30 Apr 2010

DIY Lime Jelly Clock A Taste Of Summer!

Hi Gals, today is my first ever one of a kind DIY posts, I'm really excited because it brings together two of my favourites things, at this point your thinking Jelly and a clock really? Well yes actually, before I became a Image and Style Consultant my first passion was achitecture, which kind of makes sense because clothing is architecture for the body.

Ok, to get the point I have a love for beautiful things that are functional and have a purpose! My husband and I once bought a coffee machine because we said it almost looked like a sculpture seriously!So when I found an old plastic brightly coloured jelly ring mould in my cupboard, it got me thinking.........

So if you want to take a  cheap clock and turn it into a clock that brings a smile to your face or the face of a friend with it's quirky originality here's what you need and how to make one of a kind, below! 

Level - Easy / Time 30 minuites

You Will Need The Following Items

1.A basic clock with a bright face of your choice

2. A hack saw and craft knife

3. basic white tissue or a old plastic bag

4.Pencil and ruler

5. A jelly mould in a bright clashing colour of your choice!


1) Before buying or using your jelly ring mould, measure the width of your clock * note the width of your clock needs to be consistent. Then turn your jelly ring mould upside down and measure the outside of ring if it is a deep mould like the one pictured, at it widest point with a piece of string , so you can work out using your ruler how wide you mould needs to be to acomodate the clock face, mark the mould at this point, with a non indeliable marker, and follow round the circumference with a series of dashes .

         2)  Next keeping the jelly ring mould upside down, using your craft knife cut out the inner raised section of the jelly mould to form a round opening, once this is done, turn the jelly mould so it is the right side up again. Using your original markings as a guide, use your hacksaw to cut your mould down to the right width to accomodate your clock face.



3) Lastly turning the mould upside down again, press your clock face into it, (your may need to sand the inner cut edge a little so its smooth use fine sand paper) then press the clock firmly into the your jelly mould, it should be a snug fit, using either torn up cheap tissue paper or plasic from a carry bag, fill the gaps between the jelly mould and the clock, to ensure the clock face does not come loose when you hang it on your wall.  


* Please note, that there with be a gap between the front edge of your jelly mould and your clock, so that is why there is a black shadow on my finished jelly clock from a birds eye view. Once you hang your clock up, you won't see any shadow's and the clock will appear as if it is flush with the edge of its casing an optical illusion so to speak!

What do you think gal's? I forgot to mention that it would seem a little rude to not make a lovely summer jelly first, so here are a few, I fell in love with, enjoy! 

Vintage styled jelly so chic!


Blackcurrent and elderflower summer on a plate!

These are adorable small opaque jellies

These divine victorian styled jellies are sensational!

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Sharon x

26 Apr 2010

The All New Project Runway Needs You!

If your like me and your talent lies more in the design aspects of fashion, rather than sewing and pattern cutting, and you sigh as you watch project runway, at what could be if these barriers were not placed in the path of your design smarts.

 Then make your way to John Lewises in the UK, what has now become a Mecca for budding designers everywhere from the age of 6+! Intrigued? Well let me explain, you can now buy a kit called a harumika, for the modest sum of £20.00, which contains everything needed to create your own design's in miniature in minuite's without the use of scissors or even a sewing machine!

 The starter kit contains two mini form's with a silicone groove in the back, and a variety of fabric. By using the tool provided to tuck the fabric into the groove you can secure the piece's of fabric in any combination you choose, thus creating a original designer outfit, pure genius! I want one!!   

                                                                     Have fun!

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                                          Sharon x

25 Apr 2010

My bloggy Get Together With Kitty, From the Chronicles Of Dollie Daydream!

Hi Gals, just thought I would squeeze in a quick post, before the hustle and bustle of next week is upon me!Yesterday I went for my first bloggy meet in the UK, to see Kitty from Chronicles Of Dollie Daydream, that's me on the left, in case your wondering. I had such a fun time, it was lovely to meet the person behind one of the sweetest blog's on the blogosphere. You must pop over and meet her if you don't know her blog yet. She is so elegant, chic and fun, we had a lovely lunch together and discussed everything from favourite blog's we visit,( I now have a new list to visit!) to reworking some beautiful pieces in her vintage wardrobe and the colours we both wear, to her cupcake buisness and our travel's abroad to holiday packing!

 She showed me a beautiful vintage inspired dress she had purchased from Monsoon, which was just gorgeous! Kitty has a brilliant eye for style, it was such a coincidence as I too, had recently picked up this sweet forties inspires vintage red dress from the Monsoon collection, which I fell for!

 She presented me with the cutest box of caramel frosted cupcakes whilst I was there. Some of you may know that Kitty has her own cupcake buisness. I have to say they were genuinely the best cupcakes that either my husband and I had ever tasted packed with vanilla and cherries, light and fluffy, with a glorious subtle pink caramel frosting! Thank-you Kitty for spoiling us. I know where my next birthday cake will be coming from! 

I was a little anoyed with myself as I forgot my gift that I had been planing to give Kitty in my excitement. So have decided to include a picture on this post, so she could have a sneak peak, of the vintage apron with bright daisies and animal shaped cookie cutters that I had picked out to give her. Here's to bloggy meet ups and friendship's, have you met up with any blogger's recently?

p.s speaking of cupcakes and girly get togethers, If you don't yet know about my fun Sex in The City giveaway and want to enter, the details on how to enter are just below this post. Good luck and happy Sunday.


                         Sharon xx                    

20 Apr 2010

My First Ever DIY Fashion Project!

Hi I'm really excited, because today marks the first in a series of DIY fashion projects that I will be sharing with you all, here on My Passport to Style!

I guess by now, most of you gal's know animal print is scorching hot at the moment!Todays DIY fashion project uses a thrifted animal print pinafore style dress and an old pair of faux leather embelished sandals, total cost £4.00 to make a suave animal tote, but you could use any pinafore dress, with a pretty print on the front, think flowers, stripes ect!

 To Make Your quick sew, Animal Tote, Using No Pattern What So Ever! You Will Need The Following:

1. A thrifted or old strappy dress with a great print
2.A thrifted or old pair of embelished faux leather sandals or smokey faux crystals
3.A pair of sissors
4.Needle and thread in a colour approriate to the background colour of the print
5.darning needle and thread or fabric glue


Step 1. Take the dress and turn it inside out

step 2. Next turn the dress on its side and bring the two shoulder straps together so they are lined up.

Step 3. Lift the hem of the skirt up and continue to pull  the outer fabric of the dress up over the lining of the skirt till just the base of the dress straps are showing.


Step 4. Now that you have your tote shape, pin the base of the bag fabric together and sew across the base edge of your tote in a suitable thread colour. Then sew the the underside of the dress just beneath the arm holes to the outerside of the skirt hem.

To finish off, I thought it would be nice to glue or sew smokey crystals either onto the handles or the front of the tote itself.I decided to cut up a old pair of sandals and use the leather to add dimension and to create a feature across
 the front of my tote. What do you think of my bespoke animal print tote?? 

I would love to see your photo's, if you decide to make your own quick tote from an old strappy dress, remember it works better if the straps are not too thin, i.e spaghetti strap's. Happy making! 

19 Apr 2010

Spirit of Adventure

Hi gal's yearning for an adventure?? Something to kick start your creative side? Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, from  decorating your nieces dolls house, to doing a sponsored bike ride, travelling to new destination,why not, kick start your adventures spirit today and enter my sweet bicycle pendant giveaway, if you have not already(open to overseas bloggers), you only have till Tuesday/tomorow so hurry! Perhaps if you win, your sweet bicycle  pendant can act as a reminder of all the adventures your planning to take together!  Winner to be announced on the 27th of April here. Entry details top right of my sidebar, good luck, fingers and toes crossed for you!!

It's easy to start your adventure just think nice thought's and begin at the begining, of course a bike helps!

You might end up on a picnic

Or even shopping with friends across cities, you have never visited

stopping for a iced coffee in a secret never discovered place

gathering flowers to inspire you

taking your  spirit of adventure on holiday with you

A talisman/ pendant can remind you to take an adventure or two, and the great thing about this bicycle is you don't even need anywhere to store it, it will live quite happily around your neck, or in your favourite jewellrey box! Remember you still have till Tuesday morning (tomorow) 11am UK time, to enter my giveaway, details top right of my sidebar.

                                   Sharon x

18 Apr 2010

DIY Couture Fashion

Hi Gals, How many times have you sighed at the cost  of couture pieces, wishing that you could own a one of a kind piece of your own, that only those on vast salaries can ever dream of. So I was thrilled when I discovered this novel idea by designer Berber Soepboer and graphic designer Micheal Schurman and just had to share it with you all! A graphic print dress in a flattering A -line shape, which come with colour fast fabric pens for you to customise your own print! Leaving women wondering which designer created your bespoke dress!! How satisfying, to be able to say, its one of my own creations!

If you are new here, or have not yet entered my sweet bicycle pendant giveaway there is still time to enter, this sweet gold pendant comes complete with a chain from Uk company accessorize, the competition is open to overseas bloggers outside of the Uk also.Entries less than 7 days before the deadline will not be eligible. For details, click the image top right of my sidebar!
out for my first ever DIY clothing project, up next!

                   Sharon x

15 Apr 2010

The Best Thing About It Is It's Almost Calorie Free Or Is It?

What did we do in the days before colour? I'm sure it was all very chic, viewing fashion in black and white, but It made me feel a little sad. I had a naughty impulse to give these gals swimsuits a lick of paint, perhaps just a few swirls of a rich blue and yellow, some tiny purple daisys ...

Colour conveys so many emotions and brightens the dullest day, of which we have plenty in the UK! The colour I miss most in the summer is red, it tends to worn mostly in winter. I cheered up when I realised it is still to be found if you look close enough, through out spring and summer in a variety of places!

The best thing about red is saying I love you, on any day of the year!

                        Sharon x