20 Apr 2012

Rules Are Meant To Be Broken

lime green zig zag vintage ponch- by Lynette Packman

Watching my friend’s daughter struggle under the weight of her mum’s best lace table cloth and  about twenty strands of tangled beads she had managed to throw on over her fireman's  helmet, as she hummed Postman Pat to herself, despite the fact she looked like a crazy and rather lavish Christmas parcel, I felt a pang of envy at her carefree abandon as she plundered every corner of her home for fresh inspiration. Time to build a date with myself into my diary I thought, when I can reclaim dressing up and allow myself to dress without censoring how much neon is too much or whether that shiny jacket actually adds more inches in the wrong places.

floral 2B shorts
Breaking all the fashion rules feels good, is fun and shakes up your style, something that we all need, a bit like taking a holiday from yourself. So in this spirit, I have dug out my perfect outfit for the weekend. Firmly ignoring thoughts about being a little too heavy on the Mexican look or slightly clich├ęd - the new me inspired to connect with my inner fashion gypsy after re-reading an article about an expert in throwing away the rule book ( Anna Della Russo) says "nah what I really need are some chilli earrings to finish the look and I'm good to go!"     

pink raffia bag
High rafia wedges with black accents

*All images sourced via google images*

19 Apr 2012

Why I'm All A Flutter

Grazia magazine fashion editorial, model wearing D&G sandals
This ad from Grazia has to be my favourite fashion image of the month, where glamorous silk scarf clad woman seemingly hovers above the pavement as her flamboyant scarves catch the breeze. I'm loving that scarves are having more than a 'moment' and are being worn in so many interesting ways right now, there is something chic yet so relaxed about throwing a silk print scarf on and my favourite looks are one I styled on a recent scarf post here featuring British designer Age of Reason and of course the scarf sandal featured in this ad by D&G which is sublime as well as pure genius. As I imagine myself striding into a lift with the silk tails of my exotic scarf sandals blazing a comet like trail behind me, an annoying little mean spirited voice says "but what if the silk ties from my shoes get trapped as I'm entering or leaving the lift?", but then I think "bugger it, live dangerously take the stairs and make a real entrance!"

18 Apr 2012


I'm Sharon Sahara, a UK fashion blogger, personal stylist and diy fashion ethusiast living in an area where the cotton mills used to be big business and Ghandi once visited wearing his one piece of homespun cloth, I like to keep you guessing!! Karl Lagerfeld recently said advertising would have been his alternative career, mine would have been fashion design or architecture had I been able to wield a pencil in a pleasing way! If you think about it, both great buildings and stylish clothing have a lot in common, balance, detail and impact. I believe fashion should have an element of fun, however subtle, from bright colours and unique prints to kooky detailing, a touch of the theatrical that makes you stand out from the crowd.
 Fabric Fetish
My theory is that my lust for bright colours and potent prints comes from my Asian genes, my love of theatrical larger than life styling and heritage fabrics comes from my slightly eccentric British roots and my passion for well tailored clothing from my great Gran who went to the Royal School of Needlework and helped embroider the late queen mother's wedding gown!

Fashion Seeker!
I love seeking out the unexpected so that includes upcycling (fashion diys) anything I can lay my hands on from time to time and sharing new independent British designers here on My Passport To Style as well as the high streets latest take on catwalk trends for any Fashionable Frolickers that stop by to read my blog.

 I don't like jam donuts or jam tarts without enough jam it's a complete waste of time eating them! Trousers or jeans with over 3% stretch, they might be comfortable but you just end up wearing a mass of wrinkles and they bag at the knees.

A Few Of My Favourite Things
Answering reader questions on style, the sound of wood pigeons cooing in the rafters of my attic bedroom early morning, autumn and spring in the UK and Japanese and Mexican fashion. Chandeliers,toad in the hole, elephants, art deco, beautiful watches, clashing eras (50 and 80's and 90's work well for me) hats,cowboy boots, lipstick, silk, cotton, wool, jump suits,hunting down that perfect highstreet bargin, sea salt caramels, travelling on trains and people that smile a lot.

I also like reviewing innovative accessories,exciting fashion images and fresh information on new Brit designers,high street fusion lines and brand partnerships or the latest fashion launches or events that My Passport To Style readers might enjoy attending. 

Want to work with me or got a question for me? contact me here @ sharonstyle@fsmail.net

13 Apr 2012

Trend Alert | Cartoon Casual

      If It's Good Enough For Jessica Rabbit .......

It seems the new best way to beat the recession retail blues right now is to buy into the whimsy and fantasy that is cartoon world, where your dishwasher never breaks down, the heel never snaps on your shoe on the way to work, your home is always tidy even if you have been watching back to back episodes of Mad Men, food magically appears on the table and your clothing never creases. These are the fantasy benefits of this fun new trend but in reality there are plenty that are real too, like the youthful optimism and carefree quirk that this seasons trend for cartoon embellishment lends to a gals wardrobe. I confess to being a fan of tough cookie cartoon character and super hero fashion wear designer Edna Mode, of the film The Incredibles!

Have Fun Wearing An Investment Piece Now!

 If your worried about getting your pound or dollar per wear quota out of these pieces don't, pick wisely and you will have some potential wearable collector's items that you can use to fund your next shoe obsession when the time comes, that's if you can bare to be parted!  The only rule? Allow yourself to have fun, if you want to buy into quality design and the cartoon trend then shoe brand Cleo Barbour is featuring her quirky range at a fairy tale shoe event at Bolesworth Castle her old Cheshire home on the 27th & 28th of April from 10am to 5pm! My favourite pieces for wearing this trend? Tatty Devines fishbone necklace and matching eye rings, Cleo Bs flat purple metalic Boom sandals and these fun gold cassette heels from her S/S12 collection (featured below, which would have Jessie J whooping in glee) as well as these adorable bags from Jump From Paper named Cheese below and Bonjour above! Work the toon look with the latest ice cream colours like these pink jeans Marks and Spencers  do a great pair (worn with your favourite take on a POW t-shirt) or this pretty drop waist dress.  

7 Apr 2012

My Top Festival Pieces To Pack This S/S 2012


Whatever the weather, us die hard festival surfers are begining to think about booking tickets to our favourite festivals for 2012 and stuffing our rucksacs with stylish easy pieces that will create a multitude of looks that reflect what mood we are in. So I'm sharing my top go to festival wear pieces for spring/summer 2012. I had to start with this vibrant skirt, from the resort 2012 Henry Holland collection, it has a little bit of the magic of Peru, Mexico and Tibet woven into its stripey flamboyant fabric that we have come to expect from House of Holland pieces. A plain black or white t- shirt is all that's needed to pull this look together, what could be easier.

How To Avoid Being Stuck In The Mud

 Before you get practical about the prospect of heels jamming into mud, black plastic high wedge sandals are the answer or any of the super stylish wellies below (swipe them with your baby wipes to keep your tent a mud free zone) would work just as well as the killer heels features. If it gets a little nippy throw a biker jacket, poncho or heavy cream or ivory knitted cardi knotted at the waist over your t-shirt.

Choose Your pj Top Carfully And It Will See You From Day Through To Snooze Time!

I love the idea of wearing this subtle Marni print PJ top from H&M, with some denium cut offs and these black and white wicker print wellies. Clashing a dreamy floral tote like the one below from Karmal Loop with any print looks very Global, perfect for your festive frolicking.Sling a simple bright pendant around your swan like neck, like this orange wooden faceted version from Hybrid Handmade featured here and throw a sweet brolly over one carefree shoulder (amazon) for good measure and you have a low fuss high impact festival wardrobe. Hoorah!! 


3 Apr 2012

My Passport To Style | Styles Up Age Of Reason Pocket Scarves

Age Of Reason ( UK accessory label) celebrated their first birthday at the end of March 2012 and as sensible as their silk scarves first appear to sound, these are not sensible air hostess type scarves, not unless you count pink ink splattered pugs adorned with safety pins or russian dolls caught up in a web of neon coloured chains. Age of Reason British designer Ali Mapletoft from Brighton, sent me three silk pocket scarves to style up differently featuring three of her russian doll designs in a variety of bright orange and turquoise colours. On closer inspection I noticed that one of the dolls was wearing a fetching leopard head scarf, great fun! Each doll on the pocket scarves is designed slightly differently exciting news for any silk scarf collectors out there. Age of Reason have just unveiled their commemorative jubilee pug scarf, in both their full sized neck scarf and a pocket square. I would love to see a certain member of the Royal family sporting this design to celebrate this years diamond jubilee, classic head scarf style! I guess we shall have  to wait and see... I decided to enlist a model for this challenge and as luck would have it I knew the perfect gal, the beautiful Nicole Wilson who was up for the challenge. Scroll down to see how working with Age of Reason inspired me!

I tied two contrasting pockets together to create a tie to wear with Nicoles plain grey shirt, the flash of neon orange on one side of her collar adds a nice twist.

 I liked the idea of doubling up these pocket scarves and styled one as a short neck scarf on Nicole and the other as a belt for her jeans, leaving a triangular flap at the front made for a playful look.

 I updated Nicole's classic top knot by wrapping a pocket scarf over it and securing with some thin elastic, this look can be recreated to look casual or sleek depending on how loose or sleek you decide to wear your top knot. I love the windmill effect created by the pockets silk corners.

Using a Russian doll pocket scarf with neon orange accents quickly transformed my old large rose gold watch face into a fun time piece as modelled by Nicole!

To find out more or to buy an Age Of Reason original silk scarf go to

www.age-of-reason-studios.com   You can also find them at Matches Fashion, Coco De Mer & Whistles
Thanks to Nicole Wilson for modeling this collection styled and photographed by myself.
Credits for additional Age of Reason images go to www.capturefactory.co.uk

1 Apr 2012

My Favourite Floral DIY Of The Year!

Take a humble cotton bud and dip it in your favourite colour snip the cotton bud in half and stick each half into a round ball of foam at evenly spaced intervals until each foam ball is covered. Spear your virtual flower head onto a long thin piece of green wood or plastic if you want more bend and then arrange your budget price exotic blooms in a vase of your choice! This is such a effective look, you could try painting the foam a contasting colour such as pink or yellow. Have fun!  

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