30 Aug 2009

The Thrill Of Improvisation

Hi there, sometimes we want an accessory that allows us to be playful and creative with our Style. British company Whistles, accessories reflect this mood perfectly, allowing us to rediscover the simplicity of childhood objects and recreating the same wonder and curiosity we felt as young children, by transforming the every day, in unexpected ways. A silver pencil sharpener becomes a ring, golden nuts become a bracelet. But, I love the fact that their accessories also invite you to adapt them in other ways, their clever black and white checked and striped scarf can be worn as a headscarf, checked side round, or as a edgy scarf. I have a feeling Maria Conifer of Lulu Letty would fall in love with its black and white charms.My favourite piece from Whistles accessory collection, is the black enamelled rollerboot key ring, complete with gold pegasus wings, a beautiful fantasy take on the old style scateboot.The magic of this piece, is in it ability to morph seamlessly from a key ring, pendant for a long neck chain, to a bag charm and how about a zip pull on a chunky zip.Finally if you fancy recreating this years edgy hardwear for just a few pounds, get down to your local hard wear store, need I say more. S x 

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29 Aug 2009

Add Some Sparkle To Your Life....

Hi there, my latest post was part inspired by a new hobby I'm due to start, glamorous female Australian Icons and the huge trend for wearing sequins this Autumn/Winter!My new hobby, which I am soon to begin thanks to a chance conversation with a friend is Tap Dancing. Me being me, I was soon propelled into the heady world of which style of tap shoes I might wear, glitzy, Cuban heels, with velvet ribbons? One thing led to another and before I knew it I was imagining glamour beyond belief, but the key feature here, apart from the Joy of Sequins, was of course lashing of sequins, perhaps a few feathers here and there and a sprinkle of lime sparkly eye shadow and of course those Ruby slippers, sorry Ive gone off track again!! I mean of course those all important dance shoes!
When I finally calmed down a little, I thought perhaps on balance that my more is more approach, should really be confined to my tap dancing classes and not my day to day wardrobe. In other words even us Style Consultants, get side tracked in the name of glamour!
So here is my take on this Autumn/Winters sequintastic trend, current looks this season working this hot trend are, punk, biker chic, theatre and disco. There are lots of shift dresses and Ts embellished with sequins,but these can be unflattering around the midriff area, as they reflect light and anything which reflects light generally make us look bigger. However a sequined hat or scarf, throws light onto the face, always flattering, and allows us to do day time sequins with ease. If you are going for sequins as a shift dress and want to keep this look daytime, accessorise with muted colours and steer away from satin, if you decide to pair your shift with a blazer. Keep jewelery minimal or go without. A pair of Jazz flats, pumps, or a low flat ankle boot, will help keep the look wearable.Save the full on disco bling for the evening or a tap class if I have tempted you. S x

26 Aug 2009

The My Passport To Style Blog Awards-The 4 winners are.....

Hi there, lovely blogging community and welcome to the My Passport to Style, blog awards, today I am tagging the following fabulous bloggers to receive the Irresistible Blog Award, I have chosen them because they are original, entertaining, very sweet and have great ethics. Having quite alot in common with blogger, Shes Got A Passion For Fashion, in that I love beautiful clothing, baking and entertaining.I decided to invite the 4 nominated bloggers to play a little stylish game with us.I have chosen 4 of my favourite vintage finds that relate to Stylish entertaining in some way, an art deco wall vase, a mosaic cake cover, pineapple beaded drinks cover and the adorable rosebud tea set for two. I am inviting them to select one object that reflects their personal Style of entertaining best and let us know why. S xx
Shes Got A Passion For Fashion
Lulu Letty
Plush Palate
Marvelous Kiddo

22 Aug 2009

Welsh Style File - Lots of Welsh Rare-bits!

Hi great to be back! Thank-you for all the lovely comments you left me, it was a great welcome!I thought you might appreciate my pick up of all things Welsh and Stylish,which includes a picture of the area I stayed in, in Abersoch, as well as my favourite really Stylish and inspirational actors and singers, including some men for a change! Some of you wont be surprised I picked the gorgeous Anthony Hopkins, I love his confidence in wearing simple clothing well. His charisma is electric! Rhys Ifans, may seem a unlikely Style Icon, his style when he is not acting alternates between scruffy chic, to country gentleman, but I love his care free attitude and how he seems so at home in his own skin. This shot of him from the film, The Boat That Rocked, is awesome! I totally heart his Style, bang on trend this winter season by the way.Which just goes to show that true Style, needs a sprinkle of attitude and confidence along with a well cut Wardrobe! Those of you who adored Rhys Ifans clad in his underpants in the film Notting Hill will know exactly what I mean when I say its his imperfections that make him sooo perfect! Duffy had to be in with my pick of Wesh Style Icons, being as I love the substance that vintage can lend to a gals wardrobe, usually because clothes were generally much better tailored in bygone years.She embodies a simpler time and is truly inspirational! My Welsh Style file would not be complete without Welsh designer Julienne McDonald, his Autumn/Winter collection is so creative, he understands how to dress women. I thought you might appreciate this stunning piece from Julienne McDonald's Autumn/Winter collection, it really speaks of his Style elegant, flamboyant and just a little sexy! I couldn't resist throwing in some gorgeous handmade Welsh shoes for good measure, brogues are huge for women this Autumn/Winter, for women wanting to Chanel the androgynous trend and it doesn't get much better than these vintage inspired handmade Mary Jane shoes. The creative design/detailing (note the scalloped edges) is breath taking. Oh and I had to bring back this chic woven tweed clutch, with sky blue, silk lining. Tweed is big news this season, but Welsh tweed in particular is pretty special!
Sharon x

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15 Aug 2009

Abersoch Here I Come!

Hi my lovely followers, I'm off to Abersoch in Wales for a week to help my family move house and to soak up the lovely air. Look forward to seeing you when I get back. I love welsh cakes, there kinda of like scones but flatter, cooked on a iron griddle, they have a lovely flavour of nutmeg and Cinnamon with sugar sprinkled on top, lovely with butter and a cup of tea.Then there is the rustic barabrith also a great traditional tea time treat there, a dense fruit tea loaf bursting with orange peel. What always reminds me of Abersoch the most apart from the cakes, is the wild gorse, bright saffron yellow in colour, the juxtaposition of each stem of the flowers stems shooting out in all directions, somehow makes me think of a haphazard firework display.Look forward to reading all your comments, when I get back, hope your having a great summer and having fun with your wardrobe! Sx

14 Aug 2009

Tea Room Chic, Autumn/Winter Style

This post has been inspired by the English tradition of afternoon tea and the tea dress. I thought it was about time I held a tea party and served up some Delicious slices of Style advice for all you feminine and stylish gals out there.This Autumn /winter, floral dresses feature big time, worn with textured fabrics such as tweed and wool, giving a lovely vintage country feel or toughened up with studs, leather and a shiny cuff.Warehouse has come up smelling of roses, with there magnificent take on floral dresses for winter as I think you will agree. I have have featured my top lust haves from Warehouse .What I love about this trend is that it is so cheerful! We cant always have sunshine, but at least we can have flowers to brighten our day.
So here's my fool proof guide to wearing this trend, I know the rock chicky way, is to toughen up the look with black, but lets get realistic, most of us can look a little pasty and washed out in the winter months, particularly us paler skinned beauties.Large quantities of black can also cheapen colour. My advice is accessorise your look with neutrals colours such as the belts and jackets and cardigans featured here. This will create a more expensive look and help reflect light onto your face.If you wish to wear tough spiky black boots, no problem, but wear with grey, or soft pink tights. Want to go floral and slightly punky with a twist of Cindy Lauper, then add a pair of clashing coloured tights, but stick to neutrals on top.
See you soon
Sharon x

13 Aug 2009

Drop By For A lovely Cup Of Tea and Free Style Inspiration Friday!