31 Oct 2013

Halloween At Choccywoccydoodah

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I finally got to make my long-awaited  pilgrimage to Choccywoccydoodah in Brighton the makers of all things fun-loving and chocolate. I was on a mission in my camper to pick up one of the house style birthday cakes, but first I had to try to penetrate through the thick gloopy gauze of cobwebs that had been lovingly draped over this year's Halloween display in their shop window; devotees of the Choccy series will know that nearly all the Choccy family
 (sorry these are real humans I'm referring to, not hollow chocolate figures wrapped in foil) are dog owners, so some how chocolate dogs, including my favourite Westy and French poodles with a full head of marshmallow curls always seem to feature in every window display theme alongside other shamazing creations that Dave the head designer has sculpted, such as this years chocolate graveyard.
Did you do anything fun this Halloween?
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UK lifestyle blog - My Passport to Style
UK lifestyle blog- My Passport to Style
UK lifestyle blog- My Passport to Style
UK lifestyle blog- My Passport to Style
UK lifestyle blog- My Passport to Style

17 Oct 2013


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 I'm not sure if it's because I'm half Scottish that I get so sentimental about tartan, but I like that this fabric always manages to be edgy but reassuring homespun at the same time, and as long as you have plenty of black in your wardrobe, you can never go wrong with tartan pants or a skirt.

16 Oct 2013

My Passport to Style | Reviews Moroccan Bazaar


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Visiting Morocco features on my very long bucket list, so when I was invited to step into the pages of a souk by Moroccan Bazaar. I dived straight in. My own home is mish-mash of bright colours, and eclectic pieces add in a good measure of geometrical design, and the ritual of mint tea sipped in a walled court yard garden and that pretty much sums up Moroccan style. If you’re looking for a dose of mystery and excitement in your home, THIS online Bazaar has taken all the best elements of Moroccan decor and design and woven them into a sweet carpet ride that transports you to the narrow streets of artisan crafts men busy making things in the baking heat that you never knew you wanted, but now you do.

10 Oct 2013

My Passport to Style | Influential Trends A/W13


This is a proud moment, if ever us bloggers have been influential, it was clearly visible on the A/W 13 runways where maxed out layers ruled supreme, any blogger worth her salt has perfected the art of piling on layers of fabric to add texture and interest. We learnt it from the best in the business Susie Lau.

 I’m not sure about the trend for only buying half a coat ( because the rest has been skilfully lopped off, with a very expensive pair of shears) somehow it doesn't feel like money well spent, but I’m keen to emulate some of the artful tucks, luxe folds and fabric clashes as paraded on the A/W13 catwalk shows.

 Thankfully, hourglass gals like me can celebrate that curve hugging pieces have not been wiped from the face of the high street just yet by heavy pleated pants and thick slouchy coats as we are all encouraged to man up.

After spending a pretty frustrating morning trying to pare down (read cram) the contents of four rails of clothing into my very small glossy black closet, I rediscovered a 50’s inspired shift dress that I could wear with an old khaki cropped roll neck layered over it, to transform it into a wiggle skirt, result!         

*mages courtesy of vogue*