hot look for the coming Winter season 2009.Slavic Couture that combines traditional folk dressing with razor sharp style elements, such as studded ankle boots, this aspirational look, manages to make, wearing a sweater sexy and chic!

19 Jul 2009

Autumn/ Winter Coat Trend Alert & Style Guidance 2009

This trend has real substance, it oozes confidence, poise and strength and is so accessible. As with many trends you have to believe in what your wearing to carry it off.I love and welcome the trend for necklaces worn over coats for many reasons as in image three, trench worn with long necklace, hot off the Burberry catwalk. A coat is usually our biggest investment of the season, so it is great to be given permission to adorn them in new and innovative ways, with different accessories which can inspire a whole range of exciting new looks. A necklace worn over a coat can have regal connotations, think the Elizabethan period , or equally help to achieve a dynamic folklore look, using vibrant colors.Important points to remember when choosing the right necklace is to balance the proportions of the necklace with the neckline of your coat. A collarless fitted coat dictates you wear your necklace high just over the collar line, if your coat has a big collar and is fitted at the waist you need to wear long layers of necklaces or one long strand that hangs at the navel.If you decided to channel this hot trend this autumn, I would love to see a picture, post one in if you want it to feature on the site.

P.S it goes without saying hooded coats in particular parkas are a no go area when it comes to this trend!

Sharon x

18 Jul 2009

Martin Chester T-shirts designs for life

Hi there,
its great to be back! I wanted to share these two gorgeous T-shirt designs by graphic designer Martin Chester of Design Jack, as I feel its time to provide a little Style inspiration for all the men out there! As a Style Consultant I'm always on the look out for unique pieces of clothing that wont date and are easy pieces to wear. These dynamic T-shirt designs are perfect, bright colours are flattering against most skin tones.Powerful themes of wind power and the animal kingdom, showcase spirituality, energy and strength in a dynamic display of the natural world and will continue to be a constant feature in couture clothing and the high street.
Martin Chester is a accomplished graphic designer,whose company Design Jack is based in Edinburgh, the first T-shirt which features here, is In The Glory Of The Beest, the second T-shirt is entitled Wind power Is Beautiful Baby which he says is a celebration of the elegant technology of the wind turbine.

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8 Jul 2009

Ruche Tribe women do it better!

Today I'm going to show you how you can turn the eternal folksy style dial up a notch, to a new look with real bite, Tribal glam, by enlisting the help of my friends at Ruche so essentially extended the wearabilty of your Summer wardrobe. Starting at the bottom of the page, when building a new look I believe one of the easiest ways is to start with your footwear. So hence I had to choose these gorgeous eco gladiator sandals by Rocket dog for Ruche, which work well with my favourite piece in their collection the Anacaona aztec chiffon dress, these talenter feather earrings and the bamboo large wooden tote This look is Tribal Glam at is best and if your looking for a slick dinner party look with attitude or special occasion look this has to be it!
Tribal Glam look number two, consists of this Kaleidoscope of fresh floral colours in this Silk Peony embodied tube dress, worn with multi coloured hoop earrings, Kohala wooden rock bracelet and Gerbradaisy hobo bag in cheddar, you have to buy this if only to announce its name at parties, what a name!
My Glam Tribal look number three, features Ruches Bristle brush strokes dress, so hot from the runway inspired looks, its still smoking! Wear with these purrfect acrylic Bengal cat earrings, gold frosted bracelet or maybe not, there might not be one left for me and this elegant Bamboo large wooden tote. All at Ruche.
Hope you have enjoyed the chance to super size your chic with my mini master class in Tribal Glam, till next time.
Sharon x