24 Jun 2012

Do It Yourself Style

Keep your bottom warm and cheerful with this homemade rainbow saddle!

When times are tough the tough get creative, here are my top three thrifty but stylish D.I.Ys Do you have a favourite D.I.Y that you made recently?

Plastic spoons who would have thunk it? So elegant you could use black spoons too.

I love this idea for make up brushes, you could paint the base white if this is too rustic for you.

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22 Jun 2012

Shiny Happy Packing!

I'm off on a eleven day road trip around Europe in the next five weeks, which is pretty exciting! We are doing big cities and more rural locations too. You can find the yellow suitcase featured here on my Pinterest board amongst other fun objects!
 I'm planning to eat lots of cheese and to share some of my first ever outfit posts with you along the way, ( I have just splashed out on a Cannon PowerShot G12, which I need to get familiar with) we are driving to the Alps with a two day stopover in Paris on the way back.
 I want to pack really comfy cool layers that won't crease after long hours sat in the car that can be styled up to create lots of new looks.
 With so many festivals around the corner I thought you might be curious to see the type of pieces I'm planning on packing for my trip as I'm thinking the whole comfort, crease free, hardworking holiday wear is probably top of your list too if your preparing to do the festival circuit.
 My top tip is to stick to a fairly tight colour scheme, mine is going to be mainly blues, oranges and splashes of pink, that way you should be able to build plenty of new looks from less. The mainstay of my holiday wardrobe will include jumpsuits, maxis and lightwear joggers or silk PJ pants, vests plus what you see here.Clothes and accessories are from Monki, River Island, Benetton and Toms. What's your top tip for packing light?

Roadtrip Outfit 1
River Island jumpsuit, will wear with lime green or back toms and layer a shirt over the top

Denim shacket - River Iland to layer over jumpsuits and maxis wear in cooler weather buttoned up with silk PJ pants

sweet Monki bag will add a subtle pop of yellow to orange, navy, washed out blues

River Island pale pink rafia wedges perfect with thin tailored navy jogggers and a white shirt or orange jump suit.

Roadtrip Outfit 2
Monki short Parker in peach

Black lace Tom shoes
 Roadtrip Outfit 3

Navy straw Trilby  Dorthy Perkins

White sleevless shirt River Island
Navy Jogger style trouser - Benetton

lace lime green Toms


19 Jun 2012

My Passport To Style | New Meaning For The Term Bromance

Umbrella Stuffed With Flowers
Mary Poppins Not Mary Portas Is Responsible For A Nation Of Brolly Lovers

I have always loved brollies, umbrellas and since I live in a pretty wet country it's perhaps just as well. My bromance (the word I have adopted to mean brolly love) with brollies started when I first watched Mary Poppins and it has stuck through thick and thin, like the time I made the mistake of going telescopic and buying a cheap mini brolly, that blew inside out after one use while the rain blatted down on me and the broken spokes from my sad little umbrella rattled across my skin, one by one as I simultaneously spat clumps of wet hair out from my mouth in a gollum like fashion and my waterproof mascara did a runner down my cheeks. I was not a pretty sight and vowed to get myself a brolly with a proper handle.

Why Your Brolly Can Be Your New BF
My latest umbrella is vintage, maroon with a Japanese print running along the edge in black and gold trim around the top of the curved wooden handle. Midsized it shields me perfectly and looks pretty stylish with my navy mac, shrimp pink jeans and gold pumps; the frustrated actress in me likes the bonus of an accessory that can take you from demure, peeping from behind your brolly as you twirl the handle, to spy in one swift move, as you use your brolly like a magic illusion, jamming it down over your eyes like the extra large brim of a hat, so others can't see you, but you can still see them perfectly, when invisibilty is required. If you can, I advise getting a large brolly with a strap that you sling across your shoulder, it will become your new bf I promise. If your looking for inspiration I have quite a collection on pinterest take your pick!  

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Smudgy Lady Twirls pretty Pink Umbrella

Stealing A Kiss By The Light Of The Moon


17 Jun 2012

Fathers Come In All Shapes And Sizes

Pursuit Of Happiness

Kramer Versus Kramer

About A Boy

Here are my top favourite father roles in film, men that played the role of being a father with such feeling and style it left you breathless with emotion. Why have I included Hugh Grant in About A Boy? Well to me a dad is more than just biological, it's someone who is always by your side when you need them, cherishing you and encouraging you to be the best version of you. So I included this film which has a special place in my heart for many reasons.Sorry for going smushy on you all! x 

14 Jun 2012

Havaianas Celebrate Fifty Flipping Brilliant Years On June 15th !


Did you know that June 15th is National Flip- Flop Day? Me neither till just recently! This slightly off the wall calendar date made me smile, how many shoes are named after the sound they make?!! Flip- flop royalty Havaianas is launching a limited edition pair of flip-flop on the 15th of June to celebrate its 50th aniversary, 100% of net sales will be going to the charity UNICEF in Brazil, the birth place of the rubber soled beauty.
Limited Edition Havaianas to celebrate their 50th Birthday

 It's hard to believe that such a simply designed shoe has been seen at New York fashion week and is wearing one of its most exciting designs to date, a Missoni print, from  Missonis mini collection made from colourful rubber remnants.  I would love to get my feet on a pair pronto! The next best thing is watching the clip at the bottom of this post, featuring a fun mash up of colour Havaiana style!  I'm loving the Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band vibe. Check out some of the striking advertising campaigns from their archives.

13 Jun 2012

Sometimes You Just Have To Express Your Love ...

I don't think I have felt so gooey about a bag for a long time, I love the lady like / posh biker feel of Lacostes limited edition Cathy bag in this rich lapis blue and navy.The perfectly postioned gold seams and zips on the soft suede are so feminine and fuss free and there is just the right amount of sensuality in the design for my liking. Chunky hardwear and handles, whisper quality in a reassuring way. The bags design is actually based and named after Catherine Lacostes own golf bag who went onto win the US open in 1967.This is a bag that should I ever own one I  would cherish it, not banish it to the back of my closet in favour of more razzy bags that pop up from time to time. This is a noble bag, like a noble steed to accompany me on my adventures around the world and to turn to in times of need or outfit crisis!It comes in stone with orange base and blue trim also.Visit Lacoste for more details, but please don't tell me if you manage to get one, I might just be a little jealous.

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11 Jun 2012

Scarf Wars

Yesterday I learnt that 'we' meaning the gals where I live have lost all faith in the possibility of summer. How do I know this? On a trip into my city centre yesterday to locate some Jojoba oil, I spotted gals everywhere grabbing  woollen scarves and chunky neutral knits and flinging them with a look of weary defeat at brightly clad shop assistants. All the proof I needed, but it also led me in my fashion detective mode to deduce that the art of layering has perhaps not caught on in my part of the UK. The simple answer as to why? Layering requires maximum mental agility and creativity.To balance a pair of lime green skinny jeans with a leather tasselled jacket and a shiny peach top, not easy! How's  summer treating you? Love or loath layering, I'm curious do tell? x

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5 Jun 2012

Diamonds Are Forever But Flags Are So Now!

Hi Gals, hope your enjoying fun and frolicks as our Queen basks in the glory of her empire and her reign on the throne which will soon overtake the length of time that Queen Victoria was on the throne! Apart from all the pomp on the river, you may or may not have waved a flag vigorously at a street or garden party, consumed sticky buns and tea or danced the night away to Kylie  or like me you may have have been showered with so many union jack inspired products via the web that you now feel the need to dedicate a whole pin board to them on pin interest. Here are my top flag inspired pieces. My personal lust haves are this regal Queenie ice cream scoop from urban outfitters, these red yellow and blue shoes from Dolce and Gabbana and these pair of glossy black crown wellingtons from Amazon that remind me of a black wax royal seal.

4 Jun 2012

Kate Moss Lends A Hand In Crowning The Winner Of The MANGO Fashion Awards

Hi Gals, encase your wondering what Kate Moss has been up to of late, she has been putting her extensive modelling experience to good use by taking part in the judging panal for the Mango Fashion awards in Barcelona. The judges crowned Thai designer Wisharawish Akarasantisook the winner, having lost his father last year, Wisharawish line was heavily influenced by aspects of reincarnation, it featured repeated three dimensional patterns in the form of pleating and stunning leather work that looked like armour to represent the cycle of birth and death as well as lions, snakes and eagles. This stunning modern day armour complimented Wisharawish clean boxy forties lines introduced in his tops and jackets. I was enthralled by the broody quality of this designers line and the way he has elevated the textures of his fabric and the animals showcased to share his message of spirtunalty and reincarnation with us. I think comparisons maybe drawn between Alexandra Mcqueens work and Wisharawish Akarasantisook. If there are any fashion geeks out there like me or Mossy fans you might enjoy her recent interview at the event in Barcelona here.       

1 Jun 2012

Woolmark Challenges Wool Lovers To Design The Worlds Longest Virtual Scarf

I just found out that Woolmark are launching a fun campaign to encourage cyberspace users to design the world's longest virtual scarf and thought you gals might want to know. Woolmark is challenging as many participants as possible to upload their own unique section of the scarf along with their photo. Being a non knitter and a lover of wool this is the perfect design challenge for me! I can't wait to get my virtual knitting needles clicking and see what I can come up with. I'm hankering after a knitted bikini for my road trip in July to Europe! You can try out your design skills here and there are eight prizes of Net-A-Porter vouches and Merino wool scarves to be won. I'm off to see the other designs, how about you?  


credits Sonia Rykiel