30 Apr 2011

Royal Wedding Day Fashion And Style - Kate Middleton Wore Earrings Designed By Robinson Pelham

If your clamouring to get know latest on the Kate Middletons ensemble for her wedding day, here it is!
As many of you know I "Great Style Is In The Details" is one of my favourite mantras as a personal stylist. Kate Middleton Britians newest princess, certainly in my opinion looked the epitome of all that is graceful, elegant and chic, having got the balance between her
 Alexander McQueen wedding dress by Sarah Burton and her jewellery just right, thanks in no small part to her parents Micheal and Carole Middleton, who comissioned Robinson Pellham jewellers to make Kates diamond encrusted earrings and those of her sister Phillipa Middleton.

Kates earrings were inspired by the families newly aquired coat of arms which includes acorns and oak leaves and echos her stunning tiara she wore. Phillipas earrings seen below, were floral in nature. Both of the sisters earrings were designed by British craftman, the company Robinson Pelham was established fifteen years ago in pimlico London.                                                   

To discover first hand why the acorn and oak leaf motif, were the perfect compliment to Kate Middletons wedding dress, Hilary Alexander shares with us the bridal dresses very fashionable history and exacting craftsmanship that made it a bridal dress fit for a princess. Enjoy!

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                               Sharon x

29 Apr 2011

A Right Royal I Do !

Hi Gals, here are my last minuite tips for celebrating the Royal wedding today!

Do wear a gorgeous dress, loving this very glam red one above bedecked with a jewelled shawl

 Do team your dress with a over the top hat and silk tea gloves

Do deck out your garden with pretty patriotic bunting!

Do provide some royality inspired treats, jam tarts are a must!

Do provide seating fit for a queen for your guests, I like the idea of a collection of extravagant chaise lounges dotted around the garden.

Do make sure your shoes a themed to the Royal wedding and strut your stuff with your girl friends

Lastly raise a glass to the happy Royal couple!

                                         Sharon xx

27 Apr 2011

Rose and Grey The Perfect Antedote to Easter Egg Excess!

Hi Gals hope you had a happy easter! If easter egg excess is preventing you from feeling your usual fashion fabbulous self then I might just have the perfect antedote, charming accessories from lifestyle store Rose and Grey.

  Wear a loose maxi dress and team with these pretty finds from Rose and Grey, I love these pieces of Jewellery that work well in recreating the boho look, what got me super excited is that the designs combine silver and gold tones. I'm always encouraging my clients to mix silver and gold together, it looks, really sophisticated but also relaxed. The butterfly earrings and swallows bracelet by Stef Warde have a lovely retro feel.

There is huge buzz at the moment about fruity prints, I love that prints are showcasing fruit as well as flowers this spring/summer as its a really fun twist. Rose and grey have the perfect little holdal that would double as a large tote, to wear with your maxi and cat eye shades. Wear this statement print bag and relax in the knowledge that all eyes will be on your bag! To visit go to

                                          Sharon x x

24 Apr 2011

The Mad Hatter Strikes Again!

 Happy Easter gals, hope your having fun,  I can think of no better way of celebrating Easter than getting in on an Easter parade and wearing the hat of your dreams, here are a few of my favourite Easter bonnets.


 Which ones you?                              

 Sharon x x 

18 Apr 2011

Having A Hot Pink Moment!

Hi Gals, double helping of hot pink, stripey belted waistcoat over hot pink dress, with denim petticoat peeping out, chocolate patent wooden wedges, not quite warm enough for bare legs in my opinion!  

 photo credit my son Wes!

                                     Sharon x

14 Apr 2011

Find Out What Got Me Jumping For Joy!

10 Best Jumpsuits Playsuits Catsuits All-in-one 10 Best Marie Claire Hi Gals, you heard it here first ( see my side bar for the original style post, under style predictions) my style prediction about the jumpsuit being the next big thing, have come true, Marie Claire have come up with a rather fine clutch of my favourite one piece wonder for spring 2011! Where else does elegant meet lounge wear and add inches to your height! I think that the jump suit is set to share the same iconic status in our wardrobes/closets as jeans and blazers.  Have any of you gals, bought into this trend yet? If not which style of jumpsuit/playsuit will you be opting for, from this grown up trend with a little funfactor thrown in for good measure?!!

 Sharon x x

5 Apr 2011

Celebrating My Birthday Friday The 8th of April With Designer Vivien Westwood!!!

                   Dame Vivien Westwood will be a fabulous 70 this Friday the 8th of April ! However apart from sharing our birth date, we also share some common passions, on a personal level outside of my work as a personal stylist, I have always been excited by clothing that has a sense of theatre, Westwoods quirky very British collections have this by the bucket load as she frequently incorporates historical references from bygone eras into her clothing line.

They say that you should notice a woman first, not her dress, if the designer has got it right. Admittedly to wear Westwoods collections you have to be pretty confident about making it your own. However what makes her clothing ultimately so wearable is she understands a womans body and the art of impeccable tailoring, she has been quoted as saying the best way to understand how to construct  clothing well is to take it apart.

 Westwoods jewel in her crown is she has never lost her experimental edge from her punk days and this is largely evident in her clever use of materials, who else could elevate the status of what was once fondly termed the jelly bean shoe of the 80s, a clear plastic shoe, into a range of shoes that ooze sensuality, sophistication and humour, like what I like to call her Christmas bauble shoe! Add to that they are comfortable, light weight and recyclable and another cult product is born courtesy of British born designer Viviene Westwood.


Her signature is evident in this seasons collection asymmetric hems and necklines which elongate the body, demonstrate her understanding that whilst perfect fit and drape is important, too much perfection quickly becomes boring. My favourite pieces are her jackets and waistcoats, the shawl collar used are one of the most flattering collars worn on a jacket as it softens angular shoulder lines and embraces fuller bosomed women.

  Westwoods pieces work in harmony with the curves of a woman or at least our need to embellish on them if they are a little lacking, through her use of draping and volume. which is why the beautiful Christine Hendrickson will make the perfect figure head for the launch of her new jewellery line.

Whether or not you adore Westwoods design aesthetic, with her flame red hair and her undying passion for innovation in British fashion and her seemingly unending energy, she lights up the sky like a glittering comet, whose influence is felt worldwide. She offers her fans, fashion and style full of wit, elegance, joy and a hint of swagger. 

Happy Birthday Vivien!

                                  Sharon x

1 Apr 2011

Who Says You Can't Have It All?!!

Hi Gals, apologise for a lack of post's recently, I have been knocked out by a nasty bug! I'm back now and i hope you enjoyed reading about Laden the home of new design talent in the UK. I'm sharing the spotlight with a few lovely Style bloggers, who have really captured the spring seasons two favourite prints to perfection. I really like the natural fresh feel of these two shots from Style bloggers http://www.fabulosityfactor.blogspot.com/  and http://www.shesgotapassionforfashion.blogspot.com/

Check out these floral and striped designs, to create the perfect pick n mix! I would love to feature you here, if you have successfully worked stripes and florals together now that would be alchemy!!! Just send your picture to enquiries@zipbuttonandtuck.co.uk
 stripes Marc Jacob

floral duffle Boden

brogues -urban outfitters

                                                                Brolly - Cath Kidson
 I'm loving this oilskin cath kidson floral saddle bag, which would make feel the poetry of a romany painted gypsy caravan every day! Will you be wearing florals or stripes this spring?


                                              Sharon x