31 Dec 2010

Wishing A Very Happy And Stylish New Year To All Fabulous Followers!

Happy New Years Eve, Fabulous Followers and Fashionable Frolickers! I have had so much fun this year getting to know some of more of you lovely gals, your inventive blogs and sharing my passion for style and fashion with you. So in pictures, this about sums up, what I will be taking with me into my new style blogging adventures in the year 2011. 

A sense of humour as well as sense of style and fashion, very important to being a happy Style blogger and lightening the load for other hectic bloggers I meet on my travels!

Time to reflect on the good moments in life, they can steal up on you very quietly and if you don't catch them quickly, bottle them and savour them, like your favourite nail polish you can forget that they were ever there.

Time to be creative, I count cooking as being creative and its soo relaxing to bake, I could not resist sharing these sensational cupcakes with you, do have one. The blue stars are one of my favourite colours and are so pretty!

  Wishing you all a very happy New Year Eve however you spend it and I look forward to visiting you again! Till then I will be dressing up in my best frock and heels and enjoying great music and a gorgeous butter curry with family and friends! 

 Sharon x x

27 Dec 2010

Satin Beaded Dresses Tied Up With Pearls These Are Few Of My..........

Brooche by vancleef.com

Hi Gals, hope you have had a lovely Christmas day. I have a very glamorous riddle for you to try to answer, what look was worn by a famous parisian dancer with the intials JB and often includes elements of fringing, bead work, asymmetric design, feathers, drop waists and heavily embelished head- dresses?

Still not sure? Well the answer is- if your looking for a iconic look that clearly says high glamour and makes you feel every inch the starlet at this years, New Years Eve party bash, then era of the flapper girl is perfect!  The name of the famous Parisian dancer that was a fashion icon in the 20s and mother of 12 adopted children? Josephine Baker


 Two of the key trend's from the period both the drop waist and the classic column dress work well to flatter most key bodyshapes that I work with. If your an hour glass shape (think Kate Winslet in the Titanic) or a slender twiggy type, opt for a sumptious slippery satin column dress or sheath, with a draped back and accessorize with a velvet or fur stole. You can wear hair long in waves, slicked back or short for a more contempory feel. If your an apple, pear or twiggy shape, the fuller skirt of the flapper girl style dress, fringing and deep waistband of this drop waist style, balances heavy hips, disguise tummy wobble and shows of the best part of your legs.

 Hair should be worn bobbed or in a loose bun and accessorised with a dazzling hair band.

For your personal delight this is my round up of my favourite  20s high glamour pieces if you want to shine at this years New Years party!

Not keen on wearing a dress? This tunic, worn with silver leggings and cuffs stills gives you a slice of the Great Gatsby. 

Adore this high theatre take, with black and white geometric pattern!

For a modern twist wear bright's rather than sparkle

 Have fun customizing a deep satin head band with a diamante brooche, for the ultimate head dress statement, make it a panther tiger, serpant or a organic shape from the natural world for a truly authentic feel.

mod over your flapper girl look with these electric blue lace ups! Topshop.com

stunning shoe with column and sheath dresses

 wear these elegant flapper-esque berry beauties, with drop waist and silver beaded styles
Gold and ivory classic colours from this upbeat Era

Add stealth and an air of mystery to your sheath dress with this python clutch, beautiful but deadly!

  Shell flap bag, ADORE the use seaside themes used in the sophistcated accessorise of the time.

Can you let me know if your a fan of Art Deco? As I am planning a surprise for all Fabulous Followers readers and subscribers!Enjoy your party!

 Sharon x x 

24 Dec 2010

Wishing All My Passport to Style Readers And Followers A Very Magical Christmas

How is a girl to decide which outfit works best for each of her delicous gingerbread men?!! They need to look their best for Christmas Day!

Fingers crossed that you get a little shoe love underneath your tree!

                                        Sharon x x 

22 Dec 2010

Attention Grabbing Christmas Tree Or Shy Demure And Sophisticated ? ?

Hi Gals, hope your all well happy and snug. My black Christmas tree here in the North-West UK, has definately not been given the less is more approache! It is smothered in rich opulent colours and textures, large red velvet victorian letters, with clusters of cherry red lights and tiny silk lanterns in rich berry colours, that evoke an image that against the black of my Christmas tree is rather oriental in style, I at least am enjoying the effect!! 

I love that this time of year as it gives me the excuse to adapt, create and reinvent Christmas in my home, having the time to be creative with textures and colours is so satifying and some times its fun to not be too formulaic and break all my own style rule, I can't believe I actually just said that!If you can't break rules at Christmas when can you?! If you think of kids at Christmas they don't think is that decoration level? They just pile them on and enjoy the array of colour and the pleasure of being involved!     

Here are just a few of my favourite expressions of Christmas, hope you enjoy them as much as I have. If I have not had chance to visit you and wish you a Happy Christmas, I hope your Christmas is full of laughter, mini cabbages if you like them! Lots of shiney baubles, the smell vanilla and gingerbread wafting, through your home, candle light, great music, finger drawings on your windows and that you can capture in your own way what made Christmas a special time for you as a girl, it really was not that long ago. 

Cherry and Chocolate Roulade, I'm making one with stem ginger!

Cotton clouds Christmas Tree, with simple lime green decorations, including my favourite, pom pom baubles great for bedrooms when you need help to imagine fluffy clouds to send you to sleep.

Regal acorns, fit for the snow queen

Why not make your Christmas tree a giant pin cushion? Cover it in your favourite shiney brooches/pins and cool badges?

I'm in love with the old world charm of this pom pom wreath, soft and yielding is just a nice as shiney and prickly, me thinks!

 This proud stag and its companion bird from anthroplogy is my absoloute favouritre, string, colour, gold antlers and way his movement is captured is just so regal.
What was your favourite Christmas project this year?

                                        Sharon x x

17 Dec 2010

Mulberrys Spinningfields Party Opens To Ooohs And Aahs!

For those of you that are avid Mulberry fans or are new to the brand and curious to know more, from bags to clothing you are in for a right royal treat as I discovered at a really grand opening of their new store in Spinningfields Manchester.

The opening party put a smile on every guests lips including mine, as it managed to masterfully distil the heady mix of its spring/summer 2011 show - inspired by one of my favourite books, The Secret Garden, cabbage sized hot pink roses were used to frame a secret walled catwalk down which strode copper headed models wearing clothing that gently celebrated their every curve, whilst the simple use of detailing on clothing and bags was like a breath of fresh air. Earthy and ethereal tones played a part in this delicous tale, from rich chestnuts, burnished plum, warm apricot, rose pink, cornflower and washed out blues. I particularly like the use of the humble D-ring detailing which Mulberry have used to great effect in their entire range of shoes for the season and the Polly Push Locket Belt, which I felt worked beautifully to accent the waist on Mulberry's chestnut cotton trench.

Cold it might have been outside but once inside Mulberry's new Spinningfields store you truly felt spring had sprung, after being treated to strawberry cocktail with delicate rose petals and a tiny teeny Victoria sandwich cake in a pretty floral box, the fun beats of the ever stylish guest DJ Daisy Lowe got everyone in the mood to party. Rather fitting that the guest DJ for Mulberry's Spinningfield opening party was Daisy don't you thing?!

Buttery soft bags like the Mila in electric blue were displayed in large glass boxes like captivating bright butterflies. Favourites like the Alexa, Tilly and Bayswater had all been given a touch of the secret garden magic, teaming unexpected colours and textures with utility styling and playful proportions. I loved the way that the creative treatment of the shop walls and floors, combined both textures and colours which reflected urban and natural world influences. Mulberry manages to very cleverly harness this fusion throughout their brand.

After an uplifting performance from Sunday Girl, guests were treated to a surprise performance by Ellie Goulding, both acts were the perfect ending to a great evening. Thoughtfully designed cotton goody bags embellished with the fun design of a white rabbit poking its head out of a Mulberry Satchel and a packet of carrot seeds as a swing tag, full of goodies were distributed by our lovely Spinningfields host's, along with shiny gold Bayswater balloons to light our path back home, it was a magical evening.

13 Dec 2010

Mulberry We Salute You!

Todays post had to be dedicated to Mulberry a company with a British heritage which first began in 1975, they beat off stiff competition from Victoria Beckham on Tuesday the 7th of December at the British Fashion Awards, for best designer brand. With a creative like Emma Hill as companies director, it will come as no surprise to many within the fashion industry that they scooped this prestiges award.

 It is Emma who has with her vision for the company, has generated mass demand for the companies bag's by fronting initiative's such as creating the Alexa Satchel, a hybrid of the companies mens satchel Alexa Chung favoured. The quality of the bag's, attention to detail, longevity of style, fun contempory print's and creative use of material's make Mulberry a firm favourite in the heart' of the British public and world wide, three cheers for Mulberry!!!!!!!!! 

If  I could share two other pieces of happy news with all you Fabulous Followers, as you may know I have been know to get a little excited at the mention of tweed, I own a beautiful piece from the Isle of Harris, that is soon to be made into a cape.

So I thought you might like me to spread my delight around a little and share the news that Mulberry are bringing out this beautiful tweed satchel in January 2011! Remember to form an orderly cue with no barging!

They say good things come in threes, well this ones pretty good,  Mulberry are launching their second store in spinning fields shopping centre, Manchester tomorow! They have kindly invited me along to their opening, watch this space for more on the event! 


 Sharon x x

10 Dec 2010

Sharon Smile Clinic - Christmas 2010 Edition

Hi Gals thanks  for joining me for my Christmas edition of my Smile Clinic, which I hope helps put a smile on your face. Often women decide to have a image makeover with me, in the run up to Christmas and the New Year, because they recognise that they are running on empty, after spending the season giving in many different ways and need some fresh inspiration and style guidance to re energise their look and themselves.
 This burnt red leather dashound clutch put a big smile on my face from geekoligie.com 

  I also love this silk tag which acts as a sweet reminder that sometimes we need to give to ourselves as much as to everyone else! Hope my Christmas inspired pick's put a smile on your face and lighten your load a little.

                                     This beautiful acrylic pendant was made in the UK  by artist Kim Thompon at Kimthomsondesign.com using the wrapper from one of my favourite tea time treats a tea cake, marshmallow middle with a light biscuit base and chocolate shell, yummy! So what better way to feel beautiful inside and out and celebrate this tea time treat than wearing this gorgeous pendant with an Art Deco sophistcation! Lucky Kim, imagine every time she make one she gets a rewarded with the taste of chocolate and velvety soft marshmallow!  

 Simple but stunning Christmas table design, by poshposydesigns.com   cherry red liquid glass with a mass of frothy white flowers studded with shiny baubles, I love. To me this design oozes kitsch but at the same time has a Japanese feel also. What do you gals think?   
cherry red swing coat, team with dachhound

Talk about a quirk of style! Shiny baubles in your ears in a face flattering shape, superb!

                                                I think these pretty dears are all over come by Mr Red stag and who can blame them!

                                            Know a little one that would like to decorate their own trusty steed for Christmas? Or you if you are looking to theme a big Christmas party bash, how about the Nutcracker?  These recycled card rocking horse's painted up in your favourite bright colours could be just the thing to kick start your fairy tale, secure on strong wire at varying height, for a real wow factor also lilsugar.com



                                         Sharon x x

3 Dec 2010

Tis The Season To Dress Like A Grand Dame!

Hi Gals, December is the season for bold flamboyant dressing, why so? Well it is the season of one of our greatest traditions pantomime dames! If that is'n't the best reason ever to swathe yourself in layer's of brightly coloured lace, pile on the sequin's and fling on a pair of cartoon style shoe's and then top it all off with a hat that looks like an exotic gift then I don't what is! Take a look at my top pick's for styling wanabe pantomime dame's all over the world. Go on indulge your urge to go over the top, it's great fun I promise!

  Sharon x x