29 Jan 2010

A shy girls obsession x

The other day, I was lying in the bath pondering, why I have such a passion for large rings and I don't mean the kind you leave round the bath tub, when you get out after a long soak!Well can I let you into a little secret, it's because they are simply a shy girls best friend! A large chunky sleek amber ring, was a turning point in my social confidence long before I became a Stylist, advising and aiding other in the quest for there own personal style! You see I was stood minding my own buisness, waiting for a bus, pretty bored and slightly uncomfortable with the que of strangers rapidly forming, when this woman in a stripey mac, said 'OOh I like your ring!' Before I knew it, enthusasium about my chunky ring, quickly turned into a chat about music, favourite places to eat, eyebrows and lots of other pleasant and random chit chat! The ring rescued me from my discomfort about being with stangers and presented me with an opportunity to be more gregarious!!I do happen to also adore statement rings, they give me inner confidence and can add just enough bling to bring a sense polish to my latest outfit!Why not try the big ring theory yourself, let me know what you think!

If you need any more convincing the lovely lady over @ ballerinas closet obsession is offering this ring up for her giveaway! My Tea Dance, fundraiser for Haiti is now closed, many thanks for all your kind support and the money you helped raise from Monday when it first started, I will be posting about how the money you helped raise was used. Sxx

28 Jan 2010

Get Those Dancing Shoes On, There Is Still Time To Join In The Fun! Sx

Hi Gals, for those of you who have not YET hot footed it over to the My Passport to Style VIRTUAL TEA DANCE, fundraiser for Haiti Aid, come on over now and join in THe Fun! Swing those hips, shimmy shake and grab a Large slice OF creamy cAKE, THIS Tea Dance marathon ends Friday at midnight, so let raise as much as we can simply by-
leaving a comment and posting a link on your lovely blog, to this Tea Dance Fundraiser over @ My Passport to Style,
For every blogger who does this, your tea dance ticket worth 50 English pence is on me! That's 5op then goes straight to Haiti aid! So come on gals together we can all make a difference! 
Remember! comment, follow along if you don't already and put a link up to the dance! Have fun and lets raise lots of 50ps for Haiti Aid!
See you there, my feet are tapping already! Sharon xx 


What a venue!

look at these two!

 What a beat, from King Pleasure and The Biscuit Boys!

I feel pretty, Oh so pretty and gay!!

Dreamy creamy scones

Shades of green, oh how elegant and charming!

Wisps of Angelica

Wow, don't hold back, throw yourself into it!

Look at these two kids, having fun!

So romantic

Don't forget a nice cup of tea to cool down, after all that dancing, whew!

You have got to try this one before you leave gals!

p.s thanks so much for coming along a supporting my fundraiser for Haiti, without you I could not have done it! Have a lovely weekend! Oh and check out Mon-Wed Tea Dance and comments, those babes had alot of fun! xxxx

24 Jan 2010

Join in my fun Tea Dance!

Hi there, all you lovely bloggers and followers out there! Today I'm holding my very own Tea Dance with a difference, (inspired by my fabulous friends Rose Tea Cottage and Dollie Daydream, who makes superb cupcakes)  Come on over and join in the fun and contribute towards the Haiti appeal, its simple,
1) Just post about my fundraising Tea Dance on your blog and create a link to here.
2) Then follow me if you aren't doing so at the moment, PLEASE make sure you tell me about your post and following.

 This buys you a ticket to my Tea Dance.Heres the good bit your virtual Tea Dance ticket is on me and costs me 50 english pence! For each tea dance ticket given to you, I will contribute 50p to the Haiti aid appeal.

Once you arrive at my Tea Dance I would love to know what you enjoyed most about your visit! Lets have fun and raise money for Haiti just by commenting, look forward to seeing you at the Dance, it will be such fun! Sxxx

Come on in, welcome to the My Passport to Style, fundraising Tea Dance! What do you think of the venue?!

Whew this music is so good its whipped those records into the perfect cake Stand! Dollie would be jealous!

How about some fragrant tea, in a delicate china cup and a pretty rosebud cake to match this sweet tea dress?

Help yourself to one of these beautiful edible necklaces,they taste of wild strawberries freshly picked, or how about a slice of macaroon cake?

Or perhaps you decided to join in for the romance of the occassion, vintage glamour, French patisserie and lively music wafting through the air, sheer heaven!Lovely to see you, you look so pretty in that tea dress!


A sea shore tea dance would work well for me, with the cutest cup cakes!

you must meet my very important tea dance guests, two sisters who have dedicated there life and soul to creating and and eating confection, one of the sisters, Pearl is partial to delicate pastel pink macaroons the other sister Ruby, to cupcakes with bright swirls of buttercream, the brighter the better!  

Pinky Pearl, she can't risk leaving her teacup behind, she might need them to go with a silky macaroon


One lump or two in your tea?

Its been so lovely to see you here, thanks for all your support of this event!
credits go to Idyle Fasination, On Trend, Print Pattern and Just Jaimie. Have a great week. Sxx

20 Jan 2010

My secret obsession!!!

Hi all! Those of you who know me will know I am pretty obsessed with pretty packaging and adorning my gifts in a way that shows attention to the tiniest detail, I place the same importance on dressing a gift as I do on dressing my clients for that special occasion!
So you will understand that when a person close to me offered me some rather expensive and beautiful gifts unwrapped as they had been extreemly buisy! That much as I love this person dearly I felt deflated and  a little cheated. It suddenly hit me that the ritual of unwrapping a gift almost transends what the gift might be, it's that antisipation. That gentle jelly like quiver in your tummy, that takes us back to being a kid when we discovered new things every day and delighted in the unknown! 
With valentines day just a hop, skip and a jump away I felt it would be rather fun, to explore some of my favourite gift wrapping looks and pay homage to blogger, A Gift Wrapped Life! She has such a inspiring blog choc full of Stylish gift wrapped looks, please visit her and check out her superb giveaway to celebrate her 1st anniversary. Enjoy! Sxx

Hollywood glamour, feel like Ava Gardner, for a few blissful moments!

Are you a hopeless romantic like me ? I would love to know, I could not resist!!

This very chic oval box a little on the side of plain?Why not try a beautiful dimante pin, like this sweet red dress and some contrasting red polka ribbon?

Vintage chic wrap, I am in heaven!

Stack em up, pile them high my sweet cherry pie!

This could be be a tin of beans for all I care, look how beautiful it looks!x

A friend birthday coming up? Personalise the gift with handmade wrapping paper.x

Fireworks display of ribbon, wrapping does not have to be prim and proper!How about adding a pretty corsage?

Wanting to source ethical ribbon to gift wrap with? What about this hemp seed ribbon, such a clever solution or why not use some divine twine!

Pretty in pink x

Or why not swap the black blow for somthing a little more retro and rich in colour?

Create your own little haven gals for gift wrapping amd who knows what feats of delightful, creative genius and mystery might occur in the name of gift giving!

Remember don't miss this beautiful giveaway over at A gift Wrapped Life
Have a lovely weekend! Sharon xx