30 Oct 2010

Sharons Smile Clinic

Hi there gals, you maybe wondering why you have been greeted with the image of a smiling woman with pineapple sunglasses today! Well as part of my style blogs weekly post's, I have decided to offer all you lovely readers a regular weekly dose of my very own smile clinic and no its not about getting your teeth whitened although that can help you feel great about your image.The post will offer you a chance to share in my top three favourites for making me feel happy durring the week, because whilst clothes and styling women are my passion, how we feel inside is as important to our happiness and when we feel happy it shows.

 So kicking off in the top spot for making feel happy today, a yummy recipe using blueberries, packed full of antioxidents which are great for the skin, I have nicknamed it the BURBERRY SHAKE of course! So please give it a try!

Recipe for- Burberry Shake!

1 frozen bannana defrosted for 10mins
half cup of soy milk
1 cup of low fat yoghurt
1 and half teaspoons of flaxseed meal
1 and a half teaspoons of honey
1 third of a cup of blueberries 

Blend Everything Together & Enjoy! 

My number 2 for feeling happy this weekend is a wondeful relaxing organic pineapple face mask, the natural active fruit enzymes help exfoliate dead skin cell's, brightening the skin and the smell makes me feel like I'm on a tropical island!

Tropical Face Mask Recipe

 3 tbs of oats
1 tbs of accacia honey
3 slices of pineapple

Bend to a smooth paste

To use cleanse your face thoroughly and spead evenly over your face avoiding the eye area, leave for 15 minuites, you may feel a bit of tingle, which I loved, remove with a warm muslim cloth, splash face with cold water to close pores, pat dry and enjoy baby soft glowing skin plus the satisfaction of making your very own organic mask and creating some me time!

At number 3 for making me smile it had to be creating a sweet berry pizza to share with friends. That combines both lot's of ingredient used already and  a sweet yoghurt topping.

Very Berry Pizza
 Start with your base, this could be anything from a sweet flat bread to pizza dough depending on how thick or thin you would like your base.
 spead sweet vanilla yogurt over the base 
top with chopped pineapple, blueberrie's and scattter strawberry quater's over
for a bit of added visual drama, drizzle warm dark chocolate all over and leave to set 

Then get a group of your best friends together for brunch, tear it up and enjoy! 

                                       Sharon x x

26 Oct 2010

Top Knot- ch Catwalk Trends!

Are you toying with the idea of whether or not to go to the effort of achieving a updo this Autumn /Winter and creating the kind of cool we see on the sensational set of Mad Men ? Lets not kid ourselves here, if we are looking for a fresh direction for our hair and accessorie's for work, this Autumn/Winter 2010, the beehive above or even a top knot, may not, excuse the pun, be it! It is a sad fact that unless we are a) double jointed, b) have our hair styled every morning for us or c) have a in house stylist, that wearing our hair up for work in anything other than a pony tail is too much for most of us mere mortals!


However these particular up do's really come into there own when worn for the party season this Christmas and new year, the B-hive particularly can be very slimming to the face, as it elongates. Top knot style's are best worn by oval or square face shape's. Now that the bridal season has started up again, if you're a little hat shy, these hot trends in hair, also make a great alternative to a special occassion hat's, creating the right balance of height and formality for the occassion, just check out the bride is not sporting either hairstyle before hand!

 Sharon x x

19 Oct 2010

Wake Up Your Style This Party Season!

I love this seasons penchant for highly textured looks, from woven hair and sheepskin boot's to wool cape's and leather jewellery, this season of texture, fits my style ethic " Great style is in the detail" perfectly! Whilst some people lust after a car or a holiday I lust after a piece of hand woven tweed from the Isle of Harris to incorporate into a new design of my own!!! 

Whether you want to wake up your animal print's or inject a element of luxe drama into one colour dressing, in time for the christmas party season, texturising your look as well as your hair is definately the way to go! Feel like building up your textured wardrobe gradually? Why not opt for a wool bangle or two first?

Gorgeous rust off the shoulder puckered cotton dress from Browns, accessorise with ivory and cream tone's and gold, darrrlings!

                                       Sharon x x

10 Oct 2010

DIY Cape Make - Join My Caped Crusade!

Hi Gals! You're stylish caped crusador joins you today!  Ok, this is a easy peasy cape make, you will need -


1. long tartan or plain wool A-line skirt with an elasticasted waist and no pockets, thrifted pehaps, or it maybe a old skirt that no longer fits or you have fallen out of love with!

2. Some gothic inspired button, the two I chose were highly domed in a pewter effect

3. Some black iron on tape

4. Some sharp dressmaking sissors some thread to match the dominate colour of the skirt 

5. Tailoring chalk

Method -

 1. First turn the skirt inside out and cut the lining out.

2. With the skirt still turned inside out fold the waist band over once on its self, hand stitch in place, this will create a slightly gathered boat collar to your cape.

3. Next decide how long you want your arm holes, if your cape/skirt has less fabric make the holes longer for freedom of movement, if it is alot fuller you can make the arm hols alot smaller, make sure they are high enough! * If you want a cute short cape about waist height you really don't need arm holes at all as the capelet will just skim your elbows, just team with chic long gloves in a bright colour and throw on a fitted wool pencil skirt for a truly stylish look!

4. To finish, turn the skirt inside out, using the black iron on tape, fold and hold the hem of the arm holes in place by ironing it in on and then reinforce your cape arm holes by using hand stitch or your sewing maching.

5. You can then inject some gothic cool, by adding a pearl and black jet brooch/pin or a celtic knot, if your cape is fairly short and not very full, ring the changes in colder weather by wearing over a white shirt with the collar fastened at the top, flared or fitted wool pants and a double wrapped skinny belt tunic stylee!!


I would love to feature a picture of you here if you do attempt this cape make project! What coat are you going to invest in this winter? Duffle coat, aviator, cape, camel coat? Do tell, it's been fun, see you again soon!

2 Oct 2010

Geek Chic part 2 - Up With The Clark's!!!

Hi Gals, hope your having fun this weekend, welcome back to part two of Geek Chic, Ok once upon a time there was a little girl of about 12 who had very odd duck shaped feet, her mum wanted to make sure her feet were healthy so bought her good quality shoes from clarks, sensible brown lace up miss marple style, that the girl thought were blah and used to swap for strappy shoes from her school satchel with a spindly heel as soon as she left home!

Now whilst I realise that these accessories are super lady like cool now, they deffinately were not back in the day and my brown leather lace ups were no way as sophisticated as these suede chocolate beauties above, are you feeling my teen angst yet?

So how does the story end? Well the girl has grown up and Clarks shoe shop has turned into a beautiful Swan of a shop, selling comfy shoes with an edge. Over two season's ago I bought two pair's of neutral toned shoe's in the sale. The first pair these boots from Clarks, clog shaped fronts, check, double buckle's which tap into the hot aviator trend, check, in a nude colour check and guess what I reckon a hybrid clog and aviator boot in nude with a dippped heel, is even more on trend now, than two seasons ago! Now that's value for money!   

 My 2nd pair of sale bargins, bought two seasons back also, these cone heel peeptoe shoes in mushroom suede from Topshop, cone heels are making a big come back and well truth be told I would just wear them anyway, for there oldy worldy charms and luxe feel! Any Sale Tales from your part of the world, to astound and delight Fabulous Followers of My Passport to Style? please tell, we are dying to know!

 Sharon x x  

Geek Chic Part 1- Roxanne....

Hi Gals todays post as you can see is dedicated to Geek Chic. I firmly believe that perfect beauty alone can be boring and there for geeky. It is our distinct feature's that help create our unique signature style and often people with distinct features that know how to work them, whose style we remember most. When I was young I wished I had a more prominent nose like my mother or a fuller cleft chin like my father, I think women with cleft chins look great! One of the great advantages of strong facial feature's is that you can play with wearing bold sculptural jewellery, hood's and hat's all of which I crave, but honestly, bold statement piece's look silly on my neckline, as they tend to over shadow my small face and feature's. My advice take a fresh look at what you consider to be your worst facial feature and play it up, you will probably be surprised at how it opens up a whole new world of makeup and accessory options!  

Detail of zipper statement collar

Sigh, I guess a statement cuff or bangle will have to do!

Hope your having a lovely weekend gals whatever your doing, incidentally what are you doing right now??? I would love to know! See you sooner than you think, for part 2 of Geek Chic and for my DIY cape post, don't miss them!!

                                        Sharon x x x