28 Nov 2009

Nesting Time Is Here, Come Over And Join In The Fun!

 Hi there, lovely readers, with thanksgiving just over for many of us and Christmas round the corner our nesting instinct is probably flourishing at the moment.So what better way to indulge this, than by inviting you to play a fun little game of dolls house virtual retail therapy with me!

 Begin this journey through this keyhole, by taking a sip of this lovely raspberry potion to shrink yourself down to a respectable mini sized you!Click your rubby slippers together and repeat in the time honoured tradition 'theres no place like home'. Then choose your favourite house to furnish, whether it's the Bobby Brown inspired home, the Vera Wang house or perhaps the third colourful and bejou residence.Now you have styled your compact home, which of the 7 glamorous gals featured in this line up, would best suit your newly designed residence? choose from Barbie to Scarlet Johanson.Then tell all, which house, for which gal and what furnishings?!!! Have fun!! 

             What a sweetie!     

      Vera Wang -great design

Bobby Brown -so fun, great for chic gals on the go! 

               Romantic, sweet, pretty marshmallow pink, which one of these lovelies will you pick to furnish your sweet residence?   

   Mix and match or keep it classic, you choose, bunnies are soo in vogue tee hee!!

Now to invite your honoured celebrity guest for their first viewing!

Anne Hathaway, Dita von teese, Barbie, Miss Penelope, Scarlet Johanson (in the yellow) Sarah Jessica Parker and the Duchess! Which lady would be best suited to the home you chose, do tell us all!

Vibrant gypsy bed perhaps?

fluffy pink peonies

You might want to rest your feet and sit down, after moving all that furniture around , why not help yourself to a sweet treat? I don't think anyone would notice if we took just one, shhhh, I won't tell if you don't. Hope you enjoyed playing my game, look forward to reading which house you chose and who will live there! See you again soon. Sxx

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26 Nov 2009

Sharons Style Dispensary- answering your latest Style dilemmas in time for the party season ! x

For those followers or readers who are unfamilar with my Style Dispensary sessions its where I trouble shoot My Passport to Style followers questions on Style and offer them expert Style Advice!
This post combines my two passions quirky clothing well cut, with helping women put together a look that fits their brief and leaves them feeling super stylish and beautiful. Todays Style Dispensary has a Christmas party theme and features clothes from Urban Outfitters, which recently launched its latest store in Edinburgh and a Style dilemma  emailed to me from a one of my lovely followers on twitter, Nadia.

Nadia writes-Dear Sharon , I have always had a boyish figure no boobs, waist and stick thin legs and was a bit of a tomboy at school.I'm 26 and  have my first christmas party coming up in my new job and as usual am dreading dressing up for a special occassion!I want to look feminine without looking fussy and don't want to get my legs out! Please can you suggest an alternative party look. Nadia x

Hi Nadia, great question! I think I have just the thing, Urban outfitters have just launched their new store in Edinburgh and do some great alternative, but dressy pieces. The Christmas Party look I have styled for you, is such fun, it's lady- like chic, but instead of a pencil skirt (I know you want to keep your legs under wraps)

 I have gone for a skinny harem pant in olive for you!
The beautiful draping and fluidity of these pants from Urban Outfitters, will soften any hard angles and create sweeping curves, the lace up front gives them a really dressy feel.The clothing and accessories chosen to go with your pants are ladylike but with a young edge. This beautifuly tailored berry leopard cardigan with it buisy print will distract the eye, again a great trick for smaller women and the Viviene Westwood grey snakeskin  brogues will ensure you maintain your ladylike wiles.Perfect worn with this fabulous black vintage inspired handbag.Or if your feeling a bit more daring wear the gold lady bug belt high on the waist over your cardigan and carry the gold and black striped clutch! All Urban outfitters.  Hope you like your new look Nadia, have fun at your party!!! Sharon x   


 Are you a follower of My Passport to Style in need of some expert Style advice in the run up to The Party season? You can send me your Style dilemma to sharonstyle@fsmail.net if you are selected you with be contacted.Good luck! Sharon x
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Today Im Thankful for all the wonderful and exciting bloggers and their blogs that I meet on my travels around the bloggersphere and all the friendships made along the way! To celebrate, I would like to present this Passionate Blogger Award to -

22 Nov 2009

My Stylish Adventure

Hi there, Im back after my little adventure in Edinburgh and pretty smitten I can tell you! I fell in love with  its beautiful architecture, stunning skylines and scottish charm! I was thrilled by Edinburgh eclectic mix of Italian ice-cream, Neplalese restaurants, Sherlock holmes quaint gentility and its highland eccentricity.Edinburgh is a wonderful place to visit, dubbed by many as little Venice for its designer shops! If your the type of gal who loves to mingle amongst the contempory and the traditional, this is just the place for you.Cosy and sophisticated are words that spring to mind!

Edinburgh Castle,so romantic!

Jenners a shopping centre, believe it or not, you could be in Venice!

One of edwardian rooms at the George Hotel where we stayed, so elegant.

Our Room In The Hotel

My favourite shop Jack Wills, you must pop in if you visit Edinburgh, features quirkey eccentric and fun pieces, superbly tailored, like this tartan blazer and these pretty tartan panties or this evening dress with stiff charcoal netting and huge bow! charming!Here are a few favourites to give you a feel.

Hope you enjoyed the delicously sweet pink and blue candy stripe that adorn all their traditional range,like this cute tin box of sticking plasters! Here are a couple of photos of the famous Usher Hall, that we visited when we went to see a classical Rachmaninov concert together.Check out, the blend of the old and new, the light feature below stretches almost from floor to ceiling, stunning! With the spiral staircase snaking around the shaft of light, Edinburgh designers are not afraid to mix things up a little!!

Great to be back! But I have left a teensy piece of my heart back there and I just know I will return! Sharon xx

17 Nov 2009

Sugar Plum Fairy Plays Dress Up With Laura Of Bright, Bold, Beautiful!

I just adore it when a blog like Bright, Bold, Beautiful inspires me, Lauras blog stands for all that I believe in, in the world of fashion and design, bright colours and pattern invigorate and show confidence. Bright has subtle tones too!I like simple designs with clever cutting that have real impact! So when Laura asked me if I would like to showcase some of her beautiful water colours I was delighted!!I admit Laura did lead me a little down the sugar plum fairy path(top design by Susan Beebe), but who can blame me!! Her water colours are sooo frothy, sherbet magic, and after all, it is nearly Christmas!

 sWISHY sWIRLY -Girly Girl water colours by Laura of Bright, Bold Beautiful

frothy, frilly, flounces, blue fairy written all over it!

Something for that special evening out perhaps? Inky blue inspiration,I had fun coming up with accessory ideas!! x

Ink blue Silk So Elegant!

Thats better a little plush velvet vintage midnight blue bag always helps!


Im  away now, for four days holiday, to bonny Scotland, see you all soon, many thanks for all your comments look forward to visiting your blogs on my return.Have a lovely weekend. Sxxx