30 Dec 2011

The Cheats Guide To Last Minuite Party Styling!

Hi Gals, its that time of year again, no, not when you fall over in bright tights and fab shoes, although you might do a little of that, it's time to celebrate New Years eve in style! If your anything like me you have probably scoffed the contents of a tin of quality street and consumed your own weight in turkey and stuffing over the last few days, add to that being kept buisy seeing friends and relatives and you probably have not had time to think about THE party dress and how your going to style it. So I have decided to play fairy god mother and come up with the cheats guide to looking party ready!

 A very happy New Year to all my lovely Fashionable Frolickers! 

 Lets start with the dress, cascading ruffles are great for hiding turkey belly!

Buisy patterns like this blue leopard print distract the eye from any Christmas wobble and the ruching over around the tummy prevents fabric from clinging in the wrong place. 

High waisted scater style dresses with clever side pleating skim curvy bottom, hips and thighs if that's where your trifle has chosen to lurk!

No time to trim hair or style hair at the salon? Slick short hair back with strong hair gel or scape back in a pony tail and add a pretty hairband. These are my favourite looks below.

Next up you necks looking a little bare, nothing says I have arrived, than a statement chunky necklace like this one below, if you don't have one, don't worry, find some necklaces in a variety of lengths and various of textures, pearls and gold chains work well or pretty glass beads.

 Next fasten each necklace and using each end as a loop, thread some pretty ribbon through each loop and each end then fasten round your neck, so you get a chunky double necklace effect, repeat with various lengths until you have depth of cascading chunky decadence you require. If you have long hair you won't see the rows of bows across your neck, if your hairs shorter it can look quite pretty, you could use bright colours to work with the colours in your dress, I like to use nude ribbon, which blends into my neckline.

No time for a last minuite manicure? Try some vampish short satin gloves, to create a well groomed look with a retro twist, you don't have to be a vintage girl to use this trick, try it with anything from a jumpsuit to your favourite jeans and bustier for a fun look.

 Last by not least if your legs are looking a bit pasty and your keen to shed your 60 denier black tights, these toeless Pretty Polly tights from Tights Please in natural, will allow you to wear peeptoe heels and leave your legs looking flawless with a subtle tan. Add an Art Deco, feel to your favourite comfy dance shoes, with these shoe brooches from Blingbacks.
You Shall Go To The Ball!

 The Beautiful Emma Watson, ready to party!

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29 Dec 2011

Postcard From Japan, The Big Reveal

Hope you enjoyed these Japanese street fashion postcards, in between sale shopping! I think the way Anzu Yahagi has set up these shots of herself, was really clever adding an air of mystery to unveiling her final look, the first shot in the series/headshot gave the impression of a really demure look, as you only got a peek of just her shirt collar and the black top section of her sweater, in the finale reveal we see the look is much more complex and exciting! 

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Good luck gals! xx

Postcards From Japan

Rich Red and blue rosettes overlap and nestle into the ivory fur on Anzus hat setting of her perfect red lip and bodice on her sweatshirt.

if you haven't yet entered my handbag giveaway (A Right Royal Handbag Giveaway) to win a red satchel and a ton of fashionable goodies to the value of £500.00 there's still time, all you need to do is sign up to my posts via email at the top right of my blog margin and leave me a message to let me know here or on the giveaway post here
Good luck gals! xx

Style Postcards From Japan - Sharing My Latest Obsession!

I just adore how Anzu Yahagi has styled up her uniform look, bringing the unusual and the basic together so beautifully.

if you haven't yet entered my handbag giveaway (A Right Royal Handbag Giveawayto win a red satchel and a ton of fashionable goodies to the value of £500.00 there's still time, all you need to do is sign up to my posts via email at the top right of my blog margin and leave me a message to let me know here or on the giveaway post here    Good luck gals!

28 Dec 2011

The Pain Free Guide To Shopping This Years Sales!

1. Always ask about the returns policy before you purchase, I was told by one indie label I could have a returns note or an exchange but not a cash refund, when I changed my mind a day later!
2. If you can't  think of at least 3 ways to wear that top or skirt then chances are you won't get much wear from it.
3. When your blood sugar sinks you make poor choices, take some nibbles with you.
4. Remember most changing rooms will make you look washed out, once your clothes are on, top up your foundation, bronzer, pink blush and add natural lipstick, then make your decision.
5.  Wear something that you can pull on and off easily and shoes that do the same.
6.  Sit down in dresses, skirts and trousers to check for comfort and length.
7. Don't worry too much about trends going out of date, instead  focus on quality and the right shape and colour for you. This is the era of clashing decades, mixing vintage with new and high street with designer, so as long as the item really works for you and your happy to mix it up, you can bag yourself a bargin that will actually get worn.
 8. Bring some neutrals with you, so you can make brighter and patterned  pieces work, shoes, tights and t-shirts are usually a good idea.
 9. Good music on your ipod, well it goes without saying.
 I'm currently compiling a list of the best changing rooms; read fun/ sophisticated, to feature here on My Passport To Style if you find yourself in one that fits the bill, twitter pic me @ zipbuttonandtuc and include the address and I will link to your blog here on My Passport To Style.

23 Dec 2011

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas, fashionable frolickers and a very happy New Year!
                                                       love Sharon xx

My Passport To Style | big book of fashion illustration!

I want this soo much, hope santa thinks I have been bad enough, oops! I meant good enough to deserve this droolworthy book of fashion illustration by Martin Dawber this Christmas, want to sneak a peak? Here you are  
You can buy a copy from Amazon if you don't think you can bear to chance Santa slipping up on this one!

20 Dec 2011

Top Four DIY Christmas Gifts

Hi Gals, it's that time of year again, I love Christmas, but I start running out of original gift ideas for my fashionista friends, that's where do it yourself gift ideas come in, here are my Top Four favourites including the lovely Torie Jaynes HOMEMADE STRAWBERRY LIP BALM
 a DIY tote I made from an old stappy dress (in under 1hr!)
and a multi purpose cuff DIY that you can use as a cuff but also to up cycle everything from your Christmas table to that old jumpsuit in your wardrobe when you want to inject some chic into your party look, ready for all those new moves you will be showing off on the dance floor!  

 Make Torie Jaynes Stawberry Lip Balm 
Drab To Fab In Half An Hour!

16 Dec 2011

A Right Royal Handbag Giveaway!

Concept and clothes by My Passport To Style, design and photography by Roaniad Levesley

I had such fun putting this Right Royal Handbag Giveaway shoot together, with talented Fashion Promotion student Roanaid and the generous support of some exciting brands, such as Redfoot Shoes, Tights Please, find Me A Gift and Cloth Magpie that I'm sure the lucky winner will enjoy! Hope you had a giggle at our Right Royal Christmas fashion shoot. Thanks to the Harris Museum in Preston in Lancashire who provided the venue for the shoot.
All you need to do to be in with a chance of winning this yummy red satchel and contents, is to live in the UK and enter your email address in the right hand margin of my blog and sign up to blog posts, find my stack of letters below and your there!

 The giveaway will be drawn on the last day in January 2012 at random and contacted via email.  Big sorry to any lovely overseas My Passport To Style readers and followers, but I will be making it up to you in the New Year with another great giveaway! If anyone would like to check out our new FB page go to My Passport To Style Fashion Blog and watch out for the rest of the photos from the shoot that we will be sharing!

My Passport To Style | Alphabet Chic

U IF FOR .........

unusual pencil shaving necklace!

11 Dec 2011

A Pair Of Shoes That Are Lickable!

The must have shoe for this festive season, red candy cane stripes!!

9 Dec 2011

Tis The Season Of The Glam Slam!



Sequins glitter and sparkle if your going to do high glamour you need to add one at least one of these festive finishes to your party look to look blingtastic.

If your lusting after some  high voltage glitz but prefer a more dressed down approach, then you won't be disappointed with the latest in casual sequin attire, check out my top picks below.

 Will you be wearing your sequins dressed down or going super glam to your Christmas party?  

Super Glam Team Picks

Dressed Down Sequins Team Picks

* All items shopstyle, contact me for further details, all pumps featured Redfoot *