28 Sept 2009

Dotty about You! Lets do the polka its such fun!

Hi gals there is something about polka dots that always make me fell happy and other people, whenever I wear my polka dot mac, people always smile at me, I guess that's why I have always loved polka dots! Fashions come and go, but the polka dot is always here appealing to our fun whimsical side.Whether you feel like being a bit of a dandy, natty or a little prim and sweet, you can always reley on the classic  polka dot to help you convey a sense of style, check out all the new and exciting ways they are being styled! Like these cutsie pillar box red, wellingtons with a kitten heel. Hooray! Sx

What about this bedding clashing polka dot, fushia pink and angelica green for a mouthwatering combo gals!



Polka dot styled, strawberry and bubblegum pink phones, Im in heaven!       

Looking for great polka dot clothing lines? Check out UK based company Boden at http://www.boden.com/                                                    

26 Sept 2009

This Weeks Style Dispensary, Featuring Sher Of Beneath The Crystal Stars

This weeks Style dilemma comes from Sher of Beneath The Crystal Stars, she asked me for Style Advice on how to wear her favourite skirt.

I can understand why Sher would struggle, her tartan skirt is such a pretty style, but this colour is nortoriously hard to wear as the red has almost a fluorescent tone, so it needs to be handled with extreme caution! Sher has done the right thing working this trend, through wearing a skirt rather than a top, as the colour is very hard to wear next to your face. The good news is all the colours this skirt should be teamed with, to temper its brash colour are perfect for Shers beautiful asian skin tone and will help her look luminous rather than sallow, these are navy, black, grey and silver.Sher and I share the same skin tone, as my father, who as some of you will know is asian, so these colours work well for me too!
Ok, on to Style, I believe that to create the most stylish tartan look, you need to be true to the skirts herritage and stick to classic pairings whilst giving a more modern feel through the use of accesories.I teamed a navy argyle polo, with beautiful suede snow boots and a gorgeous little satchel from topshop to add a bit of interest for a really casual, kicking up the leaves feel.
 My 2nd look, centre is inspired by the 20s vintage flapper girl feel, with a very elegant embellished black sleevless blouse, silver leaf earrings, brocade bag in gold and black and I just had to choose these adorable but slightly quirky vintage inspired gold lame flats, full on glamour and I think a great evening look. Far right we have a smart casual look, the grey shirt should be worn buttoned to the top, no need for jewelry the tailoring should do the talking, but I did add a more contempory twist by off setting the grey tone of the shirt, with a silver skinny belt.Team the skirt with grey tights and these sensational grey and black boots to lengthen the leg. Top it all off with this gorgeous black cape, that would work well with all these hot looks. Sx                                                      
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24 Sept 2009

True Colours Are Beautiful

As most of you fashionistas out there are probably aware, the natural world has been a huge source of inspiration for fashion designers all over the globe, from reworking prints such as leopard and zebra to using poweful images of animals such as gorillas and prehistoric animals on T-shirts and dresses. So I decided to get jiggy with the whole animal kingdom inspiration thing and today my muse is the the little ladybird.Tiny it may be, but from a colour perspective it packs a punch, translate that into the world of fashion and you're onto a winning formula, at least for those of you out there, who like to get noticed! Beware this colour combo is not for the faint of heart! My advice keep hair and makeup simple. So here are some of my favourite ladybird looks for this A/W, some as usual are a little playful! In case any of you are wondering, the red and black sculpture of a eighteenth century lady is a cake! Sx

22 Sept 2009

Artist Nate Williams - Sets The Tote World On Fire!

Hi I just had to share this wonderful Mexican and Circus inspired arm candy, by up and coming artist Nate Williams!Such different colour paletes, but both convey an eccentric charm and passion that I love! Sx

19 Sept 2009

My Passport To Styles, 3rd Birthday- Join Sharon To Celebrate & Win Some Fantastic Vintage Prizes!

Hi there Gals, its My Passport to Styles 3rd birthday, to celebrate I am giving you all the chance to win a pair of beautiful genuine vintage Scotty Dog book ends or a retro pop, Lips Radio,very 80s! (this is an international competition so all entries welcome!) Your version will be sky blue, the radio is really fun, the lips move when music is playing or when radio presenters are speaking.
Heres what you need to do to win these Stylish objects. Firstly play along with my latest bit of birthday fun,tell me which Style of handbag of one of these lovelies you would choose to pair with which Style of perfume bottle. Also let me know which item you would like to win, just indicate by including the word Scottie or Lips at the end of your post.
Then if you follow me already, subscribe to my posts and invite a friend to follow me, if you don't follow and are new here,simply follow me and subscribe to my posts and invite a friend to follow me, if you do both already simply comment and invite a friend to follow me.
To double your chance of winning either the Vintage Scottie Dog bookends or the pop art lips radio simply invite 3 friends.The competition ends on Tuesday the 29th of September at midnight, the winner will be anounced here Wednesday morning and will be notified on their blog or via their email( please remember to leave details of your email, if you don't have a blog ), you will then need to email me your address @ sharonstyle@fsmail.net. Good luck everyone and have fun playing!!!!   

As a final salute to My Passport to Style 3rd birthday celebrations check out these Uber chic silk designer dresses inspired by perfume bottles! Sx

And The Mystery Blogger Is.........

So if you are all itching to know who the mystery blogger was who went to Vegas with My Little Black Vintage Dress and likes collecting vintage fine china cups to drink her tea from, it is Lauren, of Laurens Loves   (see final two images), beauty and music blogger and journalist for our local paper in Morecambe! She lives in my home town of Lancaster and the statue is of famous comedian Eric Morecambe!This is her in Vegas sporting the Little Black Vintage Dress, doesn't she look chic. Hope you had fun guessing, thanks for joining in!