30 Mar 2010

The Count Down Begins!

Only one whole day and part of a sleep, till I journey to Portugal with my family for a new adventure for one whole week, to celebrate Aarons Birthday (3rd April) and mine (8th of April)!I'm Counting down the hours, minuites and seconds like a kid in the run up to Christmas!!!

What are you counting down to in the month of April? I would love to know........



P.S Don't forget about THE Accessorize Bicycle pendant giveaway,  if you have not already entered, all details regarding entry, at the bottom of my last post!  

                  Sharon x                  

27 Mar 2010

Accessorize and Giveaway!

Dear BLOGGY gals I'm off on my hols soon, Wednesday the 31st of March, at 3am UK time, I fly to Portugal with my family for a very special holiday. Why is it special? Well because for those of you who don't know my middle son Aaron had a very serious accident this Christmas gone, which resulted in a head injury and he need a opp to remove a bleed in his brain, thankfully there has been no lasting damage and we are so thankful. April 3rd is his 15th birthday and that's why this  week long easter break is so special, celebrating his birth has taken on a whole new meaning, that he is alive is cause to celebrate, so now you know! On the other hand  my birthday is on the day we fly home, bad timing!!


Ok, now to the fashion confessional, every clothing stylist/consultant worth there salt, knows how to pack a capsule wardrobe, except me, yes I can do it for my client's quite happily, but when it come to applying the same style logic to myself , well you might as well say to a serial cupcake eater, just try one flavour not eight!!! There I have said it! Thank-you for listening! Oddly enough I do feel a little calmer sharing that with you, the pretence is over. Be honnest did you giggle just a bit? This year we are only taking two suitcases amongst four of us! My hubby has given strict instruction, he says it will be liberating, sob!  But I may have just managed to rescue the situation, you see, the other day I wandered in a dream,(I like to let my style intiution guide me, as well as my keen eye when I shop) as I sometimes do around my home town. When a blaze of summer confetti caught my eye, stopping me in my tracks! The shop accessorize, you guessed it, was the answer believe it or not, to curbing my tendency to pack my entire holiday wardrobe! All I needed was two new themes/style's to inspire me and then a heap of carefully chosen accessorize to wear them every which way! One piece dressing is the way forward for my capsule I have decided! So here are my favourite picks. What do you think, have I turned over a new leaf?


Adore this striped romper, given a chic nautical twist, when teamed with a pink wicker cross body bag, celtic knot sandals and a beautiful pearl belt that I will wear as a necklace on holday with this and with a belt with longer dresses!

Heart this maxi dress with its, ice-cream like colours drizzled over this dress, in this very fluid and elegant print!

wear with celtic knot sandals, clash hot coloured flower clip, with the pastel maxi and to add to the dream like whimsy add this beautiful gold bycicle, this can be also worn with the nautical romper suit. Steer clear of going full on nautical, it can look twee, by adding subtle nautical elements such as the wheel's on the bike, you keep the look current.

coffee sandwich anyone?

If I wear these bracelets on mass, I can add edge to my pastel maxi and give a nod to the tribal trend, equally If I
 wear the dark chunky chain cuff ,alone with my nautical romper, I make the look more designer, than sweet.

 Don't be scared to clash bright hues with pastels for a more contempory take, think Angelina, nude dress, bright red lip, it works! This red resin Aztec necklace, the Celtic knot sandals, the chain cuff and the gorgeous beaded clutch below, will take my summery look to a smouldering mexican senorita in minuites,all without having to crack open another suitcase!

Forgive me dear readers if my post meanders a little, this time, I'm a little giddy with excitement at the thought of my holiday! Did you know that the UK and portugal both share a common bond? Custard! Yep, we are home to the custard tart, which are one of my favourite dessert's, I love them eaten, warmed up with warm strawberry jam, easy,comfort food! I'm really looking forward to eating the Portugese version!

Uk custard tart, yum

Portugese custard tart's

Happy endings and beginings happen on a beach

looking forward to celebrating Aarons birthday on the beach!Don't forget to enter my bicycle pendant giveaway below

As a parting gift to you lovely followers. I'm holding a sweet accessory giveaway here, open to UK and overseas follower's! This sweet gold bicycle is just waiting to be taken to your favourite place, I just love the detail! Closing date 27th of April, to enter see below-

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Good luck everyone! Crossing my fingers and toes for you all and looking foward to visiting your blog's and reading your post's on my return!

Sharon x


25 Mar 2010

Keeping Hold Of Those Butterflies! xx

The flowers are for all of you!
As well as anouncing the winner of the chic Topshop scarf/snood giveaway, I wanted to share with you, how fortunate I feel, since I entered this new phase in my life and became part of the blogging community.I have met so many great gals and blog's, I love reading about your hopes and dreams, your lives and your Style.I have even arranged to meet up with some bloggers in the UK, which is really exciting!My only sadness is I don't have the fianancial freedom at present to hop on a plane and visit you, my blogging friend's in Canada, America, Japan, Sweden and Russia and France!
 Yesterday I introduced a sweet small(of 10yrs) friend of mine, who came to visit me, Anna, (she was my flower girl at my wedding) to the world of blogging. As she sat at my computer swinging her legs, eyes like saucer's, delighting at this interactive scrapbook that is blogging (my explanation to her) nodding wisely, as I explained about following and how blogger's comment and post about their lives, she and I went on a whistle stop tour around the world, to some of my favourite blogging destinations, what fun we had!!!

 She left vowing to learn to decorate cupcakes beautifully, makeover an old cardigan, write a poem everyday and perhaps not feel that she can have only one best friend in her life!SOUND FAMILIAR?!! As silly as it may sound, I still get butterflies of excitement in my stomach just before I put a new post up, I think if that feeling of excitement and joy, leaves you, you have to ask yourself why your doing it, whatever your motives


A road to a friends house is never long (Danish proverb)

So I hope you won't be too cross with me, when I anounce the winner of the Topshop scarf giveaway and my first giveaway ever here (many more to come, I promise!) is the lovely Mimi from Bonjour Romance, who chose the blush soft snood, congratulations Mimi, you are a dreamTo me the greatest gift is when someone takes the time to write me a comment, or when I find a blogger, who shares my passions or whose blog captures my imagination and transports me to a new place, another world and of course, new Style!


The winner was selected at randon by my trusted hubby, who does not blog, so has no former knowledge of you lovely bloggers.


Hold onto those butterflies!!
                            Sharon                                      xxx               

23 Mar 2010

Virtual Easter Parade, Beware Egg Rolling, Extravagant Hat Wearing And Excessive Amounts Of Delicous Substances!

Hi everyone, I'm holding my very own, Easter parade today, complete with Easter bonnet's, everyone welcome, do come and join me! You never know what delights you might discover! Easter is a time of  new shoots, daffodills, the smell of freshly cut grass, homemade lemonade and piping hot, hot cross bun's fresh out of the oven, painting egg's and trying on sensational hats or bonnets as we like to call them! What do you love about Easter? This post was inspired by the lovely Dolliedaydream who is holding a fabulous Easter giveaway over on her blog,(see her adorable giveaway button below) which offers all manner of Easter delights stuffed into the sweetest Easter pail, see below! It sounds fabulous and if you have'n't already met Dollie you must! She is one of the sweetest most entertaining bloggers I know! Happy Easter!

A basket full of special moments in the sun

Every tree needs a ribbon at easter, every meringue a big dollop of yellow curd, fragrant with lemons!

Sunshine on a spoon, make an easter wish!

So that's what you wished for.... very clever, sooo beautiful a gold antique egg!

What beauties are nestled in your hat boxes gals?

A taste of easter, iris coloured scalloped hat, divine! Beautiful for green eyed gals!

vintage egg shaped bag, fabulous, it's got the date of my birthday on it, yes you guessed it, I'm an easter chic!

Even if your making omelette it is vital your eggs are pretty! tee hee

Please help yoursef to a slice of this gooey chocolate easter bonnet cake, complete with purple roses

Adore these vintage inspired hatboxes, that look like giant cotton reel's!

How sweet are these iced bunnies

cheep cheep!

Firework display of yellow feathers and flowers, stunning!

vintage egg's to roll down your favourite grassy slope!!

Erin , so chic!


p.s don't forget the winner of the Topshop scarf giveaway is being anounced here tomorow!

                                   Sharon x

21 Mar 2010

Just Striking A Pose?

Do you ever want to be transported to another place, time? Challenge how you see yourself or how others see you? Shake things up and feel excited by the possibilities of life? Or just marvel at our abillity as humans to create and capture the beauty of the human form on camera and a models abillity to take on the persona of the garment that has been created for her, becoming almost part of it, transcending a static image and becoming a living breathing work of art fashion? Well I am delighted to say, my friends at the magazine Flaunt, have asked me to select my favourite fashion images from  a sneek preview of this months issue here on My Passport to Style which will include some of their most prominent fashion designers and photographers work.What do you think ?

Stark contrasts and angular lines

Adore the sense of movement and  time and space captured here

billowing fabric, like a giant silk cloud pulling her upwards, storm gathering, would be a great title! (my interpretation anyway, what's yours?)

very overtly eastern european, but I love the strength in the models face and the shadow play, creates a statuesque feel, in contrast to the soft floaty fabric of her headdress.

A moment of peace or letting go, what do you think he is feeling? This half shot of his face, creates a real focus on the beautiful lines of his shoulder, face and neck.


So elegant, love the fluidity captured in the models arms (white can easily become very stark and hard ) love the way the models hair, becomes amost her accessory/cape, softening the whole look. Whilst at the same time, wearing these high waisted, pure white lattice trousers, alone, at the angle shot, draws our eye up her body, creating a feeling of endless height reaching into infinity.


White on black

moving through time and texture

 credits to Rami Kashoul by Garret Suhie, Louis Verdadby by Danflood, Copus by Patrick Hoelck, Loyd Klein by Luke Duval, Jeffery Sebelia by Kurt Swairenko, Corpus by Patrick Haelck, Orthodox by Lionel Deluy 



Sharon x