30 Jan 2012

Is Our Wardrobe Just An Extension Of Our Home?

2) Princess and The Pea /minimalist style

Fashion week looming does strange things to a bloggers brain, this post is a case in point, it got me thinking for some bizarre reason about how often times our personal sense of style is an extension of our home, or for some of us living communally our bedrooms.

So I thought I would have a little fun and come up with 3 types of home owner/room dweller and their parallel style personality.

1) Ok so if your fill your home with the following items, mismatched furniture and china, you like the retro feel of a colourful knitted tea cosy on your teapot, cushions that you have made sit pertly in rows on your sofa and your bed, you can't throw anything away unless it has been subjected to a rigorous series of questions regarding its usefulness in your home. Then you are quite possibly someone who owns a pair of clogs, likes to layer, layer and the layer some more for good measure, nylon stretch tops leave you cold you would much prefer a scratchy wool kilt and a woven silk vest, basically you live for texture, so your sense of fashion is reflected in your homely cluttered style. It's either eco friendly or vintage for you all the way, as these are the options that give your home and your closet the texture hit you hanker after. You're a Material girl!

1) Material Girl/layering is your thing 

2) If on the other hand your home is furnished with chrome and granite and you favour sliding doors and blinds. You dislike plants or pets in your home and you have a cupboard to house your keys, well my guess is, sorry to be predictable! Your wardrobe is very stripped back too. You favour classic cuts over fast moving trends, a large flat clutch over a handbag, lace, frills, pattern and frou, frou bring you out in spots. Tailored pants, a bun with a side part and a good watches are your best friends. Function and form are the buzz words for your cool uncluttered style, but luxury fabrics and materials matter to you to. I'm calling you The princess and the pea, as if you know the fairy tale, the princess can feel the little tiny pea beneath a huge pile of mattresses, the pea is a metaphor for you having a high intolerance to anything surplus to your own personal style. the great thing about your kind of style is your minimalist for a good reason to show off your ability to pick out the perfect detail to make that look shine.

3) Showgirl /Accesorise To The Max

3) Moving onto home loving number 3, you love your white walls, they make a great back drop for colourful works of art and photography you like to showcase on all your walls. You don't do kitchen cupboards, a big Danish dresser and sideboard is more to your liking, where you can display all your best china. You are an expert in choosing striking picture frames and mirrors. Your curtains are either brightly patterned or a hothouse of coloured silks and you like a little bit of sparkle so a chandelier might feature in your loo! All this adds up to a Showgirl, you are all about accessorise, if you can snare it, you will wear it, is your motto. Your style is larger than life think Dita Von Teese and Betty Boop.

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Photo credits- thehollywoodstory.com, glamcheck.com and fashioninyear.com 


26 Jan 2012

Karl Largefeld | Shares His Bleu Sky Thinking At Paris S/S 12

I have a confession to make, I have a bit of a split personality when it comes to colour, perhaps my image above will give you a clue to my type 1 colour personality, for as long as I can remember I have had a fetish for blues of all hues and its never really diminished. I have sadly noted that the colour blue has never really been taken seriously in high fashion circles and in main stream fashion in the UK, it's been type cast as a neutral for office wear in effect a uniform. Luckily for me, my type 2 colour personality demands I wear a clashing candy store of bright colours, whew, at least I won't be cast out completely by the fashionable set just yet! 

Is It A Plane? No It's a Runway!

So I don't mind telling you that Karl Largefeld recent triumph at Paris fashion week, left me feeling that my fondness of blue was quite correct and highly fashionable! Seriously though, this man is like the ring master in a big top, each show has to be bigger and better each time, lucky us! To hold a runway show in an aeroplane, was in my opinion the perfect setting to showcase his stunning blue and purple collection; against the backdrop of the silver of the plane, the purple strip of carpet that became the runway for his models and the uniform clean lines we have come to associate with Chanel.

 Karl Largefeld Shares His Bleu Bliss With His Passengers

 Heavy bead work and scuptural detailing on the sleeves, became seamles caplets and the rouleau necklines combined with his treatment of blue on pieces from his collection created a sense of functional feminine whimsy, hot summer days beckoned. In other words serious chic! What are your thoughts on the subject of blue and Karl Largerfelds latest collection for Chanel? I would love to know!

photo credits -Fashion Gone Rogue, Real Style Network and Harper's Bazaar

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22 Jan 2012

Me And Gran Report On Spring 2012 Trends

Hi Gals, todays trend report is a joint effort between me and Granny who was keen to discuss her opinions on next springs latest trends from the sweltering heat of her polka dot sun lounger coated in olive oil, which she swears is the best way to tan! I tried to convince her that she needed to use sun block, but she just chuckled and said what's good enough for the Romans is good enough for me.

So here's our joint trend report courtesy of both Granny and myself featuring the best and worst of spring 2012 latest trends. 

Trend - Peplum skirt - designer Jason Wu
Granny says - She loves the shade of pink, but that when she was a young woman, curves were real not faked, perhaps if young woman today drank full fat milk instead of semi skimmed she mutters down the phone in between sips of her expresso. 

Me - I love this skirt by Jason Wu, that looks like a giant flower, kept imagining this peplum skirt in a bright yellow though with spring just around the corner.

Trend Orange-designer Jill Stewart
Granny Says - The girls hair is all wrong, it's overpowering the look what has happened to wearing a classic chignon. I like the rich colour combination though.

Me - I'm really excited by this dress, which to me is a modern take on the flapper dress, I love the simple t-line of the upper body, the flirty skirt and the split palm tree in orange that frames the neckline, the use of bright colour blocking is very flattering.

Granny Says- This girls make up is so blah her features look flat and lifeless and since when has wearing a sheet with sleeves flattered any woman?!

Me- I agree with Granny I hate this trend for an white oversized shroud, small breasted women beware!

In contrast we both fell in love with this combination of two classics trends brought together, the grecian dress and polka dots done in a fresh way, the fabric choice and painted irregular spots keep this look the right side of modern.  

Trend- Floral blocking on bodycon dresses -designer- Altuzarra

Granny Says- I know this is too short for me, but when can I get my hands on it! How clever is this designer (coos granny down the phone) to be able to combine cool sophistication with such a dazzling hot print!

Me- Loving the way the tropical centre panel creates a boarder cool ivory that emphasises the shoulder line and punctuates the waist and her hair is fierce!

Trend -Neon brights-designer Rag & Bone

Granny Says-  Advert your eyes from the screen, this is pretty vile, the shape should be about as flattering as it gets, but this poor girls looks bottom heavy and like she has been dip dyed in a vat of guacamole.

Me- The shiny green leather ruched top looks cheap, the right make up and hair could have rescued this, but this is a tough look for anyone to pull off.

Trend - Aztec -designer Lacoste

Granny Says-This tunic is so chic, I would wear with wide leg ivory trousers, that being said it could do with taking a little of the hardness out of the look, by introducing a petal pink lip.

Me- I like this look, but agree with granny it looks a little bit too pared back, even with the powerful print, the addition of a slimline back pack worn on her shoulder would relax the look a little and it is a cliche, but perhaps powder blue tennis shoes would appeal to the designs Mexican roots.

21 Jan 2012

Love Me Again | The Smartest Fashion Label In Town!

UK independent Love Me Again, is set to change how we think about fashion, based in Manchester with an online shop, for just £30.00 you can buy one of their bright jigsaw puzzle designs, custom made to your exact measurements for as little as £30.00 ! These talented fashion magpies take unwanted sweatshirts and woollens and upcycle them into their own contemporary  designs, so each is unique and who every buys one of the pieces from their collection, can be sure they are also buying a into a greener planet! I love these Sonia Rykiel inspired pieces  and the sporty attitude created from using sweat shirts in their designs. You can even recycle old treasured clothing items, by having them incorporated into a design of your choice, fashion does not get more bespoke than this! Watch this space when I will be back to flaunt my own personal mash up of colour and print courtesy of this Manchester fashion label! Vist http://www.lovemeagain.co.uk/  to check out more of their designs.

17 Jan 2012

Our Love Of Flashing The Plastic

Agnes Dean

Black plastic watch Marc Jacobs

Grey plastic stud boots asos
One word plastic, what does it make you think of ? Cheap and nasty or seductive and playful? A grotty loo brush or a state of the art chair you would love to design? I find it fascinating that at a time when bespoke, organic materials and quality are the new buzz words, the luxury world is increasingly turning to plastic rather than leather or silk or cashmere as a material to design from and charging designer prices I might add. So what might the reason be?

 Well here's my theory, it's all essentially about what plastic as a material conveys now, think about the barbie doll you owned and her teeny tiny shoes or let's be non sexist here, it could have been your red dumper truck. As a teenager because plastic was so cheap you may have been tempted to buy the latest teen accesories fashioned from brightly coloured plastic. The finale phase of this style evoloution has been the utilising of what has typically been viewed in society as a cheap material crafted in the same way a luxury piece would be, couple this new approach to the use of plastic and the price of  this new breed of plastic with the association of youth and it becomes a irreverant fashion statement and therefor you guessed it! Cool. Which is why the Marc Jacobs and Vivienne Westwoods of this world want to play with it and share it with us.Well that's my very simple theory anyway. What do you think of the stuff? Would you resent spending half your pay cheque on a designer piece made from melted rubik's cube? 

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Blue almond toe short wellingtons - Vivienne Westwood

16 Jan 2012

Postcard From Japan

Mitsushiy Anaihara in Japan, loving the mad hatter flavour of this shot, with a dash of country gent and a satsuma orange holdall spliced through with patent black. Slightly bonkers but non the less some great lessons in thinking out of the box when it come to street style.

Postcards From Japan

David Bowie would approve of this pretty look for menswear by Phenomenon. I think the vest top maybe a little too low, discuss!

Postcards From Japan | The Boys Are Back In Town!

Loving this haughty street fashion look by Kohno, from Japan, this is neutral blocking at its best, if you did'n't know there was such a thing as neutral blocking you do now! This guy makes it look super cool with a granite textured t complete with what look like water melon slices floating around the neckline. The deep block of ivory at the base of his t creates a sophisticated edge against his cream cropped wide legs and short black coat.

14 Jan 2012

The Power Of Print In The Right Hands!

If your not yet aquainted with Barbara Hulanicki she is a revolutionary designer from the 60s who believed in bringing high fashion and glamour to everyone from the  women in the typing pool to the socialites of the time, she drew inspiration from Hollywood and the sophisticated  art Deco period. Her style ethic was reflected  in her a communal changing rooms at Biba, which reflected her free approach to fashion and her bohemian attitude.
Ok so I admit women may no longer wish to share their wobbly post Christmas thighs with a stranger, but neither do we want to get changed in the equivalent of a rabbit hutch with harsh lights and only a solitary shower curtain for company! We all need a little luxury in our life. Re enter Barbara Hulanicki who not content with reinstating Biba after a long absence in her recent collaboration with House Of Fraser, (as modelled by Daisy Lowe) has also chosen to share her famous prints and flattering lines with supermarket giant Asda! I'm drawn to the colbalt blue, what about you?

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12 Jan 2012

Pasty Winter White? Work It To Your Advantage!

Hi Gals, I was inspired to write this post on this seasons colour trends after seeing Torie Jaynes striking Christmas confectionary - bird cage and houses all pretty in aqua and rose pastels. If your a sucker for romance like me, you have to canoodle with pastels this S/S season! Plus they really work for pasty winter faces so that's obviously a big bonus, that being said they look great against black skin tones too.

 Marc Jacobs managed to make his show for Louis Vuitton look pretty without looking sickly sweet, largely due to his famed use of modern fabrics, mainly plastics, ouch! As in Torie Jaynes Christmas display here, the trick is, if you do decide to mix pastels pieces together, is to be super stingy with using pinks and focus more on yellow, blues and fresh aqua tones, for baby soft pefection use soft greys along side your pastels, for freshness lots of textured whites and for edge shards of black to add a pretty punk feel.I had to share this photo with you from the Louis Vuitton S/S 2012 show, of Marc passionately kissing what looks like a very bored looking Kate Moss!!  

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11 Jan 2012

The Caviar Of Bags For Pro Fashion Bloggers?

This is fashion blogger Emily of Fashion Foie Gras holding a recent bag she collaborated on with Coach, it launched in November designed for buisy fashion bloggers. At £450.00 it is a considered purchase, but when a bag looks this stylish and houses everything from your laptop to your bulky camera and lense cap, secret compartment styley, well methinks it soon migrates from your wish list to your essentials list! For anybody with a love of documenting anything on the move in style, from fashion to photography never mind professional bloggers! So no more fumbling around in the equivalent of a dark giant cardboard box on your shoulder?!

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10 Jan 2012

Anyone For Making A Meal Of Being On Wheels?

Hi there! I might have just found a new mode of transport for you, that is a whole lot more elegant than the traditional roller scate and lives up to the rebel name Renegade Marmalade the store you can buy it from online or in Manchester! If your more inclined towards a short boot version see below! The designer Kei Kagami is Japanese and moved to London in the late 80s to work with fashion designer John Galliano.

9 Jan 2012

Nika Urbas | Hot New Designer On The Block!

If this label is not yet on your fashion radar sit up and take note because this designer label is one to watch! Maria Moderna is the perfect name for this very modern label. London based designer Nika Urbas who trained at St Martin's uses a special technique called flat quilting to create dynamic  shapes and blocks of colour on her garments. Her winter collection is the art deco of 2012, architecture for the body which uses strong geometric shapes, bold colours and contrasting textures combined with exquisite elegant cuts, she is a genius in my humble opinion. Her intuitive sense of colour and design is very sophisticated. I can't wait to see her spring collection, my favourite pieces featured here, are the four pocketed dress at the top and her white, silver and black fitted dress, I'm looking forward to sharing her spring collection here. You can find Nika at   http://www.mariamoderna.co.uk/ and at asos.


7 Jan 2012

The One Gift I Won't Be Returning!

Audrey Hepburn - Breakfast At Tiffanys

I admit I made a small Christmas list for my husband this year and did not leave things to chance, after all how many boyfriends/husbands would think, ah I know what she needs is a silk pillow case I must get her one! I have a fetish for lux fabrics, silk, cashmere fabrics that feel good when you wear them. All my friends who know me, know that my bathroom is full of the littered corpses of anti frizz products that have simply not made the mark in terms of taming my unruly thick black wavy hair, I have tried everything from washing my hair just twice a week, to only washing hair in conditioner as well as practically every serum on the market. Like the elusive perfect mascara, I'm constantly on the hunt for the perfect product that will help me combat the annoying combination of damp northern weather and unruly hair. So when I stumbled across Silk Perfect in November, the silk pillowcase company that sells 100% pure mulberry silk pillowcases and claims that their silk pillow slips reduce the friction to your hair that causes frizz/bed head, put a stop to growing your wrinkles, aka pillow creases and reduces allergens (I have asthma) I thought to achieve all three would be a miracle and that this had to be up there as the perfect gift to feature on my Christmas list. For just £22.00 the Christmas elf, read husband was able to pick up 2 of these miraculous pillow slips with cotton on one side so they don't slip on the sheets.


I don't think I have ever looked forward to testing out an eco friendly beauty product as much, I even went to bed at 9pm just to try my Christmas present out! The first thing I noticed when I put my head on the silk perfect pillow was how cool it was, add to that the glamour factor and I was sold. After an unusually sound night's sleep, I raced to my dressing room and smirked at the mirror, no mad professor stared back at me, my hair was frizz free and my face crease free. I'm so glad I can ditch my hair serums that irritated my scalp, sleep better and perhaps even reduce the amount of night cream I slather on my face to avoid pillow ceasing.

Prevention rather than cure, is always more cost effective. So apart from being the most glam eco friendly beauty gift I have ever received, it has to be the top of my gift giving list, friends will thank you for a) making them feel glamorous, not everything is about what we wear! b) Saving them money on hair and face products after their Christmas blow out. c) helping them keep their cool on warm nights. My Christmas elf missed out, but right now Silk Perfect is offering a buy one get one free offer on their pur silk pillow slips, check it out here.

Did You Know?
•SilkPerfect silk comes from the Bombyx mori moth, which produces the finest and purest silk, due to a diet that consists only of chopped mulberry leaves. The silkworms are fed every half hour 48 times a day.