30 Nov 2010

Great Style Is In The Details

Hi Gals, nothing cheers me up better than sifting through a beautiful box of vintage buttons, I get so excited about the way that small beautiful detail's styled in the right way, can totally personalise your look and your image and help you stand out from the crowd!

 So I was smitten when on one of my Fashionable Frolicks through the blogsphere, I happened upon the Button Company. I could not resist sharing these fun charming Christmas decoration makes on their site, now your Christmas tree can look every bit as Stylish as you, enjoy! For full instructions on how to make these Christmas tree decorations visit www.buttoncompany.co.uk
  Have a Stylish day!


                                        Sharon xx

26 Nov 2010

Be Inspired To Transform Your Image This Christmas Season With A Wardrobe Workout!

Giving your Image a makeover and stepping out of your comfort zone when it comes to your wardrobe is just what every gp should have on prescription to beat the winter blues. My philosphy as a Style and Image consultant is be inspired by the seasons and the sometimes miserable weather and use it to jump start a whole range of new looks that harness the drama and romance of the seasons and make you feel the power of reinvention.We all have our favourite basics, but playing too safe can get a little dull.

 If I can do this whilst snuffling into a tissue, so can you! So when I think of snow and ice, am I thinking will there be enough grit on the roads? Or will I tramp melted pool's of water into my home?

Certainly not! I'm thinking of casting off slouchy warm hats in favour of 40's style snood's and skater style hair net's, (to channel my  grown up skater girl look) combining with a cheeky luxe caplet, 70a style pants a black roll neck and a faux fur bag that doubles as hand muff for full on sleek winter glamour. Don't get me started on my wardrobe for wet weather! Have fun trying a new style on for size.    


                                        Sharon x x 

21 Nov 2010

Top Tip's To Ensure Your Bra Fits You Perfectly!


Hi Gals, craving a curvy silhouette for this Autumn/ Winter 2010 and the party season? Then you need to follow my top tip's to ensure that your bra fits correctly, the fastest route to sculpting your body shape ready for those figure hugging favourites and for creating the hourglass look that is so on trend at the moment.

Follow My Check List To Ensure Your Bra Fits You Perfectly

1.First take a look at the back of your bra, is your back strap riding high and not in line with the rest of the bra? Then this means that your band size is too big and your cup size maybe too small.

2. Next with your bra fastened on its regular fastening, loop two fingers into the back band or ask a family member or friend if it is awkward. Then pull gently on the back strap, if you can pull it more than 2 inches away from your back, then the band size is too big and you need to adjust the strap to ensure a snugger fit or replace your bra if it is already on the tightest fastening.

3. If you have dents marks on your shoulder's it means that your band size is too large and not supporting your bust properly.

4. Check the underwire on your bra cups, they should be flush with the rest of your body and not raised up away from your body or rubbing against any breast tissue. If your under wire is raised your cup size is too small.

5. If you have a bust is bulging or spilling out of your bra again your cup size is too small.

6. Finally under wired bras should be washed by hand or in a pillow case to keep them performing well and looking good.


                                    Sharon x x 

13 Nov 2010

Top Tips For Party Dressing This Christmas Season 2010!

As a Personal Shopper and Image consultant based in Lancashire who works in the North West of the UK. I know that Christmas and the New Year can often be a busy time for most women and with the party season snapping at our heel's I thought I would play fairy godmother by rounding up my hottest Style and Image tip's for adding polish to your Christmas and New Years party look's without busting your budget!


1) Red lipstick has had a revival and help create instant party glam, if your thinking of wearing a red lipstick this party season, follow my two foolproof tips-

a) pull your lower lip out and match the colour red you select to the shade of the your skin tone on your lower lip.

b) Remember to use a nude lip liner to stop any bleeding or feathering, apply your lipstick with a brush for best coverage, blot with tissue and reapply, this is the most important part- Put the first half of your index finger in your mouth and pucker up your lips whilst removing your finger. This will ensure that any access lipstick appears on your finger and not your teeth, when you smile!

2) One of the best ways to achieve instant glamour is with a hair up, this season the catwalks were awash with clean sophisticated hair ups ala Grace Kelly, such as the top know.

Want to achieve the look but don't think your fine or shoulder length hair will allow you to reach those dizzy heights? You need a little boost with the greatest invention since a jammy dodger! A  foam doughnut,  small hair brush,  stack of long pin's, some hair spray and a strong hair elastic.

Using a small brush gather all your hair into a high pony tail, on the top of the  your head, slide the doughnut over your ponytail, depending on your hair length, in front of a mirror wrap the ends of your hair round the doughnut till there is no more hair to tuck under, securing with the long pins to match your hair colour. Comb through some hair spray to the front and spray the back, voila your done! Foam  doughnuts to build your hairstyle can be bought on Amazon for as little as £1.99.

3) Strong brows are essential for this seasons retro party feel and always add strength to the face, brow kit's can cost £25.00 upwards, own a good waterproof eyeliner in a shade lighter than your brows? Then why try this budget busting grooming advice, purchase a baby sized tooth brush I usually opt for pink! Lightly stroke on your eyeliner following the shape of your brow, brush hairs backwards and then brush back into shape dust with translucent powder and your good to go!

4) For top to toe grooming I often advocate a full manicure, however with this season being all about full on glamour, I have the perfect style solution that will save you time and rescue you from feeling guilty about forgetting take care of your hands! For uber glamour with a modern twist, ditch your washing up gloves, for full length evening gloves in this seasons bright colours! Spanx currently sell a vast range of mouth watering colours on Amazon for just $8.99!

6) Personalise your tights by layering a thick opaque pair with a cheap sheer glittery pair over the top, great for when the temperature drops! Try purple tights with a glittery silver finish or black tights with a purple finish and dark grey with a silver finish , for a sophisticated after dark look.

7)Finally do you have a whole array of soft clutch bags but want to update them a little? Brightly coloured vintage style diamante brooches add instant chic to your clutch or why not glue some black marabou trim to the bottom edge of your bag or even a wide black Alice band as well, if you fancy adding a bit of Audrey sparkle to your up do!

You shall go to the ball!