25 May 2012

My Passport To Style - Fashion Post

I enjoyed dreaming up a stylish look that a virtual Mrs Karl Largerfeld might wear, pretty much an urban cowgirl look me thinks, black leather trim was a must for this outfit and a playful but not overly fussy look was the end result.What do you think, would Karl approve? 

Park Lane ankle boots with native print, Cloud cashmere dress- Coggles, Blush leather trim shirt by Tibi, French Connection Lake Satchel and Destroyed woven sun hat

21 May 2012

Spend A Penny And Transform Your Image!

How do you you like to take your calls, classic or with a twist? I'm still deciding, popular designers Giles Deacon and Nina Campbell, have put their vision for a more fashionable way of dialing from a classic phone box out on the streets of London!Which little number will you be wearing the next time your in London?

Giles Deacon design
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Source -  Vogue

15 May 2012

Letter Writing Is In Vogue Again

With tweeting, texting and Facebook main sources of communication the days of writing letters are numbered say some, but secretly despite the convenience of texts I'm hoping the days of using quill and ink are not yet over, to me receiving a hand written letter is a thrill and has now become the ultimate in showing someone that you care. You can't tie a load of texts together with a satin ribbon in a bundle and then pull them out of your favourite hiding place when you're ready to re- read them and remember the person that shared their thoughts with just you, not your mobile and not a computer just you alone, until the next time.

  As a fan of British fashion designers and the written word I'm in awe of the genius of Royal mail, they are celebrating the best of British fashion in the last 60 years through the launch of a stunning new stamp collection and showcasing the work of  top British fashion designers, my favourites from the collection illustrate the talent of pieces by Mcqueen, Zandra Rhodes and Vivienne Westwood. The collection comes with a book on the history of fashion. So forget clicking and start licking!! With stamps as hot as these you will be thinking up any excuse to send your friend a letter. So what if you feel a burning desire to tell her about your new puppy and how many times he pooped in one day.     
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Source - Lauren Milligan - Vogue UK   

11 May 2012

The Editeur Fashion Show Tips It Hat To Couture

White Peplum Shift- The Editeur

I recently received an exciting invitation from The Editeur to a pre-races fashion show at Restaurant 1539 at Chester Racecourse showcasing Laura Apsit Livens hat designs alongside some of The Editeur’s new season’s pieces. Laura has worked for Philip Treacy and has designed pieces for what is deemed the rock royalty of the fashion world from Givenchy to Valentino and McQueen . Adam, the co-owner of The Editeur (with partner Annabel) informs me that their popular boutique has it’s roots in the underwear business, which was so successful they started their clothing label; with my stylist hat on I switch into thinking that the boutiques knowledge of the ins and outs of what makes for great underwear and having it fitted properly is the perfect foundation for a high end independent fashion boutique and their clients. At the forefront of innovation and receiving awards from Drapers as well having been spotted by Vogue and GQ magazine The Editeur have recently partnered with Laura Apsit Livens to be able to offer their fans a bespoke hat service to give them the opportunity to dress head to toe from The Editeur.
Laura Apsit Livens left
  Adam invited myself and another fashion blogger the lovely Jade of The Style Rawr to meet Laura and take a look at her hats before the fashion show kicked off. Peeping down between the rungs of the shiny spiral staircase at Restaurant 1539 I could see little pockets of excitement bubbling over; Editeur clients stylishly clad in fitted dresses and razor sharp heels looking in their element as they posed for photos.
Nice Suit!

 Within seconds of being in Laura's company I can see how charming she is and her skill as a hat designer is evident, I catch myself staring at her flawless olive complexion and her perfect teeth, before my curiosity gets the better of me and I ask her what attracted her to hat design, she reflects briefly before commenting that in the world of fashion, hat design allows the designer the rare privilege of seeing the design process from conception right through to the finished product. I can understand the appeal I say, nodding and itching to pick up one of her edgy designs.  I resist, asking her instead how she felt about the negative press surrounding the hat Philip Treacy designed for Princess Beatrice to wear to Kate and Will’s wedding day, adding that I actually loved it and felt it was a bold statement. She very tactfully says it was made under a great deal of pressure and was a very large hat to be worn by someone of Beatrice's height. She tells me that she can turn a hat around in twenty four hours (which takes my breath away) but usually they take considerably longer to create, and then happily nods when I ask if I can take a few pictures of her hat designs, asking the model if she will kindly pose for me.
Laura Apsit Livens - Blue Button Hat for the Editeur

Laura Apsit Livens - Peak hat with Swarovski crystal veil for the Editeur 

Sportsmax Potus dress -The Editeur

 Laura's quiet passion and charm are really refreshing from a designer who has worked with one of the great hat designers of the decade, she puts me completely at my ease and I can imagine she would be a joy to visit for a hat fitting at The Editeur in Chester. After a tasty supper, the fashion show swings into action, the Hydrangea hat looks stunning worn with a simple white fitted peplum dress at a jaunty angle, with its rich rose hue elegant and very feminine. Laura's take on a common English garden flower hat is striking, with a Parisian feel.  My other hot favourite is a waterfall of Swarovski crystals on a black band with a playful plume of black feather, although very design led I could imagine this being a versatile look to wear and wouldn't be at all surprised if divas such as Dita Von Teese and Kylie Minogue commission Laura to recreate something of this ilk for them! Like some of the other fashion bloggers seated at my table I swooned over the geometric pastel prints by Tibi, that had a casual confidence that I love, the Sportmax shift dress in acid yellow and buttery bronze tones had to be my highlight of the night and I anticipate will be a big seller.Laura Livens hat's will be available online at The Editeur as of next month and are currently available for viewing at the Grosvenor Hotel in Chester.  

Beautiful People

7 May 2012

Don't Step On My Lilac Suede Shoes!

"Mirror mirror on the wall whose the fairest one of all?" "Tis I the left lilac suede shoe with my halo of studs" No tis I the right and gracious lilac suede shoe with my finely laced corset." 

I found these beauties and their equally competitive cousins below at Urban Outfitters in Manchester.

1 May 2012

Flashes Of Yellow

credit- safeoptions.co.uk

I have always loved the combination of yellow and pink in clothing designs, it reminds me of carnivals and Mexico there is an optimistic but unpredictable energy about this fun colour combination. An accent of yellow in place of white adds instant edge to black and is the perfect colour accent when you want to looked stylish and still approachable. 
Sass & Bide
Alexander Wang
Farah Khan

MicroTrend Alert

Asos -flag jacket- love!

Recently I  have come across quite as few fashion labels both on the high street and online whose designers have incorporated  triangles into their ranges for spring/summer 2012. It got me wondering what had sparked a micro trend which uses such an awkward shape. I think I may have come up with the answer, the Queens Diamond Jubilee, ok not the event specifically but my guess is that fashion and accessory designers everywhere became bunting obsessed as Britain geared up for some serious flag waving. Personally I'm loving both the spiky cool and sense of whimsy that flag shaped designs lend to everything from earrings to jackets.