30 Dec 2009

Great News About Aaron, He Is Coming Home Soooon! x

Today I'm almost JUMPING for jOY, Some Of You May know That my 14 year old son Aaron Had a serious accident JUST BEFORE cHRISTMAS which RESULTED IN A head injury and surgery.Well the good News is hIS STitches come out today and he will be home TOMOROW for new Years eve, he was too ill to enjoy this Christmas sadly.
Can I let you into a little secret, I'm not a New Years kind of Gal, Christmas is WHAT GETS ME EXCITED,but not this year!!!!!!!!! I'm pulling out all the stopps In a quiet way you understand, to celebrate the recovery of my son Aaron AND a BRIGHT nEW yEAR for Us all!!

Making Up Time, For A Christmas Day Missed! Making Welcome Home Bunting ToDAY,to Bring A smile To His FACE when he comes Home Tomorow!

As well as his gifts, I know what will be the perfect medicine for a poorley head,some time for one of our chats on fashion, Aaron like me loves Stylish clothing!! We even dream of starting our own fashion label one day!

A Few Of Aarons Favourite Things!Pringle socks, Harrington Jacket, Silk Paisley scarf and Ox blood leather loafas.He even designed and made, his own skinny Paisley scarf recently, which he wore very proudly!

Time To Remember What It Feels Like To Be Home Again, familar smells, sounds and sights, so thankful that he will be able to appreciate all three of these things, we sometimes take forgranted.  


Time to Be together

Time To Trust and Love Life Again!

Can't wait to hear him make lots of noise on his favourite instrument again!!!

Thank-you for all your kind comments and wishes sent to Aaron and my family, we really apppreciate them! Have a very Happy New Year, however you spend it.Look forward to visiting you all in the New Year! Sharon x

24 Dec 2009

Cherish Your Health This Christmas x

Dear lovely blogging community hoping you had a lovely Christmas, this final week before Christmas, has been tough, my beautiful middle son Aaron who is 14 had a serious accident on Monday of Christmas week falling 3 floors resulting in a head injury.So we will all be spending Christmas day with him, post his operation which took place Tuesday of this week.He is still in alot of pain, following the opp, but unbelievably has not broken a single bone in his body and his memory is in tact, for which I'm so thankful. So I maybe unable to blog for a while, as me and my family stay with him and support him through his recovery. Please bare with me, I will be back with a fantastic new post, have a happy and safe new year and I look forward to visiting all your blogs soon!Sharon x 


I wOULD LIKE For Him to get WELL sOON sANTA! X



Happy Christmas and HAPPY nEW yEAR!

19 Dec 2009

Your Fairy Tale Moment Is Nearly Here, Sieze It Firmly With Both Hand's & Do A Twirl,Go On!

You might wonder why You see before you an image of fairytale castle? Well I reckon that if anytime of the year is one where we should feel able to loose ourselves in a fairytale moment allowing ourselves to revel in our feminity and feeling beautiful it's the Christmas party season! So as a special treat I thought I would inspire you with a little Barbie couture. Ok we are not all barbie thin or wish to be for that matter, but why not take a little inspiration from one of the most Stylish dolls on the block! 
Rose pink fishtail dress, pure romance for that Christmas ball

Or perhaps this encrusted gold fishtale would be more to madams liking?

This black dress is achingly chic, modelled by our girl Barbie, but check out this original breathtaking Audrey Hepburn little black dress, below.

How about this collection of beauties? Vintage cuts in this seasons hottest colours.x

 I Adore this oriental inspired gold number, warming to cool skin tones and soo flattering against olive skin tones. The feathery, hairstyle, evocative of a plume on a helmet, brings this classic style bang up to date.

Bare legs are big news this winter brrr!

So on trend, faux fur shawl collar and tweed weave, pretty pink looks opulent on red heads and makes an elegant cover up over your evening dress.

Shimmer, sparkle and splash, all you would be mermaids out there!

Vintage anyone? Flapper dresses are great for boyish female shapes and create the much desired movement and swing, they were intended for originally!

Breath taking gold column dress, simply could not resist the fish scale fringing so pretty and echoing the 20s flapper look.

 Lets take Another sneaky peak into Audrey Hepburns auctioned vintage wardrobe, shall we? How many woman, could resist the elegant, feminine charms of this ivory dress of Audrey Hepburns? Great winter white dressing with a faux fur cape and lace up gold or teal boots, skater style!

Audrey had an eye for detail, layering, double bows and lace all wrapped up in a muted green that is soo flattering to peaches and cream complexions.

To finish, there is lace and then there is frothy, floaty lace!Simply stunning.  Sx 

credits Audrey Hepburn, Style Hive and Circa Vintage

15 Dec 2009

I Have Saved The Best Till Last, Merry Christmas Lovely Bloggers!

Hi there, saving the best till last, I was delighted when American  company spoolno72.com 
 contacted me, asking if I would be interested in showcasing some of their collection here.They are a relatively new company with a dynamic heritage collection of womens clothing and acccessories in exciting colours and contempory styles.I have picked out my favourite pieces, for you to enjoy or even to add as late additions to your Christmas list?! What I love about the collection is it offers a great selection of clothing for women who enjoy a casual  look at Christmas, but still want to look stunning, these pieces can easily take you from day through to evening.Stunning colours and classic patterns create a homespun cutsie feel when worn with wool trousers, tunic style and clogs. Sophisticated with treggings and heels or dramatic when worn as stand alone pieces with sheer tights.    

Day time contempory styling,beautiful. Mention passport when ordering and receive free p&p on orders over $75.00! x 

Black Cuff and gold earrings create a stunning evening look against this lapis blue dress/tunic. Mention passport and recive free p&p on orders over $75.00!x

Not For Shrinking Violets, Colour To Dazzle The Most Jaded Fashinistas!

Flattering Colours For All Skin Tones

They do elegant and pretty too!! I want the beautiful beaded Ivory blouse, top left of this set! Don't forget when you mention passport recive your  free p&p on orders over $75.00! Happy shopping! Sx

12 Dec 2009

Put Your Stamp On Your Very Own Ethical Fairytale!


Create your own ethical fairytale, with these one of a kind pieces from www.fashionconscience.com

You shall go to the bauble!!!

Stylish girls get figgy pudding! Knitted it maybe but it's warm!!x

Delicate, transparent,off white, porcelain apples!Festive in a understated chic way no?

Quirkey Christmas Dressing Is mARVELOUS, take your pick!

Glimmer, shine, shimmy, slink, twinkle, it's essential for that perfect Christmas party moment gals! x

hOPE yOU enjoyed THIS delicous selection Of Christmas Party Looks FROM www.fashionconscience.com Sx
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5 Dec 2009

Christmas Mantleplace Chic and Magical Treasures!

Even though I love STYLING MYSELF and my GIRL friends, I have to admit sTYLING my Mantleplace at Christmas comes A close second! I hope it gives you a little Christmas inspiration for Dressing Your mantlepiece, iF YOU like me are a Late Starter!!I'm soo excited Today because My talented neighbour And fRIEND Wendy has agreed to Share some of her Work Here!!I thought It would Make a Lovely Christmas post inviting her to join Us and IF yOUR sTILL ON thE LOOK OUT for that PERFECT CHRISTMAS DECORATION to finish of your Christmas Tree or Mantle you May get a bit excited NOW! Fabulous Followers and Readers please, Leave a comment for Wendy as to Which, OF HER bEAUTIFUL pIECES Featured, you like best and why. sHE SELLS privately At the moment ,but is considering GOING oNLINE AND STARTING uP A BLOG! sO LETS give her good reason TO And give HER lots of feedback!!!If you wish to order anything You have seen today Or see more Of her gorgeous Designs Please email me @ sharonstyle@fsmail.net 

Flower Bowl Fairy
About Wendy & Her Work

Hi I'm Sharons friend, Wendy, sorry there is no picture of me, but I thought You might prefer to look at my Work!I'm a freelance artist and designer specialising in crafts and mural work.I had this idea some time ago, to combine all sorts of materials I had lying around my house to try and make something quite unusual,something very glitzy and something I hadn't tried making before.Before I knew it I had a house full of fairies, mermaids and angels, which were soon joined by reycycled glassware to which I added tons of glitter and gems.People started taking an interest and I started flying off around the world. 

Felt and flymo Jewellrey

Another area as you can see that I started delving into was jewelrey making, often making bespoke pieces.The more I dug into old boxes and bags around the house the more material I found to work with!Now any item of ceramic, glass,wood or anything else is fair game for glitzing up! 

Panel shot from mosaic mirror

My newest love is making treasure frames.These are miror or picture frames containing literally hundreds of tiny treasures, manmade and natural, shells, buttons, tiny toys, broken jewellrey, coins .... brought together to produce a spectacular feast!
I also run workshops, recently working with over with 500 people in one week-phew!I work with groups and offer private tution if needed.My mural work is seen in private homes, schools museums and nurseries in the UK and abroad.With all this going on I've no idea how I find time to chase around after my 3 teens, two cats, tortoise and my gorgeous husband!
Thanks for taking the time to read and looks at this, I would love to get your feedback on my work as I am considering selling online.If you would like to order one of my fairies, mermaids or angels and would like me to email you some of my designs, just email sharon @ sharonstyle@fsmail.net  with your email and I will be in touch. I can ship to you.Or if you are local to Lancashire you can collect your purchase or commisions  or pop along to one of my private viewings to get up close and personal with my work and enjoy a mince pie.May I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and a great 2010.Wendy xx