27 Jun 2010

It Aint Half Hot!

Hi Gals, sorry I'm a little behind with my post's I have had a nasty bug, but am much better now! We are in the middle of heat wave here in the Lancashire and I thought I should celebrate this stunning weather with some divine swimwear from Luna! Made in Italy to the highest specification, Luna produces vintage inspired swimwear. Elegant and glamerous and very flattering! I have cherry picked my favourites, Luna swimwear gives killer curves to those that can look a little boyish and flatters curvy gal's to perfection! Hope you are all enjoying the summer sun and feel inspired to bare a little flesh and top up those freckle's! x

Pretty polka dot's with a lace ruffle great for boyish figures!

Snappy black and white polka dot one piece with square neckline, perfect for curvy types

So sweet!

life a bowl of cherries!

French Riviera

Candy Stripes, cool and elegant


21 Jun 2010

A Giveaway With A Difference!

Hi there, lovely gals hope your all in enjoying the summer, as most of you know by now I adore colour and using colour is important in my job as a Style Consultant in helping me transform women. So today I wanted to give you the chance to win a brilliant book, Colour Me Beautiful to help you transform the way you use colour to dress and a choice of one of 3 rather special, large sparkly scarves in purple, ice blue or turquoise!


Heres what to do to enter

1) Tell me what type of post's you like reading about over here, or what type of post's you would like to see more of

2) Put together a fabulous post using colour as the topic, make it really creative and original and link to here and then let me know when your post is up, over here!

 The winners 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be anounced here on Sunday the 4th of July
1st prize wins the book and scarf in a colour of their choice
2nd & 3rd prizes winners will win a beautiful large sparkly scarf each. Good luck and can't wait to see all your posts on colour!!! 

                                       Sharon xx

18 Jun 2010

Red, White And Blue and My Guest Blogging Invite!!

                               Question, how do you look gorgeous, nab a original for next to nothing and save the planet? Well those clever people at covertcandy.co.uk have the perfect answer, with their super swanky, collection of vintage wear, recycling fashion never looked so fun! I picked out my all time favourites for this summer, hope you enjoy!! They invited me over to be their guest blogger, I'm beside myself with excitement!!! I get to raid there huuge wardrobe, come on over and join in the fun and play dress up!

                                 Sharon x

17 Jun 2010

Sweet Moments

Sorry if you are disappointed that this is not a fabulous recipe for sweet's!
Remember those that were loyal and there with you right at the very begining, when times were tough and you struggled to meet lifes challange's, I know I do, all the time. Hope your all having a lovely week, see you soon! 


                                   Sharon x

13 Jun 2010

Alice Though The Looking Glass

Ever since I can remember I have been fascinated by glass and the way it reflects light, from collecting marbles and playing alleys in the school playground to simply finding pleasure in buffing them with a cloth and watching them sparkle. I loved chemistry at school, not because I was good at it, but simply because I loved using the small clear shiny test tube's we put a range of colourful chemicals into.

I adore the poetry and history of glass, the thought that something has been around for such along time, that helps illuminate our home's and our lives. Something that is hard, but so fragile, can be jagged or faceted but when blown often has rounded contours.The sound a glass pane makes, when drop's of rain pit pat on it.  When tree's blow, even if we are inside, we get a sense of the wind, even though we can't see it, we see it's effect. So it is with glass, it helps captures light and reminds us just how beautiful it is.

I loved visiting Venice and the island of Murano glass.
This wonderful material is now used in eco home's, as well as stately home's and come in a huge array of colour's. Chandelier's make me giddy with delight and of course mirror's, well, they are a big part of my job as a Stylist, helping clients uncover their own unique style! 

clear glass test tube's

droplet chandelier

this pretty peach blown glass petal chandelier, reminds me of jellyfish!

glass blown glossy cherries, yummy!

contempory cherry red bath surround

Victorian glass panel in my study door

striking orange glass draw handle's

Bright organic floral chandelier

glass ring's

eco light panel solution, love!

squished green glass

frosted glass

contempory Murano glass pendant's

Antique full length mirror

                     Sharon xx                    

9 Jun 2010

The Taming Of The Shoe

Hi lovely ladies, just had to share this collection of beautiful shoe sketche's from Shoe Dish, not only are the designs inspiring but the execution of the sketches is amazing, today I am applauding all those shoes designers out there big or small, who make it in a very competitive industry! My favoutite is the multi colour red, turquoise and yellow, futeristic
style to the left. I would love to know if you have one.

          Have a shoetastic day!!!        Sharon          


4 Jun 2010

A Non Pink Moment!

I looove pink, but sometimes pink can take over a little, it's a bit like chocolate, we can become a little too addicted thinking that feminine must equal pink, or sweet cravings can only be curbed with chocolate alone, I am very guilty of this one! We all have our own idea of what is feminine. I have rounded up some of my favourites for today.What are your feminine treats?

                                         Sharon xxxx