20 Aug 2010

Check In For Stylish Holiday Packing Solution's!

Hi gal's, off on  holiday tomorow to Devon at 5am , but to help motivate me to do the dreaded family packing,( yep even us stylist get mental blocks around ironing piles!) I have come up with some intriging and beautiful and stylish solution's to tackling the mundane holiday packing, starting with this stunning fun ironing board below, not sure about ironing pearl's though!
 If you have not yet entered my sweet giveaway to win 1 of 2 prizes below to celebrate all you 300 fabulous followers out there, check out my previous post and good luck!!

Hope that if your off some where nice for a holiday, this post helps inspire you to do that boring preholiday preparation ! Can't wait to arrive in Devon unpack and kick back with my family!

And after a little ok alot of Devon cream teas I will be brimming with inspiration to create some  stylish new look's for my client's! This room would be perfect and features my passion for tartan!

Look out for a postcard from me!

                                    Sharon x x x

15 Aug 2010


Hi Gals, hope your enjoying your Sunday what ever your doing right now, if you don't adore all things nautical look away now. I promised a sweet giveaway to celebrate the support and comment's I have received from you 300 fabulous followers out there in my last post. So above are the 2 prize's, 2 gal's can win a sweet retro nautically inspired tin, with the slogan "nautical but nice!" Each one contains a pretty n17 shimmer eye shadow in aqua tones and eye pencil to compliment and a cherry red nail polish to match the tin. Perfect for summer glam! International followers welcome.

To enter the the competition, just follow along if you don't already and leave a comment to let me know what you would like the topic of my next style post to be on, I love hearing what you like to read about and see on the subject of style, I'm open to all your suggestions so keep them coming! 



Do you like the oil painting in the background,to the comp prizes? It was a gift to my hubby for his birthday last Friday, it's a boat yard in Devon and it also happens to be where we are going on holiday this Friday coming, so excited, I can't wait!!  Still trying to hunt down that perfect straw sun hat! Entries for the competition will be drawn at random on my return and the 2 winning gal's, anounced here and notified on their blog's or email if they prefer, just email me!

Adore this bag  perspex style anchor bag in red and blue- see stylehive

This brass rope and anchor necklace had me swooning- see -chrysdesignsjewelryetsy

I feel like I have already arrived at the beach and can smell the seaweed and feel the sand between my toes- poster image by- Henri Deuil

These would be the perfect shoes to see strutting out of that candy cane beach hut, oui?

Ship ahoy calling all you Fabulous Followers out there, thank-you for all your support, comments and feedback on My Passport to Style, you make my style blog, a LOVELY community of style, hugs.

                                           Sharon xxx

8 Aug 2010

Shoe Indecision V Cake Indecision !!

I never thought I would be in this pickle, where I'm faced with a dilemma nearly as difficult as shoe indecision!!! You see next week is the birthday of two very special men in my life my hubby and my son who will be  14 years old and I have decided to try my hand at making both my lovelies their birthday cake's, but which recipe/design to choosePerhaps putting on my lucky apron will help me dream up a delicous cake recipe?!


Do you have a secret tried and tested recipe you could let me into? I would be sooo greatful!

           I know one thing their will be bunting, balloon's and candle's!



Lots of Colour and lots of laughter, I'm so lucky to share my life with my youngest son, I can't believe he is 14 next week! We celebrate his birthday on the 10th of August and my sweet hubbys on the 13th of August! 


So next week, I will buisy making happy memories to store up in my favourite cake tin, every home needs a stack of pretty cake tins to store them in!

My advice, stack and up and pile em high, as you would your shoe boxes! Dip into your special memories reguarly and share them with your family and friend's often! Every birthday, I keep the candle stub's and the ribbon's from each birthday cake. Do you have any tradition's that you follow on your families birthday's? I would love to know!


Speaking of celebration's, next post I will  be celebrating sharing my style blog with all 300 of you Fabulous Follower's and reader's, with  2 very stylish gift's, my way of thanking you for stopping by and all your lovely comment's and memories you have helped create here on My Passport to Style.



1 Aug 2010

I Meant To Send You A Post Card, Hope This Makes Up For It! x

Hi gals, sorry my post's have been a little less frequent, I decided to take a short break away, with my hubby (Ash) and recharge my bloggy batteries. We stayed in Keswick in the Lake District at the Mary Mount hotel a charming 1930s building  in the UK, featured here, visiting, Grassmere and Windermere, some of you may be familar with this area of the world. We visited the famous gingerbread house of the Lake District, which is 100 years old, the world of Beatrix Potter, Taffy Thomas's story telling house, took a boat trip into the centre of Keswick and visited the Cars to the Stars museum, I got to see Harry Potters car, lucky me! The bat mobile from the film and a gorgeous pink car from Thunderbirds!

It's great being a tourist in your own backyard and I hope my photo's make up for the postcard I would have liked to have sent you.Have a lovely week!


just outside our hotel

We pretended this boat was moored here to help us with a quick escape to our secret island!

over the bridge and far away

Famous gingerbread house 100 years old! I love the gingerbread made to a secret 100 year recipe, passed down by the talented Sarah Nelson, an amazing women who educated local children with her gingerbread alphabet letter's when her own children passed away. I wish I could send you all a piece of this delicous stuff, I buy every Christmas. More like a chewy biscuit than cake, click here Grasmere Gingerbread to find out more about the history of the shop and the lovely things they sell.

We visited the home of Taffy Thomas famous story teller, who I wanted to tell stories at my wedding, he wears an amazing coat, patch worked with character's from his tale's!

The home of Taffy Thomas famous Story Teller of the Lakes District in Cumbria.

Tea for two, at the world of Beatrix Potters- famous childrens author and illustrator, who wrote stories about and drew picture's of farm animals with human trait's many of which I have read.Hope you enjoy the model's!

Jemima Puddle duck in flight with pretty pink silk shawl and bonnet

Mr Owl having tea

wee mice having tea

One of my favourite characters from the book's Mrs Tiddywinkle washer woman for the animal's in Beatrix children's stories.

Loving the red and green Tamoshanter hat, this cute bunny is wearing, the costumes are exact copies taken from the drawing's in Beatrix Potters children's book's.

Jemima and the dashing Mr Fox!

A faithful copy of Beatrix Potters own pretty garden, that inspired her stories, complete with scarecrow!

loved the sweet potting shed and this image of carrot's

Beautiful bronze statue of a young Beatrix and her friend's

                    Sharon x x x