28 Feb 2010

You Asked I Answered-Dollie Daydream,3rd Avenue Style,La Vie J'aimie and Couture Millinery Atelier!

Hi Gals, hope your having a lovely weekend, the last 3 posts have all been Style Dispensary session' on how to wear these trends this S/S season.I invited you to ask any Style questions you might have in these 3 areas and to share your favourite colour combinations, Couture Millinery Atelier asked -

For several years I have wanted to purchase a dramatic red gown, but am afraid to do it, thinking that for me a platinum blonde, it would be too much, what do you suggest?

Answer - To stop red's looking too brash with platinum blonde hair, opt for orangey red's or red's with pink undertones. As in the picture above featuring the beautiful Marylin Monroe in her sweater.

Katie from 3rd Avenue Style asked-

Style Dilemma- So how does wearing clashing print's work if you are say not so petite? I love the clashing prints look but worry about adding extra pounds to my look!

Answer- Opt for wearing a dress in a smaller print and then create a panel down the centre by wearing a larger print in a cardigan of the same colour, thus elongating your shape with a paneled effect, simular colour's create a more groomed style, which is also flattering for more curvy women. The 2nd trick is to wear bold print on the hemline of your skirt or dress, thus drawing the eye down.

Avoid large print all over, horizontal print and print which divides the body up into too many sections, reducing the length of the body and increasing the width.

Jaimie from La vie J'aimie asked me where this top came from. This very stylish number was a summer 2009 buy from Boden, POWER to Boden's timeless look, that it still tick's all the boxes for dressing this S/S!

These picks are for KITTY over at Dollie Daydream who shared  her lovely favourite colour combinations with me, pinks, peaches and creams.Soo pretty!

 hope you enjoyed reading other bloggers questions and my style tips! Come back soon gals. If you missed out on my fantastic Topshop scarf giveaway with 3 choices! Your not to late,there is still time to enter!Just click on the link top right of my sidebar for the details. Good luck!

Sharon x

24 Feb 2010

Tame Those Drapes And Ride Those Ruffles! - With My 3rd Style Dispensary Session On Texture

This is the final part in my series of 3 Style posts offering up to the minuite Style advice on colour, pattern and shape.With the tribal, cowgirl and the very femine all set to be strong trends for 2010, it really is no surprise and some may say a bit of relief given the starkness of the utillity trend that ruffles and draping have a huge impact on clothing this spring /summer 2010!

Texture reigns supreme and adds volume, movement and real style Kudos!Here's some inspiration. Which will be followed by my hot tips on working this trend. p.s give yourself a head start and get in on the texture trend by entering the Topshop scarf giveaway details top right of my sidebar!


Keeping things sheer, means that even the tiniest ladies can wear this trend, loving the vertical take on the ruffle, so flattering.

Whoa fabulous, but shimmer and supersized  ruffles on us mere mortals? I think not!

Anne Hathaway, wears the trend beautifully, need to look extra glam? Look to your ruffles, love the juxta postioning between the cutway edge and the waterfall of ruffles sooo elegant and very flattering to the legs.

Fringing in hot colours adds real decadence as well as keying into both tribal and cowgirl trends, so double the value for money!

Swirly rosette ruffles, brides rejoice it's your season, to be over the top romantic!

The tribal look has influenced texturised hot colours, which can be a little hard to pull off unless you are very tall!

I adore this ruffles and stripes top drama pared down

And this mushroom satin shift top, looks sooo elegant with its collar of ruffles and pintuck centre

Kimono draping, can be very flattering for women wanting to soften angular lines on their body, great for evening and special occasion wear. Look at her fairy tale boots, she must have flown here specially!

Some times simple is best, let the fabric do the talking designer style

Grey is so under rated!

Hot  Tips For Wearing Texture This s/s

1. Understand your frame, do you have strong angle i.e, hip bones that need softening then go for draping/ruffles in your skirt. Sporty builds steer clear of rigid ruffles and look for fluid items that move and create curve.

2.Don't mix pattern and texture neutrals tones work best, or sheer colours, mix materials of the same weight, to prevent you looking like your about to attend a wedding! Let shoes and makeup add a pop of colour.

3. Don't wear ruffles from head to foot, it will take away from your height and make you look to try hard.

4.Wear hot textures in small amounts, for a playful addition to your wardrobe.

5. Unlike the trend for mixing pattern which looks fabulous don't make the mistake of mixing textures it looks to try hard and you can end up looking more of a clown than a diva!

6.Have fun, with the trend, there will be a piece to suit every bodyshape, you just need to hunt it down.

Up Next Your Personal Style Dilemmas/questions  in These 3 Areas Answered, Watch Out For It, We Are Gonna Have Fun!

Sharon x

Madame, these ruched sleeves, elevate your look and balance your body, tres bon!

22 Feb 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! Style Dispensary- Session 2 Colour

Some of you may remember I promised in my last Style Dispensary session, a series of 3 posts focusing on pattern colour and texture, so this is todays post on colour.
I adore turquoise it summons up warm sandy beaches, tranquil havens, mexican jewellrey using the stone turquoise, it work beautifully with almost every colour you can think of, apart from I would argue black, as I feel black cheapens its ability to be a cool classy colour or a bright warm one. If  the truth be told I have always been a bit of colour magapie, which is probably why I love working as a Stylist. The tantalizing oppportunity to inject colours that work for clients into their Wardrobes and  help them create a Style that reflects their  personality creating a Stylish look is a great lure. I thought you might enjoy taking a sneak peak at the predicted colours for 2010 as forcast by pantone! I'm itching to know what your all time favourite colour combos are! I will use my favourite suggestion as inspiration for a outfit post, some time very soon, do please tell!!!

Madame could do with a colourful corsage non?

Colour evokes drama

Colour can help streamline your look and create a groomed feel, even on a tight budget!

Colour can pick you up and give us a energy boost emotionally, mentally and visually!
 My Top Tips For Colour Shy Girls!

1. Experiment with changing your base colour, i.e black for most women,which is not a easy basic to team with colour to grey, navy or chocolate.

2.Start by introducing small amounts of colour to your wardrobe/closet with, tight's, pump's a head band or bag.

3.Wear colours from the same family group, i.e different shades of green, for a well groomed look that is not difficult to achieve.Great for petites!

4.Feeling brave and you have height? Clash colours, no science involved for a dynamic look, i.e purple and yellow.

5. Remember colours of the same intensity/saturation will generally always work together.

6.Still finding it hard to loose your black wardrobe? Ease your way in by wearing prints, with little dashes of colour. 


20 Feb 2010

In Need Of A Roman Holiday? With A Little Spoiling Thrown In For Good measure! x

For those of you who adore scarves and for those of you who are just dipping a toe into the world of silk, satin, lace and wool that maketh the perfect scarf, here's some inspiration to try one out! If you need any more incentive enter my Topshop scarf giveaway below in my previous post or click on the link top right of my sidebar. Simply choose which divine Topshop scarf you want, the blush pink, pale grey or silk print scarf, follow the entry rules and that scarf could be finding it's way to it's perfect owner, you!!Good luck!

                                Sharon x

19 Feb 2010

Top Shop Giveaway!

Hi everyone, to celebrate you my Fabulous Followers being so wonderful and for all your support, I would like to invite you to join my Topshop scarf giveaway!

Entry Rules
1st, choose which scarf you would like to win and let me know here, see below, the silk print scarf, the grey fine knit snood or blush fine knit snood.

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I made you a giant cupcake as a big thank-you to all of you who follow me, comment and subscribe thank-you so much, you make my day! Good luck to everyone! The competition ends on the 25th of March 2010 and the winner will be notified on their blog, if you wish to be emailed just send me your email address!

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18 Feb 2010

Tis The Season To Wear Pattern - Style Dispensary and Topshop Scarf Giveaway!!!

As some of you maybe a where it is the season for being bold with colour, pattern and texture, so I have decided to do a series of three Style Dispensary sessions, partly inspired by a Style Dilemma/ question recently posted to me by the lovely Emma on how to nail this seasons trend for clashing prints!
A great way to add texture or pattern is through wearing a scarf, as a thank-you to all my lovely followers I'm holding a Topshop scarf giveaway details in the top right of my side bar, good luck!

I have always been passionate about print's as well as colour's and texture's, so this spring season, I am so happy that all three are well and truly in the mix! Many women like My Passport to Style follower Emma, who classes herself as a petitie gal, feel scared of using pattern in their wardrobe, but it really is so valuable in helping personalise your look and flattering your unique bodyshape.


So what's the key rule if your scared of all the buisy prints out there like Emma? It's really simple if your a petite, there's one rule, either wear a dress, or mix up your prints polka dots with stripes for instance, but wear the same colour.This will allow Emma to benefit from the interest and dimension's created using print, without swamping her petite frame!Here are two great examples of how to wear this look. The first is  a skirt and top from Boden, they are masters in suppling wonderful prints and colourways, if your struggling to pull this look together, visit them, for a mouthwatering selection! The 2nd look that I created for Emma which I'm really excited about is a neutral look from Warehouse. These accessories not only help create a more urban feel, but offer great value as they can easily make the transistion between tribal and this seasons take on the nautical look effortlessly!  


For those of who are petite or just want to buy into the clashing print look a  dress is one of the most stress free ways, below are a few of my favourite pieces from Urban Outfitters! Enjoy!


Adore the clashing strawberry print and black stripes in this classic 50's shape -urban outfitters

Clashing prints in silk can look so elegant and serene even!- urban outfitters