25 Jul 2010

Ultra Flat Stomach Skirt Dilemma!!!

My lovely gal pal was looking for the perfect skirt to show off her washboard stomach and tiny waist, which usually longer torso girls are blessed with. The high waisted skirt is perfect, adding strength to the leg's.These are my pick's for her. Just remember this look only works with your top tucked in to your skirt!



                                         Sharon x x

22 Jul 2010

Castle's and Crown's

Sometimes life/fashion/style  gets a little too serious and we need to remind ourselves that fashion should be first and formost fun. It is an opportunity to play around with clothes, makeup and hair and reinvent ourselves every now and then, indulging in some 'me time' or playing dress up with a girlfriend as we get ready to go out for the evening. 
These amazing cake's and their element of fantasy brought a smile to my face, after all who would'n't want to trade in their tiara for a crown?

plump pink satin cushion, stuffed full of raspberry jam and sponge, genius!

I love this colour combo of carnelian red and pretty pink!


                                              Sharon X 

16 Jul 2010

Small Things Often Come In Very Stylish Packages!!

 Small can often be very Stylish and every now and again, on my blogging travel's I come across fabric's so sweet and mouthwatering that I wish I had the power to shrink myself  down, to be eligible for dressing and accessorizing in mini sized world!

 This is one such time! Talented blogger Maria of Me and Ma is a sewer, who works from home and hails from my part of the world, Lancashire! So if you are lucky enough to have a little lady in your life, you must pay her a visit! Sigh, perhaps I could use one of her gorgeous pump bag's as a wash bag for my camping trip this summer!





11 Jul 2010

DIY Fashion Time Again!

Hi Gals, my lovely pink camera is back from being mended hooray!!! So I decided to celebrate it's eagerly awaited return, with a DIY fashion post today! I get so excited, when something simple and unexpected can do double duty and and add a welcome twist to my wardrobe.
 I love the simplicity of this summers utility look, it works really well for my hour glass curves. I'm sure you gal's all have a purse/bag or two, with a detachable strap? Well feeling a tiny bit bored with my current wardrobe of belts, earlier this week I injected some utility chic into my look, by using a variety of handbag / purse strap's to create a range of utility style belts. Here are the results, what do you think, fashionable frolickers and reader's?


 mmm, which bag strap, shall I use to update my wardrobe of belt's and create a more eclectic look?


What a cute little line up, all ready to be styled up!

Top tip - make sure, the weight and texture of your utility belt/handbag strap, works as well as the colour! Double wrapped this bubble gum  pink belt/handbag strap over this grey blue origami dress, the contast is fun!

Add interest, to this simple utility look, by layering two shirt's, creating a pretty double collar

Simple grey denium shirt dress is given a expensive look, with this designer strap in burgendy with lovely brass hardwear. The beauty of these belts is you can afford to eat a few more fairy cakes and not worry, most detachable bag/purse straps have alot of additional length adjustment!! Tee hee!

I added this heavy duty weekend bag strap in burgundy, to this gorgeous animal print, light weight parker coat in dusky brown, the heavy duty brushed steel clip, looks striking and emphasises the waist of this parker in a casual way.

Have fun!


5 Jul 2010

In A Creative Mood? Design A Logo For My Passport to Style & Win A Vintage Necklace/Ends Sunday!

Today I'm jumping for joy and it's all thanks to you lovely lot! So to those of you lovely followers who left me advice on which website name to opt for, for my new company, thank-you!  The name the majority of you liked was My Passport to Style, so that is the name I'm going to be using! xx

Now for the 2nd fun part, I would like to invite you all to come up with a logo or design incorporating the words My Passport to Style, to use on my new website, it could just be the word's, or you could use image's that relate to travel, i.e a passport stamp or luggage ticket or anything really, where ever your creativity takes you!

1) Remember with a logo you need clear crisp lines that will translate onto buisness cards or brochures when made much smaller.

2) My website colours are mainly plum and grey, when designing the logo choose two colours that would be a good compliment to plum.If you have time, do a black and white version first, if it works in black and white it will look good in colour!

3) The deadline is Sunday 11th of July, at 12pm UK time, simply email me your design to sharonstyle@fsmail.net in a large workable file size

Now For The Good Part Your Surpise Swap!!!!!!!!!

I know how much you gals looove surprises so, In return I will pick one design at random, from my favourite design's entered , to win a surprise piece of faux vintage jewellery, I promise this lovely will make you gasp in sheer delight when you open it!
 Ok here are a few tinsy details to whet your appetite, it is a heart, it has pinks, aquas and dark blues in it and it is a necklace that is simply scrumptious and you will get noticed wearing it!

The suprise swap as I am calling it, a winning logo design or header, using the words My Passport to Style, in return for a vintage lovely is open to all overseas and UK bloggers,  good luck and I can't wait to see your ideas!
 Just let me know here your entering my surprise swap, the winner will be anounced here next week along with their design and notified on their blog! 

                                 Sharon xxx

1 Jul 2010

A Marriage Made In Heaven??

Hi Gals, any of you out there with a wedding's to go to soon? Wedding dressing can be blissful, if you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve from your look. The path to finding a dress that will flatter and give you the confidence that you look elegant with out looking so understated that you end up looking just plain drab, can be a bit of rocky path.With this in mind, for all you would be wedding guest party gals out there, I have cherry picked some of  my favourite vintage looks from the wonderful poshgirlvintage.com Whilst throwing in a few fail safe wedding style tips along the way, to ensure your wedding guest outfit is a great success!


Raffia is a huge trend this season

Simple styling works best, keep your bust under wraps, with pretty faux wrap styles

                                             There are nude coloured dresses everywhere right now, but for those wishing to be a little more adventurous in their wedding attire, opt for clean lines and and inject some colour and pattern, save the nudes, for your shoes, guaranteed to give you more than one wear through the summer! Adds inche's to your leg length to boot!  

Finish with a sweet straw bag that shouts country garden inocent, keep jewellery minimal and makeup and hair simple.

 Adorable sailor stripe 50s dress with large fob watch print at the hem and a tie belt with life like, key embelishment on the belt! 

If you opt for a vintage dress, don't be afraid of accessorising with modern piece's or piece's from different periods


This shape is so flattering for hourglass or pear shapes

Flattering  pattern, simple shape, high necks are great for small busted gal's. Top Style Tip-  avoid wearing lace or any shade of white on its own, this is reseved for the bride only

How adorable is this silk handpainted shift dress?

I had to finish with this floaty pink sorbet, polka dot number

Just incase you miss out on the wedding cake, it happens! Hop over to the lovely Dollie from chroniclesofdolliedaydream, she is holding a bake off competition and giveaway, which sounds like alot of fun.!

                   Sharon xxx